Saturday, March 1, 2008

Marc who?

Where ever there is a Marc Jacobs store you shall find SoHo B. For one simple reason, he makes damn good clothes. Most people dont know this but Jacobs worked as a designer for Perry Ellis and in 1997 he created Louis Vuitton's first ready to wear line. His clothes are distinctive yet easily worn everyday, they are sophisticated yet chic, they are loud but somehow subtle at the same time and Im just obsessed with his Marc by Marc Jacobs line for its wearability. Take some time out and follow the link to the right and you might grow to understand my sentiments on the subject.


Aim high!

Fact: High top is in

Opinion: YSL is a luxury line that's actually worth the high prices

Fact: Low tops are out

Opinion: The YSL Rolling Sneakers are the best high top sneakers to acquire right now

If you had to make a decision off of someone's opinion why not mine?

Not convinced?

Follow the link to the right for the YSL site.


There's no place like Homme

Kris Van Assche creative director for Dior Homme talks with Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune about the Spring 08 collection for Dior Homme. He talks inspirations and explains a lot of the outfits that otherwise might not be so easily interpreted. Simply a must see.



Nudie jeans. This is a must for the 2007 mens closet but seeing as its 2008 I dont think it would be a good idea to stock up on them now. Maybe one dry denim pair and one washed pair but thats it. They are a great pair of jeans to own and the moment you try them on the become your favorite but I think that the brand has become too popular in the last 3 months and has lost the exclusivity that it once had.


Show Time!

Location: Paris
Event: Fashion Week Spring 08
Designer: Alexander McQueen
Now I know what your thinking. Your thinking is this fashion? Seriously now one of the women is wearing a dead bird, while another has butterflies in her hair and then there's a dress with over sized clothes hangers attached to it. So I ask you again is this fashion or are these pieces too costume esc to be considered fashion. YES! I say unashamed of my response yes this is fashion and it is glorious. What may appear to you as an overcompensation for the lack of something translates to me as creativity and innovation. It's fashion week, its supposed to be a show and there is nothing to compensate for the dresses are exquisite aside from the oversized head pieces and other various distractions. Besides when have you known Alexander McQueen to design anything average or normal? Even his prêt-à-porter can be considered weird at times. However I love this show, I was captivated by it as soon as the first model walked out. This is what the runway is all about; creativity. Oh and the butterfly idea; genius. Im at the edge of my seat to see how next season's shows turn out because I was extremely pleased with this one.


Friday, February 29, 2008

Black Garbage Bags...

Well Feb 27th should go down in history, it was a good day for true fashion lovers. On the 27th Canal street was raided by cops and agents from the mayor's office of special enforcement. Well to be exact the block of Canal st between Centre st and Baxter st was completely shut down due to the proceedings of the officers, buildings on both sides of the street were raided. Official's say that over $1 Million in fraudulent bags, clothes and watches was confiscated. The part that threw me off is that people were genuinely upset about this action and feel that there anger is justified. The items confiscated were unlawful due to the fact that the were fake, not produced by the company that they were made to mimic. The economy is doing bad enough already, this action will do more good than just from the fashion aspect. Im sure this is what the good Mayor Bloomberg had in mind when he first ordered the investigation. My only question is why now? I've personally known of the fake boutiques for years. Its a well known fact amongst New Yorkers and most tourist alike that for cheap imitation "luxury items" Canal st is the place to go so why only now have these actions been taken against it? However a victory is still a victory no matter how small and that is definitely one small step in the restoration of order to fashion. We need to take a strong stand against the foolishness. The new slogan is "NO FAKES IN 08!"


Supporting Details

New York listen to me, It was just earlier today that I posted talking about the Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy Bag. After said post I then ventured to one of my favorite spots in N.Y. (SoHo) to hang out with some good friends of mine and while walking through SoHo this is what I found. Didn't I warn you that the Damier bags or imitations of the damier bags are falling into the wrong hands? Now I cant judge this one as far as to say fraudulent or authentic because I am not an expert in the field however I can say this was possibly the worst way she could have worn the bag. No justice at all to the bag, no respect for the brand and no sense of fashion; disgusting. 



A personal favorite; YSL delivers once again. This couture house is nothing short of brilliant; Stefano Pilati does not disappoint. Now here is a line to be truely appreciated


Everythings bigger in Paris?

Stella McCartney shows her collection in Paris Fashion week. Keyword in this collection: oversized. I love it.


Slow and steady wins the race

New York please I'm begging you, no more! The Damier canvas speedy bag is finished. Take your $700 and spend it somewhere else preferably in YSL (shameless plug). I've personally seen 20 of these bags in the right hands with the right outfit and in the terribly wrong hands with the worst outfit ever pieced together so N.Y. if you don't already have it you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you purchased it now. Heed my warning N.Y.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

"I Know" but do you?

New Jay-Z video. "I Know" a single from his latest album entitled American Gangster. Hand claps to Zoe Kravits who was featured in the video and congratulations to Philip Andelman; the producer of the video. He has worked with Lenny Kravitz, Kelly Rowland and John Mayer previously on their video's. I love this video because it is so cinematic. Nothing short of outstanding. Enjoy.


Teyana Rip's The Runway

OMG! Teyana did what? Thats deplorable! Well it wasn't at all bad. She was just having fun, isn't that what she was first known for anyway; vogue dancing? If you take sometime out and check out her myspace page you'll find that there are so many picture captions with gay lingo or as they say cunt. Between that and the boyish fitting BBC jeans there is alot left to wonder. Thats all I keep hearing. Well TT let the haters hate thats what they are there for, that is how you measure your success by how many haters you have. I say keep up the good work. Besides she's young, I believe she's only 17 now. So if she wants to rap let her rap, if she wants to sing, then she shall sing and if she so chooses to vogue down the runway at BET's Rip The Runway then let her do it. Why? Why not? She's Teyana Taylor the princess of Star Track. Let her have her fun. I say Teyana vs Malechi down the Runway, lets see that one.
Also catch the video premier of "Google Me" Teyana's first single on MTV's TRL airing on Feb 28th.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Ever been to 644 Broadway street? No!?!? Then I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you've been missing out on one of NoHo's best boutiques. Do you see the scribbling on the door that appears to go on forever? That is a list of the designers carried by Atrium, what they don't tell you is that everything in stock is limited and are most likely Atrium exclusive's so if you get it your not going to find too many other people with it. The moral of the employee's is high and the assistance you get is unparalleled its like every sales associate is likely to become your personal shopper and they will stay focussed on you until you feel like you have found something you like and are comfortable with. So next time you need an exclusive outfit head out to 644 Broadway; Atrium.


Monday, February 25, 2008


Ever seen these two characters before? If you haven't then you've been either living under a rock or you just haven't been paying attention. If you can think back to the summer of 2006 when Busta Rhymes released a hit single entitled "Touch It" you would remember that what caught and held your attention most was the hook for the song "touch it, bring it, babe, watch it, turn it, leave it, STOP! format it". That was actually a sample from this group above. They are Daft Punk. More recently responsible for the hit single "Stronger" from Kanye West's Graduation. The hook for that song was a Daft Punk sample as well and they even made an appearance in the video to the song. Get used to the spacey helmets (which might be fashion must haves in 2 years) and futuristic sound because these guys seem to be here to stay.