Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Cant Wait

If you read the Sunday Times then you ma be familiar with the set up of the paper and how it differs from the Times any other day of the week. One of the ways in which it differs is that it includes a style section which as you can guess is my favorite section second only to the business section. 

There is one real driving force that keeps me flipping through the style section every Sunday and that is...
-Ralph Lauren's ads always deliver.
However you don't have to believe me, check it out tomorrow for yourself.
Your Welcome


Theodore at the Core

-special edition Nooka
-only 200 released worldwide

The watch is a collaboration between Nooka, Toyota and Theodore of The Brooklyn Circus.
This watch is a must have but there are only 200 of them created worldwide so time is not on your side. 
Its available at: Nooka


Stay Tuned



Time is everything, how you keep track of it is your preference. A Tag Heuer is a great watch however it is highly unlikely that it would suite your everyday needs so that would leave it exclusive to your arm for events and dinners. Now what about the regular days when your just running around and you have to keep track of time? Should you watch the movement of the sun? I have a solution for that problem, allow me to introduce you to Nooka.

-steel front
-box face
-snap wrist lock
-AM, PM is displayed
-available in more color variations

Now upon looking at it I know what your thinking, "how do you tell the time?" Well its really quite simple and unique. On the model above there are numbers displayed in a small box directly above the Nooka signature on the watch face, those numbers are the seconds. There are also 12 circles that represent the 12 hours in a day because although there are 12 hours in a day the numbers repeat changing only from AM to PM, 1-12 numerically are consistent. The bar under the circles represent the minutes and the numbers for the bar increase in increments of 15 so each small bar is 5 minutes.

-squares instead of circles
-AM, PM is displayed
-Plastic face as opposed to steel
-available in various colors

If you have the concept down from the first one then this one should be a breeze. The set up is a little bit different though, instead of circles for the 12 hours there 12 bars. The minutes are still represented in the same manner just vertically now. The date is also available on this version of the Nooka watch and AM, PM is displayed in the face. The construction of this watch is totally different to that of the first one I showed you but they were both forged from the same principles and serve the same purpose, which one you get is solely up to you. The Nooka family of watches is available at: Nooka or you can just head over to The Brooklyn Circus. 
-refer back to The Brooklyn Circus post

Friday, May 2, 2008

Most Uncommon

There are so many routes available to those of you who don't prefer to wear shoes that its amazing that people say they have trouble finding footwear but thats why I am here. Not to dictate to you but to provide you all with options; that is all. I now present to you...

-Common Projects
-available in suede, high top and low top

These sneakers are the epitome of the term "blank canvas". They have a style for every occasion. You can go with a regular all white high top pair for the upcoming summer or a low top all white pair. The grey suede pair in the above picture is perfect for the days when it doesn't rain but yet still doesn't resemble a utopia. Now for the best design made by common projects... 
(quote me on it)

-Common Project Achilles Patent Leather Mid Top
-a little too much for everyday wear but perfect for an event in which you have to dress semi dressy.

An event something like...
-refer back to the Goldmine for Graham 09 post.
Your Welcome


Thursday, May 1, 2008

LADIES! Do you Chloe?

I know six inches is preferred but I'm sure you wouldn't mind settling for a beautiful 3.5 inches in a heel; would you ladies? Introducing the Chloe Patent Crisscross Buckle Sandles; A L&F Must Have! Lets not forget that the Goldmine for Graham 09 extravaganza is coming up and the theme is teal. I know you should start with your cocktail dress because fits, form and look is very important and also specific to your body type but look at these shoes and tell me that you wouldn't get these and come in your under garments; seriously! 

-oh yea and they come in teal.
-slip into these shoes here: Intermix

Your Welcome


When presented with a basket of lemons I suggest one should make 12 pitchers of lemonade. So when this week was too busy for me to sleep I took this opportunity to make this post. Hope you appreciate my bodily sacrifice.

-get into the Ralph Lauren Polo robe.
-100% cotton
-cant go wrong with Polo, find the robe here: Polo
-there is nothing wrong with sleeping in a Durag, not everyone is born with great looking hair.
-Marc Jacobs slippers
-designer slippers aren't a waste of money, especially when they are affordable
-check out the slippers here: Marc Jacobs
-green tea is a great way to start a day
-Ritz crackers are a personal favorite with tea

-Powerful message-
"please don't smoke I might croak"


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Take a Bow.

This is for those of you who don't know how to tie a bow. Its nothing to be embarrassed about, its actually quite common to find someone that doesn't know how to tie a bow tie so here it is.

