Friday, August 15, 2008

7 For All Mankind: Party

Takishimaya: Jessica Jensen Trunk Show

These works of art in the form of bags that you are viewing right now have been brought into existence by the energetic soul; Jessica Jensen. Sources tell me that this is the first time that Takishimaya will be carrying her bags but instincts tell me that it will not be the last. This woman makes a spectacular bag and if you love unique bags that you would have to walk at least 5 SoHo blocks before you see a knock off that slightly resembles the bag that you just purchased then these are the bags for you. Trust me when I say this, there is nothing like these bags on the market right now. Mrs. Jensen has put herself in a class separated from everyone else because she isn't designing for a market. She isn't following any trends and she isn't trying to out do anyone. Believe it or not these bags were designed by her and for her but somehow it works and people love them. Another thing that I love about these bags is the fact that you can pick up a Jensen bag in the AM and have a full day at work then go out for drinks afterward at the local after work spot and the bag doesn't seem out of place; the bags are just as transitional as you are. Right now she is showing her fall collection of bags however these bags know no season. I say that because usually when designers make bags for a season that bag is limited to that season, there is always something obvious about the bag that screams SPRING! However the Jensen bags are so subtle and chic that they work well throughout the season's and it is design's like these that become classic pieces and must have items.
So let me not wait until everyone else realizes it, let me be the first to say that Jessica Jensen's bags are simply amazing; the must have bag of 09.


DKNYC Fall Fashion Show: Social Hour

DKNYC Fall Fashion Show

This event was sponsored by an organization called Big City Moms and Bloomingdales. It was an exclusive look at the fal collection of DKNYC, which is for women on the go. This line really does convey a sense of sophisticated comfort and I really like it because it has a very chic feeling to it and also because the pieces are easily interchangeable, so you wouldn't need to call you stylist again to see how else you could wear the pieces from those two outfits that you purchased.
Enjoy the video, I apologize for it being vertical, I'll keep that in mind next time.


FatBurger: Chicago

Kanye West company KW Foods LLC is planning on bringing "Fat Burger" to the windy city; Chicago. Ten in all to be exact with the first location set to open next month in Orland Park. You have to wonder is there anything that Mr. West can't do?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Inspiration: Donald Semerville

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you: Donald. Donald is located somewhere in New York City and if you pay attention then your likely to see him anywhere that is trendy, fashionable or hip. He is one of the people that I have observed as being well dressed and is known for being consistently well dressed. That's an important factor because anyone can do it for a day or maybe even a week but in Donald's case it is consistent. One thing in particular that I noticed about his style is that he doesn't wear particularly flashy clothing so if you don't know your labels then you wouldn't be able to so readily detect exactly what it is that he is wearing. My sources tell me that he has been doing this since high school. 

Get into some of Donald's looks:

Everyone knows that New York is one of the fashion capitols and if you want to claim the title of best dressed there are a lot of people that you have to out dress now you know that Donald Semerville is one of them. 

More Lanvin

New work of art for your feet provided by Lanvin. This fusion of patent leather, suede, ruber and satin speaks for itself. The only question is: What's in your wallet?
Get your pair here: Lanvin


Barneys New York/ LA

Up to 75% off from August 14th until September 1st. 

255 W17th st. between 7th and 8th avenues

Do I even need to say more?


09 Jil Sander

F/W 08 Jil Sander sneakers.


TI$A Phenomenon

I just came across some really good shots of Mr. Arnold. If you really get into the flicks you'll notice that he's sporting some MCM flavor and his signature "Hood" rings. This man has a style like no other and in a time when everyone wants to be someone else its good to see that someone can still be themselves. Big O is the designer behind swagger and phenomenon, Taz Arnold is the creative soul behind MCM and he also has a hand in KW's pastelle line. The two have come together to create TI$A Phenomenon which should prove to be a clothing line to be reckoned with, considering the fact that these two creative minds are working together on it together.

Get into Taz:


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kanye West: Champion




There are so many people in the world that do things everyday that deserve recognition and will never get it. Why? They will never get that recognition because of people with ego's. People that can't show appreciation for what anyone else is doing but always want praise for what they are doing. Only when the person is retired or dead will they even mention that person. Where's the justification in that? If you knew that they were making major moves while they were alive why wait until they aren't doing it anymore or until they have passed away to praise them?
With that mind set I want to start acknowledging the fashionable people that are really making waves now that don't get the recognition that they should be getting. It will be called "Inspiration" because it has become clear to me now that these people inspire other people top buy the things they buy and wear the clothes that they wear. I have already done one female inspiration (Courtney) so stay tuned for the next "Inspiration" post.


Metropolis In Stores!

Go out and pick up that album today!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Be More Human

The LookBook

The LookBook is two things:

1) What I call my photo section on Myspace
2) A social networking invite only website. 

It's for people from all walks of life that are photogenic and wish to share that with the world. The pictures have to be full body shots of complete outfits and there is even an option for you to break down your outfit from the labels that your wearing to what you paid for them. This site features people from all over the world and is driven by the users. So if you wish to join contact someone you know that is in it and have them invite you. 

Check out the website here: LookBook

Check out my: Look


More Celebrating

RL this Fall

With the fall/ winter season rapidly approaching I know that a lot of you are scrambling to find warm wear but with designers releasing their F/W 09 looks you shouldn't have to look too far to find some options for your closet. Ralph Lauren is one of those options. If your familiar with RL clothes then you already know that he makes quality clothes weather it be a cashmere sweater or simply a pair of socks. This F/W he is taking us all back to school with the appearance of crest, numbers and just a whole preppy school boy feel. It's all about how you wear it, you can work it to make it look mature or you can wear it to fit the prep school look; the choice is yours I just think that this is a really good choice this winter. He hasn't totally beseeched  those of you who prefer not to look like a prep school student, as he still offers plenty of other looks especially in the sweater department. One of my favorites is a cashmere cardigan that is currently on sale for $499.
get yours here: Polo

-side note-
Ralph Lauren is the official outfitter for the US Olympic team for the first time; ever.


Isaac Hayes

I wanted to remember him the right way. Isaac Hayes passed away at 65.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Party Time!


Chromeo is an electronic funk group that consist of two members: P-Thug and Dave-1. The group has really made an impact on the scene of electrofunk with their album's "She's in Control" and "Fancy Footwork". One other electrofunk band that you may or may not be familiar with is Daft Punk. I like DP however I prefer Chromeo over them simply because Chromeo's sound is a little more human, the two are often compared because they are in the same genre and Dave-1 uses synthesizers and a talk box that creates a sound similar to that of Daft Punk's. Besides making album's and touring these two also know how to throw a party. A Chromeo party is: women losing control on the dance floor, guys going just as crazy with the women, turn around twice and its 4am "time flies when your having fun". You really get in the party and just forget about everything that went wrong during the week and you have a good time. 
-Side Note-
Dave-1 of Chromeo is A-Trak's older brother. Get into the post on A-Trak

Do what you must to hear Chromeo's album's if you haven't already and find yourself at the yard in Brooklyn for Aug 23rd for their next party with Bloc Party!
Trust my advice on that one.