Friday, February 6, 2009

Prince - Darling Nikki



Agyness Deyn Covers Love Magazine



Sessilee Lopez Speaks

"Fashion is very black and white. It doesn't pay attention to heritage much. They don't see me as a Dominican girl. They just see the color of my skin. It can be hard, because it's your heritage and you want to be appreciated for it, but it's just modeling, so I don't let it get to me." Sessilee Lopez
Your last name is Lopez and they don't want to respect your Dominican background? Is that a misunderstanding because I don't understand.


Sarah Jessica Parker for Harpers Bazaar


Put You to BE&D

Ruffle tote by BE&D
To clinch this bag ladies click here


Curt@!N$: ihiphop Interview

"I don't just drop music, I drop my life" Curtains
Spoken like a true artist.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gianfranco Pezzot: Resorts

I can honestly say that I went into this exhibit with some expectations, mainly because of the noise being made about Gianfranco Pezzot. Personally I hadn't seen any of his previous work but I was curious to see his newest exhibit "Resorts". I must say that the work was enough to support the hype but after speaking to the man I was convinced that this is a photographer to be known. Previously he did fashion photography when I inquired as to why he no longer does it his response was simply: " I got bored". Well his new exhibit is anything but of boring and can simply be described as art. Upon first glance you may say these are just buildings but if you look at the entire piece and take in the scenery and get a sense of the environment you will start to see what Pezzot say when he took the pictures; beauty. I noticed that there was a sense of some architectural art heavily involved in these pieces so I inquired if he was more interested in the architectural aspect of the area. He assured me that his focus wasn't on the buildings but more on the atmosphere that the buildings were a part of and the environment that the buildings help create. The piece seen below just happens to be my favorite in the exhibit, we spoke a bit about the construction of the building and how the mere structure and design of it is artistic. The angles use a bit of symmetry and the perspective that the photograph was taken from is very endearing; I fond this very impressive.

Over all it was an enjoyable experience. The photo's in the exhibit were appealing and Mr. Pezzot was a pleasure to talk to. He is very passionate about his work and he is good at what he does. When you meet good spirited people like that, that are doing what they were meant to do it is inspiring. Congratulations on the new exhibit and we wish you nothing but the best to infinity and beyond.

Welcome Home Cam

Guess who's back and wasting no time getting back into the spotlight; Cam'ron. As impossible as it may seem, he has found his way back to Harlem and is ready to go back at doing what he does best; rapping. He has landed the next cover of the XXL and I know that this is just the beginning. There was a cult following in the rap world to find this man, no one had any indication of where he was and there was no sign of him anywhere. Rapper 50 Cent went as far as to refer to him a "missing person". Well he's back and he has an album coming out Crime Pays with a video scheduled to be released this weekend but don't take my word for it, tune in and learn something.


Ms. Katie Interviews Lil Wayne

"If you need an example on how to live then you just shouldn't have been born" Lil Wayne


Ay Man: Pharrell x Nylon TV

Take a behind the scenes look at Pharrell's photo shoot for Nylon Guy magazine and a mini interview about lifestyle. 

Good Question: 
You have it all now, do you still love it or is this the tipping point for you?


Ricky Regardless

Hello America and good morning L&F. I present to you the lyrically inclined Arc or as he likes to refer to himself, Black Moses. If you don't know, the last man to call himself the Black Moses was Issac Hayes in 1971, before him there was Marcus Garvey and Harriet Tubman; both of whom were referred to as the Black Moses. Now when you hear all of this you might be slightly confused as to how all of this comes together to make sense but then you hear the music and you begin to understand. In my personal opinion he seems like a new age Nas. He's just a lot better at writing commercial music than Nas is.  I can't refer to him as a conscious rapper, I think it wouldn't be fair to put him in that box. I feel like he's just a lyricist because he's so versatile and most importantly the music is worth listening to. His music was recently released on iTunes but if you aren't convinced yet then I suggest you make your way over to his Myspace page to listen to his playlist.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jeremy Scott x Adidas

These trainers are killer. That means really cool. That is just my personal opinion which is slightly bias because I'm wild about bow ties.


Umit Benan A/W 09 Collection

This is a gentlemen's club:
Member's Only.
This collection is simply divine, you'd have to be a mad man not to agree. The suits are tailored to perfection and appear to fit quite comfortably. The cuts are very appealing especially if your a fan of the fitted but not too close look and feel. The style of the collection and the presentation of the pieces exude a prestigious air, however you don't get the sense of an arrogant, pompous aristocrat but more so of a dignified, educated, pleasant intellectual. There is a sense of subtlety in the clothes that is to be appreciated and these four pictures are only one fourth of the collection. To see the rest of the collection follow the source link.
It's a lifestyle, either you live it or you don't.


Truth? What's That?

I want to meet this man. Who's going to help me accomplish that?


Chester French: She Loves Everybody

I don't know if you've ever heard the song but they are a pretty cool group. Tune in and zone out.


Pharrell Covers Nylon Guys

This cover is incredible. After being bombarded with a slew of cover shots that could have been better, it feels so good to actually see one and say, this is pretty much on point. This is a very interesting look because it shows us all just how much a leather jacket can change an outfit. Congratulations to Faran Krentcil and the entire Nylon staff on producing a quality cover a feat that other magazine's have been finding quite illusive.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Armani Not Going to Rome

"Rome has killed high fashion by showcasing people who didn't merit it." Giorgio Armani


Well if Your Hips Permit...

then infuse some color in your wardrobe. It'll do you some good.


Martin Margiela: Footwear Collection

To get your hands on these trainers and more click here


SoHo B in the Bronx?


The Emperial Nation

Alpha Phialpha is the first established African American intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity. A group of African American students at Cornell University founded this university in an attempt to combat the intense racial environment on campus.
Black history meets fashion.


The LA Times: Taz Arnold

Question: What mistakes do men make when they get dressed?

"They limit themselves. Once you think about what you can't do, you are in a bad position. You should see everything as an option, then downsize." Taz Arnold


Monday, February 2, 2009

Bryant Park Finale

After 17 years of being held in the tents at Bryant Park New York Fashion Week will be moved to the Lincoln Center. Don't worry attendee's the move doesn't take effect until 2010 so this will actually be the last year that we get to enjoy the Bryant Park set up. This is going to be a bad year in the industry, even the tents at Fashion Week lost their lease. 
Help is on the way.


Lil Wayne feat Pharrell - Ay Man

How Many Ways Can I Say I Love You?

Happy Valentine's Day from Bathing Ape.


Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott is killing the shades game right now. His optical designs are so unorthodox that they are shockingly cool and nearly impossible not to notice.  
Get your pair here: source

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial



Batman: The Dark Knight has been rereleased in iMax theaters and is definitely worth going to see again. I say L&F field trip to the iMax theater.
Who's with me?


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cate Blanchett Covers Vanity Fair

Topic: Aging With a Soulmate
"If you age with somebody, you go through so many roles—you’re lovers, friends, enemies, colleagues, strangers; you’re brother and sister. That’s what intimacy is, if you’re with your soulmate. Marriage is a risk; I think it’s a great and glorious risk, as long as you embark on the adventure in the same spirit." Cate Blanchett

Topic: Hollywood
"I don’t exist in that world. I observe it, but there’s so much else to be thinking about. Maybe it’s because I’m with someone who’s not with me because of that; I’m not a trophy. He likes the vessel, but he also wants to make sure the vessel is full. The world of film can be so noisy, but the other aspects of my life are actually the noisiest parts of my life. My best friends are a social worker and a visual artist." Cate Blanchett