Saturday, September 20, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld: Farewell to Daylight

Listen to Karl Lagerfeld discuss his exhibit entitled: Farewell to Daylight. Karl speaks in detail about his approach to photography and a couple of other topics that are just inevitable when your Karl Lagerfeld. This is a very good interview and Lagerfeld is very well spoken. Listen carefully to his philosophy.


Rachel Zoe Project: Brad

Polo Tennis Cable Cricket Sweater. The sweater is sick and I'm sure you love it but the only problem is you can't have it. The sweater was released last winter and Polo no longer carries it. It is an amazingly warm sweater and I own one in a medium that I haven't even taken out of the plastic. I spotted it last winter and had it sent over as soon as it was released, I plan on wearing it this winter. The moral of this story is "do not wait" so allow me to assist you. Check out Polo's newest sweaters and vest (the vest is in this winter(BIG TIME!)). To get your hands on a Polo sweater:
Tune into the Rachel Zoe Project on the Bravo network. Check your local listings for show times and enjoy.


Winter Looks by Bizzle

Lumberjack's are always a good option for the winter, they didn't explode last winter but there was a subtle introduction of lumberjack's. This winter I feel like the lumberjack is a must have item so why wait to get yours? Urban outfitters is a good provider of the lumberjack, they provide different variations of lumberjacks from colors to thickness. My favorite are the thick, padded shoulder lumberjacks but they aren't always necessary. 
The boots. Personally I prefer UGG boots for the colder months but you cant go wrong with classic 6'' TImberland boots. They go well with almost everything and you really get the value that you paid for out of these boots.
The hunter's vest is a very smart investment, especially since most of them are reversible. The vest that Bizzle is sporting is a hunter's vest by Levi and is reversible, stuffed and is a nice combination of corduroy and nylon. The best thing about this vest is that even though it's stuffed and its thick it doesn't make you look bloated. (12 gauge flintlock shotgun not included)
Get your gear here:

-special thanks to Bizzle for being so cooperative and participating in this post.


Christian Dior: D Drop Studded Earrings

OoOoOo shinny. I definitely like these but I do believe that they will work better in a more casual social setting than a formal setting. The fact that the D's hang in the manner that they do make it fit for more of the comfortable setting. When dressing for formal settings think minimalist, so simple pearl studs or simple stones are very fitting. Save the boisterous princess cuts for Saturday SoHo.
Get your hands on these hanging D studs here:

Emilio Pucci: Midnight Dimante Tote

Do you love it? 
The new artistically fashionable Emilio Pucci patent leather trim open tote with an inside zipper pocket.
Why wait? Get yours now:

Dior Patent Leather Belt

Right now the consumer is into a lot of flashy items like Gucci belts with the double G monogram print on the traditional brown, green and red pattern. However I predict that the market will flip and the consumer will start to seek out items that are more discrete. The flashy trend was cool when it first started but by now its been overdone and is soon going to be out. I suggest you get your discrete gear now. To get your all black Dior patent leather belt:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Time: Chanel Iman

During NY fashion week this issue of Time was released and given out inside of the tents but I didn't get a chance to look at it. I just got a chance to look at the spread and I'm blown away by how far she pushed it. If you know your fashion photography history then you would know that this shoot is everything. This is Chanel's time to shine and she is showing the world just how bright she can shine. The looks speak for themselves:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Korea Vogue: Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman on the cover of Korea Vogue sporting a 1920's "flapper" look. Chanel has one of the modeling games most recognizable faces and for good reason; she is simply stunning. She has a long slender frame that she uses to her advantage while working the runway. Watching her walk the runway you might get caught up in just how marvelous her legs look and how distinct her face is. The spread in the magazine is a playful, more candid shoot as opposed to the usual photo shoot that puts the model in an situation that isn't traditionally sexy but somehow always ends up being that way and looking amazing. Either that or the shoot is really artistic but this is great because people get to see Chanel as a human being. Sometimes when someone is really successful at something in life people seem to forget the human factor.

