Saturday, May 2, 2009

Changing of the Guards: Circus Goers

To see the rest of the shots from the night at Deity follow the link below:


Mrs. Dee Inspired Me Today


Kick That S#it

Everyone showed up and stepped out at Deity for the BkCircus party but my personal favorite would have to be the shoes that Marlon showed up in.

"Never wore Reebok and never wore the Hundreds/ cause that A. McQueen is big money!" Curt@!n$


Sale Rack Shopping

If you were to make a statement like "I am going sale rack shopping" depending on what crowd you are around you may get two different reactions. One of which would be a resounding chorus of approval. While the other would be a not so nice reaction, you may even be struck with a handbag. 
However everyone's opinion might change if you told them that you were going sale rack shopping at Barney's and these shoes were on the rack.


Cooking With Dante: Theophilus London

During my trip to Philadelphia this weekend I was engaged in a very interesting conversation with Arc (click here) and he brought up this video; which at the time I didn't even know existed. I remember the day quite vividly however up until now I have never seen the footage, so here it is for us all to enjoy.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Behind the Scene: BkC Family Portrait

This was a beautiful night.


With All Love and Respect

Changing of the Guards
The Brooklyn Circus
Deity Lounge 
The 1950's marked the beginning of a good century for America. World War two had just ended, the economy was thriving and American fashion adopted the fighter pilot's jacket, bermuda shorts, hawaiian shirts, capris and nylon. Last night when I walked into Deity for the Brooklyn Circus celebration for the Changing of the Guards book; I walked into the 1950's.
Not exactly with all of the styles but more so because everyone was so well dressed. It is not everyday that you walk into an establishment and every man has a neck accouterment and or a pocket scarf. The atmosphere created by the attendee's was monumental and to describe it as anything less would be a crime.
The music was the fuel to the fire that kept this whole event together. Two levels of solid mixing and splicing of great songs that we have almost forgotten about. When the DJ's took a break from spinning, there was a live performance by The Fuzz Band.
The best part about the whole thing was that the majority of the guest stayed until it was over and it was all about enjoying yourself. 
Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Style Stopped me in my Tracks

I did a lot of running around today, I actually intended on doing so before I left my house so I started my day running. This evening while running through Brooklyn to one of my favorite vintage shops, Beacon's Closet, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this wonderful woman. I did my best to capture the moment and share it with you all.
Name: Krystiana 
Occupation: Beacon's Closet
Style: Classically Cool


Metallic Vandal

If you want to stand out in a party then dear these trainers are for you. Other companies have done the silver color scheme but they make it clear this is not silver it is metallic silver. The difference is that you can see yourself in these.
Crazy Right?



Cheap monday is back with two new twist on the skinny denim that they usually provide the world with. These two denims still have that second skin fit that you are used to, the only difference between these and other cheap monday denim are the color(s) which are very appropriate for the coming season.


Prince on Tavis Smiley pt. 2

Prince gets REAL, this complete interview is a must see.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Prince on Tavis Smiley

The man needs no introduction.


Silver & Gold

Looks like Bathing Ape is far from done with playing with gold and silver. They dip their skullsta trainers in the gold and silver tones for the most recent addition to their spring/ summer collection.
The way that I see it is if it works for you, keep doing it.


Studs on High

You are viewing the newest installment in the footwear department from Diet Butcher Slim Skin. The first design was such a hit with the consumer that they decided to bring it back in a leather style that features studs towards the upper.
The studs definitely add some flair to a trainer that was already outspoken. Personally I am a huge fan of the new additions to the trainers. I am also impressed with the way that they have re-invented the design that seems to be working so well for them.


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Yesterday was a beautiful day in New York City with the temperature reaching 90 degree's I'm sure everyone in the five boroughs found some "constructive" way to take advantage of the good weather. I took this opportunity to take a walk down to the Brooklyn Circus and have a nice conversation with the very fashionable people that occupy that space. On the way to Bergen and Nevins I came across some beautiful pedals that held me in suspense, the only problem is that the pollen irritates my allergies.
On the one hand the bloom of these pedals is something to be appreciated but due to my allergic reaction the time that I am allowed to enjoy them is limited. This made me think of the countless others that suffer from the same condition and I have decided to brave the storm for you.
I know that pictures can never replace the real thing but at least the pictures don't make you sniffle, sneeze or tear.


