Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rock Star Lifestyle

The idea that we had fun is an implied fact.


'Michael McDonald'

By now everyone should know that McDonalds is Coolness P's favorite fast food establishment. Since I stopped eating meat I stopped eating anything other than apple pies and fries from McDonalds, I'd much rather the fish sandwiches from Wendy's but since they have made a group decision to discontinue the sandwich I prefer not to eat fast food. However in light of the recent situation and conditions of our trip to Edinboro University we were forced to eat, sleep and think like a college student away at school; a task that I was more than ready to accept.
Having said all of that I decided to give McDonalds another try and eat the only thing on the menu that won't require me having to get my stomach pumped; the fish sandwich. Of course I had to make some minor adjustments to the sandwich such as: no cheese, sprinkled with fries, a touch of sweet and sour sauce and a side of two apple pies. Nice!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rock Climbing w/ Us

SoHo B vs Coolness P: Rock Climbing from Jason Burke on Vimeo.

Tune in and share the laughs.


What Say You?

The artist scheduled to perform was selected by STUDENT VOTING so correct me if I'm wrong but the school would just be an empty building without the student body correct? So if the school administrators move to ban Gucci Mane and OJ da Juiceman on the grounds that their lyrical content doesn't coincide with what the university stands for but the student body voted for these artist to perform, it seems to me that the administrators would like the establishment to stand for one thing but in actuality the student body are direct representatives of the university therefor setting the standard of the establishment. Do I think that having those two artist perform at a university that hopes to have any credible effect on race relations and social standards is a good idea? No. However the students have spoken and a substantial number of them have not only submitted a vote saying that they wish to have those artist perform but they have also invested their money into the performance. Tough decision.


To Perceive

The art of perception is to perceive...


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Home Coming Soon.

Coolness P

I'm hard at work on the editing and systematic release of the picture and video documentation of our weekend experience at Edinboro University; which is no easy task. We had more fun than all of the footage can possibly express but I will try my best to convey all of the good times through the blog. Let me just be the first to say that this trip included all of the elements of a good road trip: beautiful scenery, delays, sleep, women w/ unfamiliar accents, sports, paraphernalia, parties, fights & sex. Some of these titles may or may not have been documented nonetheless will not be shared for the protection of the parties involved. Stay tuned to both blogs (L&F Personal) for coverage of the pure comedy.


Haring What You Heard.

Creativity at it's Best

The owner of the acid wash denim jacket revealed to me that he owned a bag with this Keith Haring depiction on it so he removed it and applied it to his denim jacket. He felt as though it wasn't good enough because he created it and it wasn't "Real". However I assured him that REAL fashion is in the minds of those that don't have the means to purchase what others design so they make the most out of what they already have.