Saturday, October 17, 2009

& I Don't Even Read His Blog

This is by far the best picture that I have seen all week. 

Just so happens that the picture echo's how I feel about the current state of fashion. 

I offer my sincerest apologies to the readers that I left confused by the lack of an explanation.

 L&F used to be a fashion blog, featuring fashion week interviews, street style post, trends (current and my predictions), & the works. Everything that you have come to expect from the average fashion blog with my own spin on it. It was cool, life was great, we were having fun. The parties were hip, the people are cool and the jobs felt like recreation. Then one day something clicked in my head, as fast as the lights come on when you flip the switch and I woke up. The people are fake, the parties are redundant and the jobs are remedial; there was no challenge in it for me. I was creating post, slapping pictures anywhere and using 'key phrases' just to get through the week and it was acceptable. Why? Because thats what we all have come to expect from a fashion blog. I think thats what we all have come to expect from fashion and I was bothered by it. My lackluster post about designers throwing foolishness together just to have something be dragged down a runway by a woman that shows signs of being caged and denied food for months before the show. I find it utterly shameful that the last time I was excited about an article of clothing was 2007. Everything that I have added to my collection since then was most likely vintage, I find the pieces already created far more interesting that the nonsense that we are being force fed now. The real reason why I stopped 'fashion blogging' in the sense that we all have come to accept it is because all blogs say the same thing, cover the same topics and show the same pictures. No matter how different you try to word it you are all talking about the same thing (with the exception of few). So I have declared that all fashion featured on this blog (from whenever that switch flipped in my mind) is somehow associated with either P or myself. We want to focus more on the lifestyle than the fashion and I'm talking about the REAL lifestyle, not the nonsense that they would like you to believe. I'm referring to the lifestyle where we actually work for the money and purchase these items, as opposed to them being bestowed upon us by some ancient form of wizardry. Stop doing things just because the majority thinks you should do it. 

Majority of the time, the majority is wrong.

 Stop letting fashion control your life; it's just clothes. Materials, fabric and ideas pieced together to compliment your body and express a portion of the creative genius better known to us as a true designer. Appreciate it but don't worship it. Step on your LV bag, cut up your Gucci shirt, sneeze in your Fendi handkerchief; free yourself.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Media Takedown

"In the streets when you get gum on your nose you lose?" Ghost P


Memories Re(Surfac)ing

Before I start my day I run through every blog that I can possibly think of just to see what happened in the world while I was sleeping. So even though you may not see me as much or speak to me as often I am never going to be out of touch. While viewing A$H's blog 6'' (that completely sounds like a porn site for women) I read her post about her internship with God knows whom and I had a flashback to when I was at Surface Magazine
Funny thing is that she was complaining about having to do returns (take clothes back to the show rooms) but she actually wanted to do office work. I always saw it the other way around, I used to volunteer to take clothes back. It's a great way to form relationships with showrooms and you get to get out of the office for however long it should take you; sounds great to me.
I feel like this would be a 'check the credits' moment because I was the assistant stylist for the cover shoot for whatever month this was. The best feeling is seeing the end product on the stands and knowing everything that happened behind the scenes and how close the cover shot was to a shaved head well dressed man holding a baby. Don't ask! Guess who returned the McQueen collection after the shoot...


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Skin Deep

What do you see?

Do you see what they see or do you believe what I see? Is it that my perspective is being altered by my vantage point? Am I the closest to the truth? Is it by chance or was this written?

The naked eye is deceptive so I'm forced to focus. I need to look deeper, deeper than anyone has ever cared to look before. Ignore my 5 senses and engage my 6th sense, forget what my hands tell me I feel and focus on what I really FEEL. I FEEL you, not the you that they see but the REAL you. I FEEL your energy even when you are there (where ever there is) and I'm here. This phenomenon intrigues me, so I'm intrigued by your existence. 

You are a PINCK flower in a sea of pink flowers so you wonder how I can look into your eyes and completely ignore theirs. Truthfully I know that you are surrounded by pink flowers, I mean I know that they are pink but they all look dull to me so it's like a black and white picture but you are the only one in living color.

I appreciate the things about you that you dislike and they hate. I love the scars, I understand the pain behind the eyes and I respect the process that you went through to get here. If you hadn't I don't know who you would be but everything happens for a reason. Never let them make you believe you are less than you ever thought you were because the truth is you are so much more than you think you are. YOU ARE so much STRONGER than the people around you and that scares them so they will never tell you. Close your eyes and focus your energy, you can feel me writing this right now... I just sent you some energy and I know you felt it, not sure if you know it was from me but I know you received it. There is nothing that can stop you from doing what you want to do, just realize how powerful you are; YOU ARE POWERFUL! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! It's not that they don't believe in you, it's that they see your potential and are jealous. Why you and not them? What makes you so special? They see what I see but their perspective blinds them from the best parts, the parts that I haven't even seen yet that I can see in your eyes. The thoughts that you try your best to hide that creep out of your mind and into mine. The warmth that you feel when I hug you or the joy you feel when I caress your hand...
I know how you feel when you listen to me speak...
Good day luv...


Monday, October 12, 2009

Clean Cut B

In ancient war there were many soldiers, drummers, archers, a leader and a flag bearer. I had every intention to lock my hair then it hit me, if I did that I would be a flag bearer for the Rastafarian faith. I agree with a lot of their beliefs but not all of them and I wouldn't consider myself a rasta so out of the respect that I have for their way of life I see me locking my hair as a mockery to those that are true believers. That fact aside I felt that it was time for me to cut my hair. My hair was the physical representation of my growth, but me cutting my hair symbolized a change and even the smallest change makes a difference. Whether it be for good or bad is determined by progression.
Oh yea I also cut the sleeves off of my leather jacket, brought the Good Wood Brooklyn ring out to play on the Brooklyn Bridge and found my 3 year old Gucci shades. I'm feeling it.


The Artist in Motion


If your around me and you aren't smiling, then you are dead. The point of being a positive person is not to trap the positivity in your frame but to release it into the world and introduce it to everyone that you come into contact with. Making others happy will make you happy. If you are in a position to do something for someone; do it! Do it today! Don't wait until the worst occurs to look back and say "I could have done something about it." For every issue that you are dealing with there is someone in the world dealing with something far worst than that, imagine that the person next to you is that person because they just might be. 
I haven't been sick in over a year now and my only secret is that I have found the key to my happiness. I laugh everyday and smile at everything even the bad things because I understand that bad only creates the necessary balance and invites good in.


Sunday, October 11, 2009