Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just a Thought

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What does life mean to you
We are here for such a short period of time. 100 years might seem like a long time but in actuality it goes by rather swift. It's simple for us to imagine life because we are living it but how easy is it for us to fathom death? 

What does death mean to you?
In life what you say was what you wanted and looked forward to, it's what you worked your whole life for; worldly possessions. So what now?
Death is kind of unfair because there wasn't much thought about life before life but there is a lifetime of thought about death before death.

Death is just a step.
Life is just a step in preparation for what is to come after death. Some say there is nothing there, you just die. While others maintain there is a heaven and a hell. However no one really knows for sure. When we die in this realm it is because our heart has ceased to pump blood to the rest of our body which leads to the shut down of our brain, which is in control of the entire body. So my question to you is if the brain dies how can you live?

The soul.
James Brown sung about soul and there was a whole genre of music dedicated to it but the soul plays a very important part of our identity. There is a grey area between science and common sense that gets attributed to the soul. When the body dies, the soul shall live on.

We are all comprised of energy so picture this: when you burn paper it turns to smoke, the smoke is the energy that was in the paper being released in a new form. The same thing will happen to us when we die. Our energy shall be released to transform and begin a new life cycle.


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dominique Auxilly

If you were not here you missed the best fashion show of fashion week.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Wake Up Young World

Lochness • King D • SoHo B
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This post is probably the one that I've had in mind for the longest. I've been speaking on the issue to those around me and almost everyone I come into contact with for some time now and I think that this picture is the perfect depiction to assist me in getting my point across. 

Members of my generation: 

You have been mislead, what you have been taught to cherish means absolutely nothing. The items and ideals that you have grown to hold dear to you mean nothing in comparison to the bigger picture of life. I'm only able to sit here and type about this because I too was victim to this brain  washing. About a month ago someone seen me sneezing in my LV handkerchief and actually said "I respect you". I had mixed feelings about it, did he "respect me" because I understand that it means nothing at all or did he "respect me" because he thought that was so fly?
We have all put too much emphasis on clothing and labels. I do not wish to ignore the prestige of the fashion house because the designers and creative directors have worked extremely hard over the years to establish the name in the fashion world. However I do have a problem with the fact that people are using the labels to recreate themselves into something that they are not. You are not taking out the time to really get in touch with yourself and find out who you really are but you use the fact that you have this article of clothing to make yourself seem cooler. The people you look up to are just as confused as you are; we are all human.

This picture represents the free minds of my generation. Sorry for those that are excluded because I know first hand that there are many more but this was a spur of the moment thing.

Own the clothes, don't let the clothes own you. Be yourself.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Happy Medium

A Night Out

Friday night a small contingency of New Yorkers gathered at STK NYC for a grand dinner in celebration of Michelle's birthday. I must say all in all it was a beautiful night and I enjoyed the food and conversation with the beautiful young ladies. Hard work is a great thing but if you do not find a balance between work and your personal life you are slowly destroying yourself. You become consumed with work and in extreme cases it may be impossible for you to consider anything else important. Continue on that path and before you know it, your 40, single and so far removed from everyone else in your age group that you can't even relate. In life separation from certain people may be necessary but isolation is never a good idea.

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