Saturday, September 13, 2008

L&F Personal:

Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew for a more personal outlook on the fashion shows, the night life and really just the day to day activities.

Ralph Lauren Spring 09

In an interesting twist of events Ralph Lauren grows tired of the heritage and comes out with these middle eastern inspired looks. Forget polo, lets go camel back riding. I don't think that anyone in the audience could have predicted this from Ralph. Ralph Lauren is a classic American line that produces classic American looks for both men and women but these looks are so far from the heritage of RL that if you just showed me this collection and asked me to guess I would never guess Ralph. There was an interesting mix in the use of fabrics like: a shaffon scarf, a satin shirt and pant and silk head wraps. He really pushed himself to the limit to create this collection and I believe that it will benefit him in the long run. This is what a runway show is all about, the drama of the show and the shock value of the clothes. Ralph brought those elements and more to this show and he deserves every good write up and critic that he is going to get about this collection. This is just another piece of evidence that world affairs not only affect the consumer but the designer as well. That is an issue that goes as far back as when Gabrielle Chanel started designing clothes for women in 1924.


Donna Karan Spring 09

Magnificent. Donna Karan has done an excellent job with the line this season. This collection is to die for and these dresses are some of the best dresses that I've seen stroll down a runway. She went with a lot of Grecian drapery and it worked out well for her. The influence was definitely drawn from Cleopatra and the elements that surround her: beauty, elegance, seduction, sexiness and mystery. The first dress that I have shown is a dead give away to the Cleopatra theme and the rest of the dresses below follow suite. Drapery is always nice but when you add knots, sequins, stones and you use materials like satin and silk you get a phenomenal dress that is totally wearable. Your not going to wear one of these evening gowns for everyday city life but thats why Karan also does DKNY for everyday wearability. These gowns are show stoppers and should be treated as such so get your shoes in order, make sure your hair is perfect, beat your face, do the nails, some nice VS1 stones around your neck and your ready to turn that soiree into columbine (no offense to the victims and the families of the victims of that tragedy).
Get into the looks:


Photo Session: Beyoncé

These photo's of Beyoncé have just surfaced however it's not what you would usually see surface (i.e. shots of her living her life and minding her own business). These shots were a part of a photo shoot with a well renown photographer by the name of Tony Duran. Beyoncé has a certain natural beauty about her and she knows exactly how to use it so it's safe to say that she naturally tore this shoot apart. From the looks to her body language, everything about this shoot was on point. I used to believe that you could let yourself go and put on a couple pounds for the colder seasons but then I seen this photo below and I'm saying ladies don't even think about it. 
The style in this shoot was presented to you by couture pieces pulled from Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino and Gucci.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Letter From The Editor:

I moved into the tents at Bryant Park for the week and I have enjoyed my stay but now its Friday and my lease is up so I’m going to have to move out. I’m sad to see it go but it was fun while it was here and I had way more fun than I did this time last year (didn’t attend any shows last year(didn’t even get into the tents)). So this year was a victory on every level that you could think of. Thank You to everyone that just started reading L&F and everyone that has been reading L&F forever now. It’s been a good ride so far but it only gets better so keep reading because I will not stop.


Ciara in Vibe

Yea well she stood up alright. Word has gotten out that she didn't authorize them to edit her pictures. Ciara released a statement saying that she wasn't actually nude in these pictures and the photographer at the magazine airbrushed her clothes off so she's suing Vibe magazine. In my personal opinion Vibe magazine didn't start doing photo shoots last week and this is not the first beautiful woman that they've had (for the sake of the argument) half naked in their pages so why would they choose to violate her and on top of that put themselves in legal woes? All I'm saying is that Vibe magazine has been around since 1993 and was founded by Quincy Jones, he's a smart business man I'm sure that they all know the guidelines and wouldn't think of crossing those lines. Go to your nearest news stand and pick up the latest issue of Vibe magazine, there are a couple interesting articles inside including: 90 minutes with Nas.

Oscar de la Renta: Spring 09

Overall this is a good clean cut collection. Good collections have themes while others may not have a common denominator but still be good. Sir la Renta didn't have a theme for this collection but it seems that he created it with a vision in mind; it's almost as if he had a muse. His collection is targeting a particular type of woman. This isn't for the everyday woman, when a woman walks into a room with one of these pieces on the room will pause and acknowledge her presence. The next question will be who is she and what does she do? These designs are for powerful women that storm scenes. A woman that is escorted from either a cab or her personal transportation service and gracefully walks with her handsome guest into a soiree. This is the collection of "The Lady". There are young ladies, women and then there is a "Lady". This is the collection that you are proud to own a piece of. When asked who you are wearing, you shall reply with pride: Oh this is the work of sir Oscar de la Renta.
Enjoy Ladies: 


Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Look: 4

I could have just posted this picture, not said a word and you would still get the point. Who does this? Who would dare to wear a bright yellow suit jacket and a floral scarf? Me. The real question should be why wouldn't you? I praise this man for wearing this outfit but it doesn't feel like he took a risk with this outfit. Upon first glance it may look like he took a chance and it just happened to work out in his favor but if you really study this picture you will notice his disposition and then you will get the feeling that this isn't the first cliff that he has jumped off. He doesn't seem a bit uncomfortable or unsure about this outfit, he actually looks proud and his posture shows that he is a distinguished gentleman. Some may believe that the clothes make the man but in this case the man made me believe not the clothes. 
You can always tell when the court is playing in the Kings clothes; this man is no jester.


