Friday, September 4, 2009

A.P.C (D.O.B) B.B.C

If I'm a mystery man then Coolness P must be the ghost. The readers like to see him on the blog but they know almost nothing about him. Women that know him and see him more than I do, have no idea what he does to generate an income. The people he goes to school with would be the best to answer questions about him but even then the most you'll get out of them is "He's cool, he dresses really nice, I had class with him." [So you spoke to him before] "No. I just see him all of the time and I think he's cool." There are people that know P, however you don't know those people. Our circle of friends is a family, very much like the mob. Most people don't have REAL friends and would never know what that is like. I am blessed, I have so many REAL friends, I can share.

Peace to the god Ghost P.


Your Network = Your Net Worth

Net Worth
For an individual, the value of a person's assets, including cash, minus all liabilities. The amount by which the individual's assets exceed their liabilities is considered the net worth of that person. [source]

Look at the people you closely associate with and ask yourself why you associate with those people. 

"Why are you my friend?"

Everyone enters your life for a reason, I believe that everyone has a purpose.

 You are directly affected by the people that you keep closest to you. 

What if the people that you have around you have little or no ambition? You in turn will start adjusting and adapting to their habits until their habits become your habits. The good news is that it also works in reverse. If you have highly ambitious friends that are always striving to achieve something more than what they have and improve their quality of life their habits will eventually become your habits.

You are born into your family but you grow into your friends.


Frais de Résiliation Anticipée

[marc by marc Naomi Campbell tee, Top Shop jacket, Longchamp by Jeremy Scott]

L'esprit de la vie la beauté en elle. 

The entire day at work I was thinking about leaving to meet up with this beautiful young lady that you see above. I have known Maelle for a little over two years now and she has been a fan of the blog since we started. She was one of the first people to put the link on her myspace page, a link that I believe is still there to this day. She is visiting New York this week, hailing from the South of France she is excited to see everything New York has to offer. Being the gentleman that I am I was more than happy to be her guide for the day. I left work a bit after lunch, dropped the files off at home, made some minor alterations to the attire and headed back out to meet her. She is every bit as beautiful as I could have imagined and a bit more. I really enjoyed spending time with her and upon reaching my residence I received a text message assuring me that the feeling was mutual so I highly doubt this is the last I will see of her.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Day Off

I took the day off today to get some out of office things accomplished. Prior to today I hadn't been in SoHo in three weeks straight. I was starting to forget what the area looked like and I missed the re-opening of the Stüssy store. After a quick trip to the bank and about an hours worth of catching up with Alex Goldberg I was in the mood for pizza so he suggest we go to 2 Bros Pizza. I question everything but Alex has already proven that he won't lead me astray so I trusted his decision and honestly it was the 2nd best decision I made all day (2nd only to me NOT responding to her last text message). 

If you thought the sign said it all...
wait until you actually taste the pizza.
Usually when pizza is this inexpensive they cut corners on the dough so the crust is not as plump and the pizza is rather flat and dry. However this pizza was moist, the cheese's were oozing and the crust was as plump as a fresh pillow. I really enjoyed the pizza and was very grateful for Alex's insight.

2 Bros Pizza
32 Saint Marks Pl
New YorkNY 10003-8033
(212) 777-0600


Monday, August 31, 2009

Lunch Break

[click to enlarge]

I had the idea to do an elegant post on what my lunch breaks look like but I think this one makes a much louder statement than the one that I wanted to do. This wasn't planned and I wasn't a part of the production of this picture. I don't get much sleep during the regular sleeping hours so I sleep when and where ever I get an opportunity to. The office manager woke me up and escorted me to this picture which is now posted on one of the main boards in the office. No one can do anything without seeing this picture. He then shook my hand and said...
"Mr. Burke welcome to the family." 
This is what hard work looks like.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Face of Positivity

I wore the mask because I thought it was cool. I posted it as my picture on twitter because I felt like it fit exactly what I was trying to do. Optimus Prime gave his life to protect the free will of those that couldn't protect themselves. He made the ultimate sacrifice for positivity and good. Thats a strong symbol. I was in deep thought last night and I realized that for those that do not know me I'm just a mask. A young lady on twitter asked me if I had a face and I thought that was the best question that I'd been asked in a long time. It helped me come to the understanding that people don't need a symbol. They want someone they can connect to, they want someone they can relate to; they want someone!
(Fine&Dandy bow tie)

I have removed the mask but I have not removed the mask from the picture. Prime is still one of the biggest representations of everything good, just this time around we all get to see that there is someone under the mask and he does have a face.


Lethal Art Exhibit: Generation of the Free

Two good friends of mine Squeaks and Feel-X who also happen to be the designers of the line Lethal Inspiration threw a Lethal Art Exhibit entitled Generation of the Free. I enjoyed the presentation of raw, pop art and the atmosphere of the building. In my honest opinion the event was a success and the open mic session after the viewing of the collection was the icing on the cake. Enjoy these shots of my favorite pieces from every collection and the little indian girl that accompanied me to the event.


Meditation Music

When I'm in deep thought about anything I turn on the waterfall. I go to this place in my mind where everything around me no longer exists and that can be a very dangerous extreme of the mind so I use the sound of the water as the bread crumbs to find my way back to reality. Funny thing about water is that it is the only liquid on Earth like itself; in a class of it's own. There is a bit of water in everything because everything organic requires water and 70% of our planet is comprised of water. Scientifically water is a mystery, spiritually water is a mystic, mentally water is a savior. Biblically water is the symbol used to baptize and wash the sins of a true believer. 

In the current generation we take water for granted. 
Due to technology we have gotten away from what is really important!

The bottled water that comes from a spring, gets funneled to a factory where the sediments, minerals and chemicals are cleaned out of the water. Then it is packaged and stored in a warehouse for some time. It is then packed in a truck and relocated to another warehouse where it gets picked up by different distributers and taken to your local super market where you finally purchase and consume. 

Ever asked yourself why bottled water has an expiration date?