Friday, March 21, 2008

Do you Rami? Run! Don't Walk...

If you've seen project runway season 4 then you'd know that Rami Kashou was the runner up of the competition. If you haven't seen the show and know nothing of this man then allow me to help you out a bit. Rami Kashou was the most cohesive and strong minded competitor of the whole season. His understanding and appreciation for the beauty of the female body is definitely a plus. His love is draping and personally I think thats what makes him such a good designer because when you drape a dress on a woman it's custom made for that woman or dare I say "Couture". However Rami's show in fashion week NY for the finale of the show has shown the world that there is so much more to him than drapery. What I didn't know was that Rami has had a line prior to the show and still does have a line which according to him isn't doing bad. I recently ran into Rami in NY (don't worry about where) and we had a very interested conversation about what he's doing now and the direction of his line and I don't have to say much because his clothes speak for themselves just know that I cant sit still looking at his line; incredible. You can see for yourself, don't take my word for it. Check out Rami Kashou
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Do you Rami? preview...

Have you ever seen project runway season 4? If so stay posted, if not stay posted anyway, you won't guess what I have to talk about...SoHo

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Just In...

remember where u saw it first


Great Bathing Ape!

Hello dunk heads and sole collectors, meet the unreleased "Sponge Bob Bapes" these sneakers haven't grown on me yet however I recently paid a visit to the Bape store and I'd like to retract a statement that I made in a post about the "Bape Panda Hoody" which I don't think it looks that bad. I must admit going to the Bape store made me want to wear the line again. If your looking for some sneakers that are going to be one of a kind and stand out I think you should purchase some Bape's. You can either visit the store in SoHo on Spring and Greene or you can visit the cliff edge website whose link has been newly added to our list to the right. The sweaters are cool, the jeans are hip and the sneakers that are coming out are worth the wait. How do I explain my previous bad review of Bathing Ape? Well I can just simply say that I haven't been to the store in a long time. I might not agree with the super hero hoods and the timberland laces in the leather Bape's but on a whole the line is cool. To answer the question if its fashion or foolishness... it's fun! 


Are You Ready?

Ladies and gentlemen meet Liezeal. Don't worry about who she is and all of her personal information. The question at hand is are you ready because this woman is so ready for spring. When she walked in with the jeans (which didn't come like that) I thought: love at first sight. Now if the jeans were skinny, even more destroyed and she had on heals i would be telling you about how this was my new girlfriend. I've been waiting to find someone dressed well so I can talk positively about them and here she is. Bask in her forecast for spring; Enjoy.


Ladies listen to me carefully! Please follow the YSL link at the side of the page, proceed to the women section of the site and click shoes. The very first shoe you will see is in the top left corner, it's called "Patent Leather 105 mm Pump" once you see those shoes you'll understand all the exclamation points. The price before tax is $595 so if you can afford it please procede to purchase those because those shoes are water on a 105 degree day. If you cant afford them right now no worries YSL shoes dont sell out that fast so you have about two weeks; I'm thinking overtime. Once you purchase the shoes and you wear them email me and tell me how many marriage proposals you got that day.


The Landing of Lanvin

If I've told you once then I've told you a million times, high top is in; refer back to the "Aim High" post. I gave you one good route to take to high top success, that being the great YSL. Well here's amother line that has an excellent selection of high top sneakers and clothes. I've seen the paris runway show for spring 08 and I thought it was nice but other shows overshadowed it. However the time to reveal what you've been working on all winter is approaching so get your high tops ready. We'll see who reads L&F from who doesn't, dont miss a beat. To get a more indept look at everything that Lanvin has to offer check out: LANVIN

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Be Kool

If you seen the picture and your expecting to read good reviews and positive thoughts on this fusion of Reebok and Kool-Aid then you've definitely made a wrong turn somewhere because your reading the wrong blog. Who are they targeting with this marketing strategy? Sure I liked Kool-Aid as a child but seriously are they under the impression that I liked it so much that I would want a pair of Kool-Aid sneakers and a matching Mr. Smiley hat? This is a good laugh and that is all.