Saturday, May 10, 2008


Will Jay-Z and Beyonce be the it couple of last year? Good question, there is a new power couple that has hit the scene. At first it was just a rumor but now I think the photo's have proven it even though one of them looks like an ad for Armani. Word on the SoHo Block is that they even have tattoo's on their fingers, wonder where that idea came from. They were first sighted as a couple at the Times Magazine's "100 Most Influential People In The World" event. Anyway here it is; Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey as a couple.
Emulate Them


I haven't had a chance to see the smash hit play yet but I have come across some temporary freedom and will surely use it to explore the simple pleasures of life life the theater and smelling the biddies. Anyway the hit play is being made into a movie so now I think it will reach even more people if thats even possible seeing as how the play was big in the states and spread across the sea's to Japan. Besides how can you go wrong with Pierce Brosnan; he was James Bond. Remember Golden Eye?


This Just In...Do You Eva?

These shots of Eva Mendes left me speechless, I mean literally I was just blown away.  I can't honestly remember a shoot this breath-taking, however you know what they say "good things come to those who wait". What a reward!
-photographer: Steven Meisel
-the shoot is for Vogue


Miss J

I was just tuning in to an episode of America's Next Top Model which was most likely a rerun, I stopped watching regularly a long time ago for that exact same reason. Miss J made me laugh in this episode with his usual antic's. This time he sports a military jacket created by a SCAD student by the name of Nivanya Abraham. She designed the jacket just for him by special request. Upon recieving the jacket Miss J then altered the jacket replacing the multicolored stripes with the 14 names of the contestants and upon one's elimination he removed her name from his jacket.


Crispy Crisp Kris

Still guessing?
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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Guess who's display window this is... its okay I'll wait... cant think of anything can you?
Don't worry about it, this is why you read L&F, not because you have all of the answers but because we do; seriously. 
This is the latest display window at Bergdof Goodman women and I like it for a whole bunch of reasons that seem not to make sense but for some reason it does in my head. Its playful, its youthful, its pleasant and its inviting. The little colorful balls are so strong that they distract you from the fact that there are actually clothes in the window.

check it out:


More Glow

This weeks LV window display is vibrant to say the least. Looks like they are in the spirit of Kanye West's Glow in the Dark tour or they just wanted to draw your attention to the store as you pass the store. Seems like a good marketing strategy to encourage more possible consumers, either way I say they got their money's worth for this display.

Crispy Crisp Kris

Keep Guessing
More Coming Soon



Would you consider this over the top or is this just living according to your financial status? Do you really need a gold macbook? Do you really need any of the many luxurious things that you purchase? Personally I'm a strong advocate of owning a macbook or any apple computer, I believe that it is a powerful tool to have at your disposal and no other laptop comes close to comparing to the apple experience. However a gold macbook just seems a bit ridiculous but yet intriguing. The thought alone is so out there that I just might do it. 

"Don't be afraid to go against the norm"

-for those of you who don't know gold is heavy so you might want to strength train before you invest in this.




-vest by Kris Van Assche
-tuxedo Shirt by Ralph Lauren
-spotted bow tie by club monaco

Any questions?
I didn't think so.


Glow in the Heart

Right now Jay-Z is on his Heart of the City tour but I think the real show to see right now is Kanye West's Glow in the Dark tour. Im not saying that Kanye is a better song writer or performer than Jay-Z is because its always a pleasure to see Jay perform but Kanye and poured his heart into creating this tour and making it the best possible experience for the fans, he has gone over every detail and so far from the responses of the fans and concert goers (minus certain critics) it shows...

-more on the show soon.
Stay Tuned


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Alessandro Dell' Acqua

Sneaker of the year! I don't have much to say about this sneaker because it really speaks for itself. Honestly what more could you want from a sneaker? This is not a conventional sneaker but we are going into the year 2009, who really wants the same thing remixed with bright colors and patent leather? This is thinking way outside the box so if you are still confined by societies norms don't purchase because this is too far ahead of your time.
-notice the designers name on the black strip
-the name also appears on the big silver strap
-straps rather than laces

-adjustable lengths on the straps

here is where you can purchase them: Dell' Acqua
I dug deep to find this online retailer for these because previously to my knowledge they were only sold in The Lounge in SoHo for twice the price.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

2008 MVP

Kobe Bryant has finally received the recognition that he deserves by being named the NBA's  most valuable player this year. Kobe Bryant lead the league in points per game last year with 35 points per game, that includes his all time great performance of 81 points. In the 2006 season Kobe even went as far as to single handedly outscore the Dallas Mavericks in a game, the Maverick team had 61 points as a whole and Kobe had 62. In my opinion this honor has been long overdue, maybe now he can finally get the cover of NBA Live. 
-check out more about Kobe Bryant below:




