Saturday, November 15, 2008

Comme des Garçons for H&M: London Release

I bet you thought that Japan was going to be the only place to go wild over the Comme des Garçons collaboration with H&M? Unfortunately I was not on site to record to antics of the store opening the morning of the US release. Enjoy the events across the pond.


This Just In: Price Cuts!

The following fashion houses are planning on cutting prices on their goods in the US by up to ten percent: Chanel, Versace, Chloé and Christian Louboutin. 
Thats right ladies up to ten percent less than the current prices so stash those coins now and as soon as you see the prices drop; consume!


Friday, November 14, 2008

The Fader 10th Anniversary Issue: Oh Boy

Lets talk theoretically for a second. Lets say you've had a productive magazine for ten years now and you want to celebrate your tenth anniversary so you go through your contact list and you see some big names that you might want to grace the cover. After a long discussion with your team and days of emails and phone calls you finally decide that Kanye West is right for your cover. So now Kanye is your man and believe it or not the two parties have actually come to an agreement and Kanye is going to be on the cover of the magazine. Now your so happy that your gleaming with pride, you want to engrave these words in stone: Kanye West is going to be on the cover of our tenth anniversary issue! So you book the best photographer that you have in your contact list, you, the photographer and (most likely) Mr. West spend some time coming to terms with where you are going to do the photo shoot for this monumental cover and after long deliberation the three parties finally agree. Now the day of the shoot your walking on air, partially because you were so excited the night before that you couldn't sleep, now you aren't usually present for photo shoots but this is big this is your tenth anniversary cover with Kanye West so you have to be there. The shoot goes great, Kanye enjoys the time he spent with you and your team, you love the shots. The rest of the month is spent deliberating with your team over which shot you like the most and which one should be the cover shot and when its all said and done you choose this one? To each his own but this is just wrong.


At Least Somebody Still Speak From They Soul

Kanye West divulges more on how he really feels about his current situation and position in the world as far as what he likes to do and what he wants to do with his life.

"My friend showed me pictures of his kids and all I could show him was pictures of my cribs" Kanye West


Beyoncé on Oprah

Watch as Oprah pries into the mind of Beyoncé to get the answers to the questions that you refuse to stop asking.


Award Tour: The Private Rebellion Collection

Ladies and gentlemen I proudly present to you the collection that you have all been waiting for and one that was well worth the wait; Award Tour. I find it simply amazing how the creative mind of Phil, better known to the world as Lochness, never seems to reach a limit as he puts together another thought provoking collection. The entire time Phil was telling me that I was going to love the collection and that it would be my style of dressing but now I see the day will come when I only wear Award Tour clothing. The most exciting part about the whole ordeal is the beautiful scenery which is the grounds of Princeton university, the set of the photo shoot and if your looking at the shots thinking to yourself that they are too good to be amateur thats because they aren't the camera man was Devin Christopher, a contributing photographer for the slam hype website Hypebeast. The models sprinkled throughout the look book should register as familiar faces to L&F readers, I'm sure by now you've seen all of the videos and know all of their names.

-side note-
Coolness P and SoHo B are always down for a photo shoot.

 I'm sure you've waited long enough now enjoy the collection of ideas by Award Tour.

The Re-Designed Colette

L&F trip to Paris coming soon.
On a personal note if you are trying to catch up with Suzy Menkes, I say to you good luck. She got up and literally ran out of a show in New York fashion week as soon as the last model walked off the runway. I have a lot of respect for reporters like herself, Charlie Rose and Sway from MTV to name a few.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Lethal Small Movie

This just in from our friends over at Lethal Inspiration. The video is in promotion of the new collection. Hope you enjoy. To really get into Lethal Inspiration click the link at the side of the page.


Who's Ad is This Anyway?

If I told you this was a Sean John ad would you believe me? Its amazing what Cassie and Lauren London can do for a clothing line, with the smart and very business savvy direction of Sean Combs of course.


Band of Outsiders: Spring 09 Video Collection

If you read L&F then you've seen this collection already but everything goes over better when you add music to it.


Dior Homme, Pornography?

So KVA has employed well known photographer Jeff Burton to do the promotional shots for his self entitled line Kris Van Assche. However these were no ordinary shots judging from the fact that he used three porn stars for the shots. 
" Van Assche says. "I didn’t involve myself in the shoot, though — I wanted to maintain the viewpoint of a witness or spectator."
To see the shots: 


Essence Magazine: The Family

Will and Jada have been selected to grace the cover of December's Essence magazine. What a good choice, one of the few couples in entertainment to last and still be as in to each other as they were in the first year. In a land where hollywood relationships are only as interesting as the hollywood break up one has to wonder; what is their secret? Despite the media and all other distractions they have remained a prime example for what family means. When you find your equal its hard to lose interest in that person, maybe that's their secret.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy 15th Bape

Bathing Ape's head honcho, Nigo sounds off on five major topics regarding his brand and it's 15th anniversary for the complex magazine.

 “I don’t think our clothes are so expensive; we make things in a very similar system to high-fashion designers… But we are interested in casual clothes. People get our jeans, tees and sweats confused with mass-produced consumer items. We respect the spirit of what we want to do over financial considerations—that’s consistent with our motto, I think.” Nigo
To read the rest of what Nigo had to say:


The Bond Girl:

Vanity Fair ran down all of the Bond girls from beginning to end but my favorite bond girl will always be Halle Berry when she played Jinx a National Security Agency operative. Heres something that you all may or may not know: In the 1985 Bond movie A View to a Kill, Grace Jones plays a character by the name of May Day who was originally in allegiance with a villain named Zorin but switched sides and became a Bond girl.
Who knew?


Good Morning Luv

How about this after your cup of coffee on this beautiful veterans day. Kate Winslet in Vanity Fair, I have my Kate now here is your share of Ms. Winslet. A picture is worth a thousand words but right now so few come to mind. For shots like this you don't really talk, just marvel at the seduction of the moment. The inspiration for the shot is so 1920's glam and she does it with such ease. The photographer, Steven Meisel and the stylist Jessica Diehl have worked well together to capture a moment of seduction that is rarely conveyed through photography; its all in the eyes.
Vanity is everything.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Comme des Garçons for H&M: Japanese Release

I couldn't have said it better myself. No, wait, I did say it about two months ago when I first reported that H&M would be doing this collaboration with Comme des Garçons.
To track back: CLICK HERE


New Bape Outerwear

Japanese lifestyle brand Abathing Ape has just released their fall collection of outerwear and I have made my pics of the best pieces. The varsity is a nice remix to the first varsity that they ever released while the vest come across as predictable but nevertheless good pieces to have at your disposal. The real shocker is the duffle coat, every season I see this line and its sister lines BBC/ Ice Cream become more mature and branching out into fields previously unchartered, possibly attempting to reach a new demographic. Regardless of what the intentions are I think it's a good move because despite the fact that the idea behind the lines is big kid attire the reality of the situation is that there are going to be times in life when you need to put on a blazer; why not Bape?

Hurry and get your coat while supplies last.

Gucci's New Face: Rihanna

These two shots are a part of Gucci's new promotion featuring Rihanna. These looks are really basic and to the point, it's like advertising for minimalists. Straight forward ads are effective especially when you have such a big name, you don't really have to do much. I think this was a smart move on Gucci's part because Rihanna has recently been recognized as a fashion icon and the public now looks to her for style notes. Also she has been seen more than a few times in a Gucci ensemble so she really isn't new to the fashion house.