A REAL Message

Listen in as Jason Mayden, head designer for the Jordan Brand, explains why he donated over 3,000 trainers from his personal collection.


Cheers to the Roc

This is going to be the single most fashionable day of the year so far. 


New BBC Releases:

The red suede bag concept is out if this world, the star underbelly is just the icing on the cake. The only downfall would be that you can not wear it in the rain.
I wouldn't advise you to wear this pant to a formal affair or church but they should be good for anything else that you may have had in mind. I think they are going to look really cool in dim light due to the fact that there are constellations all over it. You are one big walking universe.
Boat shoes and Ursa Minor; who knew that would be such a good combination?


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The 3Sixteen(th) Really Good Collection

So let me get this straight, you want quality, durability, a name that you can trust and you still want to look good in what you have on?


The Fabric of Life

About two weeks ago our good friend Phil from the Award Tour did an excellent post on denim in which he reminded everyone that denim's original purpose was to give the working class man an affordable pair of trousers that he could wear day after day to toil away at work until the fabric from the denim could take no more and gave way.
Personally I own countless pairs of denim and trousers, even after I donated some and packed a large sum of them in a barrel and shipped it out to Haiti (not even my culture), the way I saw it was, I'm not going to wear all of these and someone else in the world needs these way more than I do. Nowadays I only wear one pair of denim at a time and I am slowly destroying my collection. It never fails, every year I move into a pair of denim that I had but never wore and by the next year it is time to start looking for a new residence. The rip is always in the crotch and I am currently in the process of destroying my third pair. I want to get a collection of destroyed denim, then fix them all one by one and start wearing them again. This process does two things:
1) Makes me appreciate them so much more.

2) Personalizes them beyond anything that any stone wash can do.

The key is to wear them as much as possible, don't be afraid to do anything in them and do not wash them. Rain water will reveal the fades in the areas of the denim that you "live" the most.


Life, I Wonder...

Sometimes the things around you that used to comfort you, now seem to constrain you. The things that used to attract you, now repulse you. What we have to realize is life is an ever changing phenomenon and we cannot expect the things we do today to please us tomorrow. Sometimes you have to shake things up, just to stay awake so to speak. Whether you live in a city as busy as New York or you live somewhere that is a bit more relaxed, after a while of doing the same things and seeing the same people you begin to feel a bit robotic and your brain starts to seek refuge in other places; believe me it's normal.
Don't think twice about it, just get up and go; you'll feel better when you get there.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Walk By Me One More Time

Christian Louboutin 


Anna Sui's New Tops

While looking for blog worthy material I came across these tops by Anna Sui and I thought that they were a very good idea; whomever sat down and drew this up is a forward thinker.
The detail put into the actual broach is amazing and the fact that it is one piece with the top is an added incentive. The two pieces that I have selected are just the pieces that jumped out at me as I was skimming through the collection, for the rest of the collection follow the link below: 

Now That's Dope (Couture)

The tee's above are apart of Dope Couture's newest collection "Jetsetters". A collection that I must say after further review is rather impressive. I especially like the way they re-worked and accessorized the Jetson's family. I wouldn't expect this to be the last that we have seen of this concept from Dope Couture but until that time comes I can appreciate this collection.


Comme des Garçons: Reptile Skin Wallet


BkC's Denim Varsity

It seems as though a truck transporting good denim has toppled over and all of the good denim material has just fallen into the laps of the design team at the BkCircus. Now in all fairness to Ouigi and the rest of the design team at Brooklyn Circus nothing is achieved without hard work and I know for a fact that they have all been working very hard to bring this collection into fruition. 

Above Bevin is seen modeling the new denim varsity jacket which in my opinion is going to be an instant hit with the masses. It features similar designs to the wool varsity that was released last season but also shows some interesting twist and of course the introduction of denim as the base material. 


The BkC Belt

The new BkCircus belt is looking great. With designs like this and the distribution of the recent collection of boat shoes you wouldn't be out of your mind to consider this season of Brooklyn Circus wear "The Yacht Club". They have released an overcoat and they have also done the denim waist coat but for the most part the new additions to the BkC collection seem very inspired by the "Yacht Club" style. I must say this is the only store that has the power to put Brooklyn in boat shoes and bow ties.