Carlos Miele Spring 09

The press is standing guard with their cameras ready to capture the pieces walking down the runway. The lights dim and the music starts playing, at first its just a simple beat playing and no models walk out so everyone starts clamoring about what's going on. Just then:

He came out of nowhere and all of a sudden we have a live performance during the runway show. This is what a fashion show should be; dramatic. The looks are elegant and lively, one piece that was sent down the runway resembled a huge rose and it was beautiful. The entire collection had a very distinct look to it, some pieces were simple and chic while others were complicated and elegant but there were ruffles in each piece in some way shape or form. The majority of the collection has this hidden beauty about it and I say that because it isn't until you see the piece in movement that you can truly appreciate it. 
Get into the looks below:

When this look came down the runway it brought tears to my eyes and luckily the photographer captured it perfectly.

Model Watch: Sessilee Lopez

This runway beauty caught my eye at the Réyes show and has held my attention since. She has a walk to be remembered and she has a face that really depends on how she has her hair. I did some research and her days of walking in Fashion Week shows date back to the Fall of 05 for Zac Posen. Back in her earlier years (05/06) she had her hair shorter at one point she had a G.I. Jane cut but no matter what she has done to her hair she has always made it work. I personally prefer her with her hair the way it is now but she definitely looks edgier with her hair shorter. She has been quite busy for Fashion Week as she has walked in seven different shows since Friday including the designer King of New York; Marc Jacobs. 
Marc Jacobs Spring 09
Malo Spring 09
Réyes Spring 09
Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fall 08
Zac Posen Fall 05


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Foresight: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Let this serve as a testimony that I saw it before it happened. This picture was taken around 2PM on september 9th in the lobby at Bryant Park fashion week. The topic isn't the beautiful young lady (Vanessa) that I took the picture with but rather an aspect of my outfit. I had no idea what I was going to wear and I almost didn't make it out because of the rain but at the last minute I decided to go and this is the outfit that I threw together. The belt that I synched my waist with is a leather Marc Jacobs belt. Also take notice to the rolled up sleeves and the slender effect caused by the belt.

Later on that same night Marc Jacobs sent this look down the runway for his Marc by Marc Jacobs line:
Does anyone have any questions about my credibility to write fashion articles?
Good. Notice the belts and the similar effect created by the belts. The belt that is actually synched around her waist is the thinner red belt, the larger off white belt is just there for decoration. I know it was a risk on my part and it was a stretch but isn't that what I'm always advising you (the reader) to do? Why would you listen to something that I tell you that you should try if I'm not willing to do it myself? The next time you come to a metaphysical cliff in life, just take a chance and jump.


Looks From Inside/ Around The Tent:

Myspace iCandy: Yenifel

Shoe of the Night: Christian Louboutin

Caught these bad two steps on Nicole. I told you on Personal that she was sick so excuse her style. Did you know that the bottom of Louboutin's shoes weren't always red? It was during a runway show, while watching his shoes on the models as they walk he felt that something was missing. It is said that the idea for the red bottoms came from one of his assistants that was wearing red Chanel nail polish. Now a days when you purchase your Louboutin's from stores like Neiman Marcus what do you get with them? A bag and a box? Pish posh! When Louboutin opened his boutique in Paris he gave his patrons free coffee. The only boutique to date that has a similar practice is Yves Saint Laurent, where they offer you either water or champaign. More domestic boutiques should adopt that policy, you have a client list that is full of trust fund children, celebrities and CEO's so why not cater to them?
Just in case you didn't get the point yet:

Marc Jacobs Spring 09

Marc Jacobs' shows are always shrouded by drama, whether it's because he's late or it's due to his front row celebrity guest there is always something special about his shows; which is probably why he opted not to hold the show in the tents at Bryant Park. In case you didn't already know Marc is the king of New York when your talking designers. He has a cult following and for good reason. Who else are the people going to turn to for an edgy twist on the American classics that they love? Marc Jacobs' never fails to send some looks down the runway that no one in the audience is ready for. Below you see some modern twist on the classic American woman being spiced up with the addition of colors. I definitely think that color can make or break a piece and in these looks below it appears that he has given the color scheme some thought because these looks work on so many different levels that its almost embarrassing to think about other designers that just cant seem to get the color scheme right. From the hats to the plaid shirts these looks are screaming early 20's but with the addition of accessories like: the clutch, the corset, the eye wear and the color he has really refreshed an American classic.


The Man:

Andre Leon Talley. That name alone should be enough to stop anyone in their tracks and recreate the effects of an earthquake. For those of you who just kindly partake in fashion, this man decides what you put on every morning. Now you may say to yourself "what does SoHo B mean?" "how can he decide what I wear daily?" He decides what you pull from your closet because this is the man that determines what you need to have in your closet. Talley is and has been the editor-at-large for Vogue for some time now. Depicted in the picture above to the left of Talley is Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief for American Vogue ((coming soon) just know that she is everything.) Andre is a huge influence in the fashion industry, aside from predicting trends better than the weather men can predict the weather he also seeks out young talent. That is very important because he is in a very prominent position in the industry and the fact that he even bothers with young designers and musicians shows that he understands that the knowledge he possesses must be passed on. People are always saying they love fashion and they live for fashion but Talley lives fashion and lets just say he wasn't born yesterday. I ran into him as we were both on our way to see the Diesel show at Bryant Park. If I had any second thoughts about going to see that show, they were surely wiped away once I spoke with Andre and discovered that he too was going to see that show. You just know that your in the right show when Andre Leon Talley is there; he has been front row of the best fashion shows for over 25 years. Hopefully we'll catch up again before fashion week is over but for now get into the bag:
When you command such power of persuasion it is important that you send messages that you believe in. He wanted to make sure that I got the bag in the picture; thank you Talley for this message.