What is it about the bow tie that intrigues me so much? Maybe the fact that it isn't common or in most cases out of the norm. Maybe it has something to do with how it looks on a clean white oxford. Bow ties come in all sizes, colors and styles. You can go traditional and tie your own bow tie or you can purchase a clip on bow tie, the choice is yours. I definitely recommend that you try out a bow tie. You may like it or you may not like it just dont be afraid to give it a try.

-careful with your trials you may end up looking like this...


Schmoove as Butter

Is it a shoe? Is it a sneaker or is it somewhere in between? Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you Schmoove. This half shoe has been in my bookmarks for the past three months and it has taken me that long to purchase a pair. I couldn't decide if I liked them or not, but after that three month period I have decided that I love them. The body of a shoe but the bottom of a sneaker just sounds profound and somewhat comfortable to me. Plus I love the designs on the shoe front, its slightly reminiscent to the 1950 Wingtip shoes that vintage freaks and some trendy women find themselves in often. Oh and did I mention the fact that Schmoove is half shoe for most of the designs making it a perfect choice to finish up almost any outfit. Get into the shoes here: Schmoove


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Vest

I promised that I would help you brake up the three piece suit and show you how each piece can function without the other so here we go, beginning with the vest.

-Vest should be fitted
-Vest shouldn't fall below the belt

The vest can be worn the traditi
onal way, which is with a oxford and a tie. When wearing an oxford with the vest I suggest that the oxford not be the same color as the vest, that would be terrible. Check the color wheel for complimentary colors, might sound silly but its effective. Also be careful with striped oxford's, stripes vary in size and sequence so proceed with caution, the stripes might over power the vest. Its best to just stick with a solid soft tone oxford or if your going to do stripes refer to the soft slim stripes in the picture above.

-notice that not only the vest is fitted but also the tee shirt
-great for everyday wear

Another option when wearing a vest is with a tee shirt rather than the traditional way with an oxford and tie. Notice how Christian from Project Runway season four wears his vest with a color tee shirt, both the vest and the tee shirt is fitted. It gives a great silhouette especially when the pants are fitted as well. When wearing a vest like this it gives you so many more options for footwear and pants. You can go with either pants or jeans and still look great. Make sure that if you wear jeans with it that the jeans aren't too big because then you would look unbalanced with a fitted top and loose bottom.

Finally we get to the tuxedo vest; my personal favorite. Traditionally worn with a plain oxford and a bow tie. However even this special event piece can be refreshed for everyday wear or you can slightly alter the outfit for wear to an event without actually wearing pants. You have to put this outfit together perfectly otherwise you will look foolish so I suggest you plan and look long and hard for the perfect jeans and the perfect shoes to go with this vest because when you wear a vest like this it is the focal point of your outfit. Now usually these kinds of vest are black so you can wear it with a V- Neck black tee preferably fitted. Next there are three jeans that come to mind that would be perfect with this vest.

1- Black, Dry, Slim Jim, Nudie Denim
-This is a personal favorite and in my opinion the best route.

2-Black, Salvage, APC Denim

-Also a great choice, and a little more affordable than the Nudie's are.

3- Brooklyn Circus Overdye Black denim
-With these jeans you get more options for footwear due to the tone of the denim's.
-More affordable than both the Nudie and APC options

Now finding the perfect shoes to match it is another story. There are many options but the perfect shoe to go with this vest is...
Coming Soon

-Nudie picture courtesy of SoHo B
-BkC denim picture courtesy of The Brooklyn Circus


Fuse TV

Tomorrow L&F's own SoHo B will be in attendance at The Sauce on Fuse TV. I put up $100 on myself being the best dressed; lol. The show airs at 6pm
Tune In



Today is the release of the most anticipated game of the year. If you've played the Grand Theft Auto series before then you know what all the buzz is about. If not then either you don't play video games or your dead. Hopefully you had a copy of the game reserved for you because if not you are going to have to fist fight in a store to get a copy.


Paul Smith

-Three piece by Paul Smith

I'd like to start off by saying I love this picture because I couldn't tell by looking at it that it was Paul Smith. It has such a 70's Bond feel to it. I prefer skinny ties but in this case that traditional tie works. I think that the hair and his facial expression is what really made this picture. Those two elements created an atmosphere in which the suit now lives; stunning. 
A lot of companies have been refreshing themselves and catching me off guard, personally I think its great for fashion that the companies fresh themselves every now and then. Even the great Louis Vuitton got refreshed by Marc Jacobs collaborating with Takashi Murakami and there is even more to come from the pair so keep your eyes on L&F.

Also since we are on the topic of three piece suits let me show you the many ways you can sport one.
Stay Tuned


The Apology

To our loyal readers I would like to take this time out to apologize for the lack of post over this weekend, things have been hectic, still running on the reserve gas in my tank (no sleep) but I do it for you all who love to read what I talk about. 

Remember to take the time out to smell the roses.