Saturday, August 9, 2008

SoHo B Day

For more on how SoHo B spent his birthday check out:

Bernie Mac Passes

When I read about this I was shocked and taken back for about 5 minutes before I shook my head in response to this. Bernie Mac!?!? He made us all laugh in his syndicated show "The Bernie Mac Show" and my personal favorite the Oceans series in which he played a character named Frank Caton who then changed his name to Ramon to get by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Bernie Mac was only half way to a hundred years old when he passed away after being hospitalized for a severe case of pneumonia.

 "We will miss you" George Clooney


Friday, August 8, 2008

The Knux

Listen to me very carefully because I'm only going to say this once and I'm going to make it very simple. The Knux are sick. If you have never heard them before and you have never seen a show, do something about it.

That's all your going to need to be convinced.

Paul Rosenberg is managing them and Interscope is behind them.

They toured with Common last year, they sell out shows on the regular and they do shows everywhere so they already have a following of supports and fans. Now with the SoHo B approval I predict a platinum album. 


Gucci New York

This is Gucci New York's new display window. Very interesting, the armor features the signature double G pattern in red on the shoulder's of the actual armor.
Gucci New York is located on:

685 5th ave
New York, NY 10022


Betsey Johnson 30th Anniversary Celebration

What do you get when you mix champagne and cupcakes?
A Betsey Johnson 30th celebration. At first I was so confused as to why they would do that but then as I looked over the fall collection it became clear to me that this was more than just a last minute combination. This should be in their employee manual, this should be at every designers hip at headquarters. Champagne and cupcakes! Yes! That is a perfect description for the clothes that they produce. There is the soft and playful side and then there is the edge. So champagne and cupcakes was very fitting for this celebration.
The celebration took place at:

248 Columbus ave.
between 71st and 72nd street.

also check out the website: Betsey 

I thought that these two members of staff exemplified the champagne, cupcake complex perfectly so I snapped them.

Get in:


Saks 5th Ave: Rebecca Taylor

If the name Rebecca Taylor rings a bell then you already know how good of a designer she is. Her collection is like a summer breeze on a hot summer day. When I say that I mean it in the sense that it's hot but there is a cool undertone and kind of subtle approach to designing. So it looks complicated but simplistic at the same time.
On Aug 7th Ms. Taylor payed a visit to Saks 5th ave to commemorate the return of her fall collection to the department store. Her clothes were carried by Saks before but for whatever reason there was a point where her line was no longer available on site. That doesn't mean that she was off of the scene, it's actually the opposite. Her clothes are also available at her own flagship store, bluefly, revolve clothing and shopstyle just to name a few.
Take my word for it, Rebecca Taylor is New Zealand's finest.

Get into a dress here: Taylor


Happy Birthday?

Aug 7th was the day that I was brought into this world and as many of you may know that was yesterday's date. Seeing as how I do events on the regular and I run into some of the most interesting and influential people of not only generation X but also Y; what would I do for my birthday? What could I possibly do to commemorate my existence in this physical realm? 
 I'll take you on the journey but I'm extremely tired having been up for 24 hours now so...

More Coming Soon
(on L&F Personal of course)


Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Drive Thru

This video was supposed to be Santogold's new video Light's Out. We're having technical difficulties with that video right now. As soon as we find a different source for the video it will be posted but for now tune in to the video of one of my favorite songs.

Christian Blanken

Now here is the work of a designer that might not show up on your radar. Not because his work is shoddy or not well designed but because he hasn't been on the scene for almost nine years now. Can a designer who hasn't designed for himself for almost a decade still be relevant in today's market? Some of you may not think so but I have faith that he can still create a market for himself and reach people with his work. Ten years is a long time and when you have a passion for something it doesn't go away the lack of you indulging your desires only makes then that much stronger. One thing about him is that he isn't planning on conforming to society and the current state of fashion, well not too much anyway. "I still don't like ruffles or bows". Sorry currently no links for his clothes but as soon as something turns up; I'll make it available.