Munny Decor

Kid Robot, a well known toy producing company that has turned into a full fledged clothing line, produces a figurine called a Munny. A munny is a simplistic fantastic way to decorate a room. They come in basic colors and you can decorate them the way that you see fit or you can purchase them already designed to resemble a particular character or something totally different. Due to the fact that its a blank canvas the possibilities are endless. I personally would prefer to leave them blank and just have then in cool places around the house.
Get into the Munny here: 

Reason Clothing Fall Collection 08

This is the coolest ad that I have seen in a long time; hands down. This is an ad for Reason clothing's Fall Collection 08. The clothes aren't what stand out to me but I will remember the name of the clothing because the ad is so supreme. I think that is the effect that they were going for when the photographer drew this scene up in his head. The orange juice that the boy is pouring is fresh orange juice and it is overflowing. The toast and pancakes are burnt but the butter on the toast isn't melting. It is also funny that the toast and the pancakes are burnt but the bacon is raw and of all of the fresh fruits on the table oranges aren't one of them. Look at the setting of the shoot. What kind of house is this with that kind of decorated glass in the window? Those kinds of decorations in the glass window is usually found in churches but in this case you see it in a home setting in a kitchen window. All of these factors combined are what make this shot so amazing.
To view the whole collection:


Swagger Like Puff

This is comical. Don't you like to listen to music and go crazy in private sometimes? Besides he's Diddy, who's going to say anything to him? The truly comical part is that if you listen to the lyrics he's telling the truth.

"You can learn a lot just by jockin' my style/ jockin' jockin' my style/ jockin' jockin' my style/ ya'll been jockin' for a while." Diddy


Levis x Fenom

This is definitely something to look forward to; Levis x Fenom. If you've seen the Murakami exhibit then you would notice the familiar flowers on the denims.
The reference:
-a piece by Takashi Murakami.


A.P.C F/W 09

New campaign from A.P.C.


NBA Live 09

Must buy! Go out and consume
I'm a huge NBA Live fan and I get it every year but this has to be the best yet. Incredible graphics (HD clarity), realistic gameplay and the best activity when entertaining guest.


Van Clef and Arpels

When hip hopers want diamond encrusted pieces they go to the diamond district in New York City located on 47st and 6th ave. When celebrities want diamond encrusted pieces they go to Van Clef and Arpels. Click the link and explore the world of Van Clef and Arpels. Learn about the heritage of the jewelry makers, see some remarkable pieces and find out where you have to go to get your hands on a piece all in an extraordinary website powered by flash.


Dior Homme High Tops

New Dior Homme high top patent leather trainers. Dior released these trainers last season in a low top option and the response to them was incredible so they brought them back in a high top option. Personally I prefer the high top option, I see these trainers as works of art. The sleek design, the shinny black patent leather and they are higher than the average high top (which are really mid length). The feature that I admire the most about these is the fact that there is a cut out at the back and at first you may not pay attention to it or see the significance to it but as soon as you slid them on your feet you'll understand. The cut out is for your pant leg, this is what I like to refer to as a realistic design; when an article of clothing is designed to perform in everyday situations. For example when you aren't wearing tapered jeans the bottom will be wide, even on certain slim cut denims, so they may not agree with certain high top trainers but you will not have to worry about that with the cut out feature.
 Progress for your everyday problem's.
To get your hands on these: CLICK HERE

Also available in silver:


Naomi Campbell for YSL

Recently I've been seeing these ads pop up everywhere from the back of magazines to billboards in subways. These stunning ads are stunning for more than the fact that Naomi looks amazing for a 38 year old woman. She is the new front woman for YSL, a position that previous belonged to Kate Moss. This is a privileged position that she wears with pride. To be the front woman for a company with as much heritage as YSL is an honor. Ms. Campbell is a veteran in the modeling game, she has been in the game for 20 plus years and it is good to see her still looking phenomenal. Campbell and Saint Laurent were actually closer than most may know, I could use sophisticated words to convey how she feels about the passing of YSL the man but I think you will get a better understanding if you listen to her tell it.
Tune in:


André 3000: Benjamin Bixby

André Benjamin, one half of the LaFace recording duo Outkast, is the man behind the line Benjamin Bixby. Benjamin is derived from his last name but he just plucked from the clouds and stuck with it because he liked it. I haven't heard noise about this line but I have seen some pieces myself and I think the noise is long over due so I'm going to lead the marching band and bring the noise. Benjamin Bixby is a great clothing line that shows the thought process and the vision of the creative director. The collection definitely takes notes from Ralph Lauren's Rugby line but not so much that you can just dismiss it as a replica. It's for a different class of consumer, this is a very distinguished line and wouldn't appeal to everyone at first but the people that it does appeal to are most likely men that dress with a certain distinction. At first I wasn't too thrilled about the appearance of clothing lines with artist and celebrities behind them but then I thought about it like this, the designers that we all have grown to love aren't going to be designing forever, Saint Laurent proved that when he retired in 2002 and now Valentino says that he won't be designing anymore. Sure new creative directors take over the direction of these clothing lines like how Stefano Pilati has stepped up to the throne of YSL. The introduction of designers from other walks of line adds diversity to the industry and I believe this uprising of fashionable celebrities that want to play a role in the fashion industry other than just wearing the clothes is good for consumers. We know it works through the success of lines like Bathing Ape, BBC and Ice Cream who is backed by Pharrell Williams and Sean John by Sean Combs. For now we can only wait to see the initial reaction to the clothes produced by Mr. Benjamin but I only expect good things.