Since there have been alot of interesting exhibits surfacing recently it has inspired me to do this. I consider these shots the beauty of New York. The reason why I say beauty is because some people find them obscene and think that they should be removed or in this case white-walled. However I believe the contrary, I think that this is just an expression of art and should be left the way it is, the building is abandoned so whom is it harming? What business is this obstructing? None, so therefor leave it be. What is an eyesore to you may be beautiful to me.
Here are some more shots:

There is beauty all around you, just take the time to appreciate it.
Thank You



Who was your favorite super-hero? Was it Spiderman or maybe it was Captain America? Well whomever your favorite super-hero was/ is your likely to see him/her at the Metropolitan Museum on May 7th. The MET opens its super-hero gala to the public tomorrow 5/7/08. However those of us who have star power or press passes got to see it yesterday. The list of those people consist of such heavy hitters as:
-George Clooney and Julia Roberts
-Giorgio Armani seen here with the Pretty Woman
-Anna Wintour editor of Vogue magazine

Now you may ask yourself how did this turn into such a star studded event complete with flashing lights and all, well the answer is quite simple. The exhibit is about super-hero's and their costume's that inspired fashion design's. Sounds fun, go check it out.

-The Metropolitan Museum is located on 82nd street and 5th ave in New York.
-You can take the 4,5 or 6 train to 86th street and Lexington and walk back or you can just take a cab, which ever you prefer.


Do You Still Play With Toys? (continued)

If your response to the question (Do you still play with toys?) is no then maybe you should see the toys that I play with.

Now introducing to you ToyWatch. Despite the name of the watch company let me be the first to tell you these timepieces are no laughing matter. The chronograph's that they have available are similar and possibly modeled after that over the Rolex Yacht Master. ToyWatch also makes wearable everyday watches like this one shown above with the cotton strap as opposed to their default plastic strap. I think its good to own at least one ToyWatch; your never too old.
-you can purchase one here: ToyWatch


Monday, May 5, 2008

Do you still play with toys?

Stay Tuned

Too Light

Yesterday when I opened the Sunday Times I headed straight for the Style section only to be disappointed. I was expecting another great ad from Ralph Lauren however what I found was a simply ad about one of the new bags, which I included in a post a while back.
-refer back to Marco.
Much to my surprise there was someone there to stand-in as my cup of tea for the morning, here it is...
Someone must have told them that I'm a sucker for runway. Their new ads look colorful and playful and evoke good feelings but this ad shows no signs of play. The ad was so good I declared them this Sunday's winner.
-maybe next Sunday RL will not go that light.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Year of the Gentleman

Okay so Neyo's new album is entitled The Year of the Gentleman and his reasoning behind this is that he wants to take things back to the Frank Sinatra days with the proper dressing. Basically he thinks that guys aren't dressing themselves properly nowadays and is urging them to change; something like what I've been saying all along.  He also says that men need to start being more gentleman like and open doors for women, pull the chair for them, pick up the tab, be spontaneously generous, actually listen to them, etc. 
-Ask she who shall remain nameless about me.
Personally I agree with what he's saying and am a strong advocate of gentlemen-ship. 

Key Points
- "always dress yourself like you have somewhere to go"
- "women are a blessing to men; appreciate them"
- "that woman is someone's sister, neice, aunt, (or even in some cases) mother so consider your own.



Cocktail Dress is a Must!

Ladies for your wardrobe a cocktail dress is essential, for certain gatherings a cocktail dress is appropriate but for the Goldmine for Graham 09 event a cocktail dress is a MUST! Some of you may have an idea of what your wearing while others have no idea of where to even begin looking for a outfit but thats why I'm here; to help.
-good cocktail dress
-draped so it follows the contours of your body
-this dress shows off your neck line
-great way to tastefully display your evening wear jewelry 

Now I know many of you are thinking "how can I wear this to the G4G event?" The theme is teal and this dress is black. First of all even if you dont wear this dress that night I still think that you should acquire this beautifully crafted dress by Diane Von Furstenburg. Second of all we said that theme for the event is teal we didnt say that you had to be drenched in teal. The way you wear your teal is totally up to you. Finally, the dress is only $350! 

If you need more convincing on whether you should get the dress or not please see a physician asap!

For those of you who have sense you can purchase the dress here: Diane Von Furstenburg

Your Welcome

Raf Simons

Now introducing to you the Raf Simons Pocket Trainer. This shoes has to be the best that I've seen all year, the design is simply amazing. Its part patent leather and part suede although I have seen an all patent leather version. To m knowledge it is available in this black and navy combination and the yellow color way.
-The pocket at the back is why it is called the pocket trainer; cool.
-the inside is less likely to get dirty due to its beige coloration.
-the sole is a cool off-white.
-there is velcro under the tongue so that it can attach to the sneaker or stand away.
-there also appears to be an ankle strap under the tongue.

All around this shoe looks fun and full of surprises, you can get a pair here: Raf Simons
Your Welcome