Hugo Boss Jewelry

What you are looking at is a piece out of Hugo Boss' new jewelry line. As many of you may know Hugo Boss has so many different sections to the line (Orange, Black, White, etc), similar to Polo. Each section of Hugo Boss is going to have a different set of jewels, this is a $400 Boss Black piece available for your consumption at Hugo Boss.

utilize the store locator to find a store near you.

CRS ft. Pusha T: Everyone Nose Remix


Blueprint 3

BLUEPRINT 3 from kwest on Vimeo.

I present this to you all today on my birthday because I love you.
Thank you for your support and for reading everything that we write.
Many more to come; I will never stop.
N.Y's best fashion blog!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nas in Seize sur Vingt

Get into yours: Seize sur Vingt


Ford's Finest: Chanel Iman Robinson

07 Anna Sui

If you read L&F then you would already know how I feel about Chanel. If you have eyes then you should understand how I feel about her, I mean honestly she is simply beautiful with a little edge. From her distinct eyes to her long legs and lengthy body, it's no wonder she has done so many different shoots and walked for so many different designers.

Get into a few of my favorites:
08 BCBG Max Azria
08 Alexander Wang
08 Heatherette
08 Christian Dior
09 Oscar de la Renta Resort
09 Christian Dior Resort


Fashion x Life?

It amazing how life works out. I was in conversation with a fellow blogger yesterday and I said: "I do not love fashion, fashion imitates life and I love life". That quote brings us to where we are today with these looks straight off of the runway for various designers fall collection. These looks are a direct example of how fashion imitates life. In current events the world is in an uproar about the price of oil per barrel and how it is affecting the consumers because oil is used for so much more than just fuel. Here you see that designers aren't exempt from this and are in fact also affected by it. 
The look above is a very edgy look from Lanvin that I indulge in looking at. From the make-up to the hair and the gloves I love the look; not to mention the dress is the best.

Get into these other looks:
Colette Dinnigan
-side note-
Second favorite dress, such an elegant evening gown however it is my second favorite because it may be too formal for some events. However it is still a well crafted work of art.

Roksanda Llincic
Calvin Klein
Bottega Veneta


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ben Stiller: Men's Vogue

Funny man Ben Stiller is no laughing matter in September 08 issue of Men's Vogue. In the picture above he sports 3/4 of a Hickey Freeman suit. The pant's, vest and shirt come to a whopping $2,285.

Get Yours Here: Hickey

This is a very good look for him and other comedians. It is true that the nature of his job is to make people laugh and his appearance plays a part in that but there is a time and place for everything. Sometimes people don't know how to separate the two; work and life. It's good to see him outside of his work clothes, maybe people will stop asking him to say something funny when they see him in the streets.


KL for GTA 4

Who doesn't love Karl Lagerfeld? Your nuts if you don't. He is a fashion designer, a fashion icon, something of a fashion photographer and a man that takes his health seriously. Now you all can add something new to the list; GTA radio personality. He is the radio DJ for K109 on GTA 4 so tune in and hear him spin his favorite records and offer some commentary in between doing so.

(yeah I know I'm way late)


I Put On: Kanye x Jay-Z

Persuasive Speech: America

Monday, August 4, 2008


Y-3: SoHo

Y-3 head designer and founder, Yōji Yamamoto also designs and owns all of the Yōji Yamamoto lines and all of the Y's lines. Some may write off his work as athletic gear or even try to degrade him for his over use of over sizing. However I say to those people they are truly blind. Yamamoto uses his clothing lines to express himself, transforming them into outlets that he channels himself through. Over sizing is his mark, like a signature and I think he should be free to express himself as he please. When you try to manipulate an artist energy it never works out well.

New Y-3 store to be erected in SoHo across the street from the Bathing Ape store; located on Spring and Green. Most likely the store will be fully operational before the new year. 


