Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lil Wayne on the View

Listen to Wayne explain his evolution as a man and his rebirth as an artist to the cast on the View. This is one thing that I could not have foreseen; Lil Wayne on the View. I must say honestly he handles himself well on these shows that you would least expect a rapper to appear on.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Mike Tyson: Charlie Rose Interview

I feel like once you get interviewed by Charlie Rose you can be considered an icon. It is just a shame that through certain details in his personal life and slip ups in and out of the ring, the majority will never really accept Tyson as an icon.


A-Trak Interview on Highsnobiety

"Doing those tours with Kanye taught me to adapt my craft to new circumstances, new audiences without ever feeling like I compromised myself. One of the reasons why Mixmaster Mike was such a good DJ for the Beastie Boys is that he's undeniably dope. Someone who never saw any form of turntablism can watch him and be floored. That's a huge asset." A-Trak


Kanye West - Amazing

Hype Williams is a gully god in the gully of video directing. Every video that he does is "Amazing" this video is no exception.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Out To Lunch

Took a trip out to Edinboro University to get away for the weekend and enjoy some time with my brothers Coolness P and Judah. Therefor all post will be on pause until Monday.
See you when we get back

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Mark of Distinction

Distinguish [di-sting-gwish]
(According to Merrium Webster Dictionary)

1) to mark off as different

2) to recognize as distinct or different; recognize the salient or individual features or characteristics of

3) to make prominent, conspicuous, or eminent

SoHo B was distinguished from the other boys by the tie that he wore.

Distinguished Cravat


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The New BkC

This isn't your fathers Brooklyn Circus; or is it? Well if your father is a well dressed gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life and likes his clothes well made but still practical then yes it is your fathers Brooklyn Circus. 

I know we all remember the eye-catching black tee shirts with the elephant logo's and the colorful lettering but nowadays Ouigi would rather offer you a peacoat and a boat tie. Yes that is correct the BkCircus has shifted gears and brought out a line that has more to offer than tee's and sweaters; which by the way they have not abandoned.
I must say it was a pleasant surprise to see that they now offer vintage bow ties at the Brooklyn Circus. Care to know what else is new at the BkC?


Keep Your Back Straight: S2VS Vest

When I first saw this vest what caught my attention was the detail around the loops and the pockets. My brain automatically categorized it as a well made vest then I dug a bit deeper and looked at the back of it.
Upon seeing this I was completely taken back (no pun intended). I've seen older vest with backs this high but more recently the back of the common vest would hit right at the waist. I think this high back vest is a great idea because of the comfort that this high back will create, besides I spend most of my time adjusting the back of the vest and pulling at the bottom of it anyway.


Eye Games: Pierre Hardy

If you thought that your eye sight was bad before it is about to get a lot worst with the release of this new design by Pierre Hardy featuring three demential geometrical squares.
The actual design of the trainer hasn't changed, by now it has actually been established as a prominent design for Pierre Hardy. It's like putting a cell phone skin on a sidekick, it makes it look and feel like a brand new phone but it's still the same thing.
I have mixed feelings about this one but to each his own.


Fashion Assassin: Style Challenge

Things are heating up on the Brooklyn Circus blog, if you do not already follow the BkCircus family then you are doing yourself a disservice. I suggest that you immediately follow the link in the sidebar of L&F and catch up on what you have been missing. 
The picture seen above has caused quite a stir over whom dressed better, whether it was Colin the Circus Trainer (left) or Yung Bev (right) and so far it seems that the masses are at a dead lock with whom takes the victory.

The response to this picture has been so good that an open challenge has been issued by the Circus Trainer to anyone that feels that they are up to the challenge.
Personally I feel like I inspired the Circus Trainers recent look, above is a picture from last year, the last time that the Circus Trainer and I bumped heads. I am a fashion gun for hire and my aim is now set to Yung Bev because the Circus Trainer is a contract that I have killed already.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Axe About Me!

I came across these rings on KishmyAsh and I thought to myself "this is different." The company is called Good Wood so it would be crazy for us to assume that the rings are made from any other material than "good wood." I see this as an innovative design and a nice spin on a classic design.
At this point and time fashion isn't really doing anything that hasn't been done before, for the most part it's recreation of the original. From time to time there are certain exceptions that do not get accepted until years after they are introduced because people are stuck on the original.
To see more and possibly get your hands on a good wood design follow the link below:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

And God Created Gisele

How does the world’s most successful supermodel—darling of the cameras, advertisers, and tabloids, and worth an estimated $150 million—make her life even more fabulous?
For the answer follow the link and read the article