Missbehave: Santogold

Santogold graced the cover of Missbehave and has never looked better. Just in case of the event that you don't know who Santogold is she is this amazing performer that I was lucky enough to meet backstage at a concert in central park. She is a part of the new generation of performing artist. The new wave of performing artist is a youthful, spirited, high energy bunch. Those days of standing in front of a mic and singing are gone and after seeing artist like Santogold perform audiences aren't going to let an artist get by with some good tunes and two hip movements. You have to really put on a show on the stage now. It's so good to see Santo perform because she gives so much energy and it really shows that she wants members of the crowd to leave with a lasting memory of her performance. The appearance of her and artist alike has created a ripple affect in which other artist are all giving the crowd their all in each and every performance; I witnessed Janellle Monáe jump off of a stage into a cheering crowd and start a mosh pitt in the middle of the field. It's also forcing the older performers to push themselves to keep up with the young guns. In the end its a win win situation for the fans and thats good news.

Aubrey O' What a Day

Ladies and gentlemen the complex magazine proudly presents to you: Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane in a extremely provocative shoot. This shoot is ill on so many levels that it blew my mind and I almost didn't want to talk about it but then I remembered my responsibility to share the goodness with the world. This is everything that I didn't expect to see from her, I knew that her entire group was going for the sexy look but this is pushing the envelop. A move that doesn't always work out for entertainers and has gotten ugly in the past with certain performers being banned from certain sporting events however this really worked out well for her. it's sexy, it's provocative but it's still artistic. It's not just like I'm sexy, you want me and I'm drenched in champaign. It's like I'm sexy, you want me and oh wait I just happen to be drenched in champaign. The shoot was styled by Anoma Ya Wittaker and the photographer that captured these wonderful shots is none other than Miko Lim who does phenomenal work such as Chris Brown for Giant magazine and Jay-Z for Vibe magazine. Congratulations to the photographer and the stylist, without you none of this could be possible.
Dig in:
You are such a bad girl and we love it.

The Façade:

The Façade is a website that has just launched and has already been picked up in our radar. Both Coolness P and myself have explored the site and I can honestly say that it is a good read. The man behind the site is actually a woman and a very familiar woman to L&F. She was once featured on L&F as a Myspace iCandy but she is so much more than just iCandy.
Virginia is the creator and owner of The-Façade website. She has proven to be so much more than just a Myspace iCandy. She was present at the park for one of the Summer Stage shows and I got to sit down and talk with her about a number of topics. One of which was this website which at the time only existed in her head.
(this isn't our most flattering picture)
She is obsessed with the site and she has been working on it non stop for the past two months now. It's good to see someone else with that kind of drive and motivation to do something and trust me if it wasn't good it wouldn't have appeared on L&F. I think that overall the appearance of this website will be good for the readers because it is a different perspective and it's competition for me so I will be forced to provide better quality work at a faster pace than I already do and consistency is key to success so keep your eyes glued to L&F because we are about to shift gears and punch it.
Oh yea and occasionally glance at The Façade

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

McQueen: Wrap Up

Alexander McQueen has returned with yet another signature scarf this time on silk chiffon. The whole world knows that this English designer is mad about skulls and there is no use fighting it so you might as well accept it. Besides people go nuts about the McQueen scarves so indulge in the madness.
Get the newest scarf here: McQueen

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Speak No Evil:

What you are viewing are conversation pieces, works of art, expressions of self and imitations of life but if you dare call these pieces articles of clothing you would be making one of the biggest mistakes of the year. Clothes serve a utilitarian purpose, they protect your body from the extremes of mother nature but that is where the purpose of clothing ends. People wear different clothing for style or fashion but in the end its still serving a purpose. When clothes are making statements and sending messages thats when I believe they shouldn't even be considered clothes anymore. The message sent through this collection of hoodies is one like none I have ever seen before. It is remarkable that someone had these vision's in their head and actually brought it into the physical realm to share with the world. 
Enjoy the looks:

To go deeper than appearances and to learn more about the messages involved in the creation of the clothing or to get your hands on one for this fall...