Janell Monae

When I went to go see Janell Monae perform I really didn't know what to expect. I heard a buzz about how good she is and I've heard her songs so I knew that she could sing, just wasn't sure how her live performance would be. She has a wonderful voice, it's really a treat to listen to. She sounds familiar but refreshing and comforting at the same time. To look at her you wouldn't think she's any older than 17, she's a pleasant, down to earth person, I guess that comes from inhabiting a southern state. When I actually saw her I was kind of confused because I was listening to her music all night and I was at confused when this cute little woman bust out of her dressing room and made her way to the stage.

She built up some anticipation in the crowd, seems as though I wasn't the only one that was attracted to the show to see her.
When she opened her mouth and started singing I got goose bumps. Where was she drawing this amazing voice from? I couldn't make sense of it and after a while I stopped trying. As soon as she hit the stage she was no long Janell Monae, she transformed into 57821, Cindy Mayweather from the year 2719. She gave so much energy and the crowd gave it right back. During her performance she did it all from the footwork that a young James Brown is noted for to Michael Jackson's signature moon walk. She broke out into fits, swung the microphone, dropped the microphone stand and just when I was in love with her stage presence...
Ms. Mayweather jumped off of the stage, into the crowd and started a mosh pit in the middle of the crowd. After I seen that she was okay and back on stage I had to stop watching because I couldn't take anymore; simply amazing. I want to see a concert with Theophilus London, Santogold and Janell Monae. I know that they have three different styles but these three people leave it all on the stage and I think that essence of a true performer is lacking in the industry nowadays. Now I see why Diddy signed her, congratulations to her on her deal at Bad Boy and I wish her 100 years of success.

After her performance Cindy Mayweather was nowhere to be found but Ms. Monae showed up to sign autographs and chat a bit with SoHo B. 
Get In:

Go Deeper:


-side note-
Her style is so sick, I wore an outfit that would usually make me stick out, however around her and her team I fit in. Everyone with her was in a tux. Her producer divulged with me that he wears a tux everyday. 


Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Agytators!!!

Coming Soon


Lupe on Complex

Behind the scene's to Lupe's photoshoot for the Complex. 
Get into the Silver Supra's then try to comprehend the Lanvin's.

"just a lil bit of swagger. you know what I'm talking about? just a lil bit of freshness" Lupe Fiasco


N.E.R.D on Complex

Behind the scene's of the photo shoot for the Cover of this month's Complex magazine.


A Creative Trip

Creative Recreation, the sneaker that was designed in Orange County, California to change the sneaker game has done just that once more. They have uprooted and put the sneakers on a plane, first class, non stop flight to Milan. That's right, you are looking at the spring 09 collection for Creative Recreation made in Milan, Italy. They have also signed a deal with Barney's to exclusively distribute the Italian made sneakers. 

I'm not too crazy about the black pair, even though I'm sure if wore right that they can look cool. However the white pair is definitely on my list. Why? It's like one big canvas, I can't wait to paint it with the colors from my life. Basically wear them almost everyday and live in them so in 3 month's time they will be beautifully destroyed.

Assistance Required

Name: Daver Campbell 
Occupation: Model, Entrepreneur 

Daver is starting a boutique in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, N.Y. The boutique will be named Jack and Jill and is scheduled to open at the end of Fashion Week. He has released a survey and would appreciate your input. This is where the consumers power is apparent. This is like voting for fashionistas so don't pass up this opportunity to have your voice heard.

Copy and paste the questions into an email and send the questions along with your answers to:

The Questionnaire:

What sex are you?

What do you do for a living?

How old are you?

Where do you reside?

Where do you prefer to shop? Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Why do you prefer to shop in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Whats your favorite 2 boutiques in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

How would you describe the boutiques you shop at price range?

Who are some designers your favorite boutique's carry?

What do you like about Brooklyn or Manhattan boutiques?

Who are your favorite designer?

Who are your favorite labels?

Whats your favorite season?(e.g. spring/summer, winter, fall)

How would u describe your personal style?