Saturday, February 14, 2009

Distinguished Sequin Hats

On sale now. Each hat is unique because they are all hand made and the hats are only made by order. So in short it's like bespoke or couture for your head. The hats are $50 each and are well worth the price tag.
For further ordering information email
(Same day delivery if the destination is within New York City.)


Dee & Ricky Rock Band Party Coverage

for pictures and coverage of the event:

The Un-Valentine Day E-Card

Just in case you feel like this today.


Daniel Perry Interview

This has to be one of the most informative interviews that I have done in a long time. I think you can learn something from hearing the way he speaks about the collections that he likes. It's always interesting to hear someone else talk passionately about a collection, it's obvious that he not only works in fashion but also enjoys it.


Bryan Levandowski Interview

Bryan is a really cool guy and a good editor, you can see his work here. I hope you enjoy the interview and you can expect so much more for the rest of the week.
Stay Tuned


Friday, February 13, 2009

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Day 1

Karl Lagerfeld Speaks:

"It's still to early" to sell luxury items of apparel online because "an H&M dress and a Chanel dress look the same in a small photo, but not in real life." Karl Lagerfeld


The Presidency

You all have no idea where he is going with this one. It's going to be an incredible year on the mixtape scene; that's all I can say for now.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Era x Complex Magazine Party

For the pictures from the party follow the link below.

Rayban Wayferer: Dasheer

What you are looking at is the original RayBan Wayferer design. These are the most popular RayBan design in the recent times. Seen on the face of celebrities such as: Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and SoHo B of course; ha ha. There are plenty of optical stores that carry the RayBan brand in many different colors, style's and sizes so you can find the one perfect for you. However tonight Dasheer, just because I know you are looking for a pair of Wayferer's I have found a site that has them for 60% off. Follow the link below and you should be able to find a pair that you like.


Love is in the Air

Valentine's day is a very special day in the year. Everyone is always so busy with their own life and wrapped up in their own issues that they sometimes forget to tell that special person in their life that they love them. So on the eve of this special day one has to ask what can I do to tell her that I love her? Well a funny story about Valentine's day ideas is that when I was 15 I woke up early on Valentine's day, changed the sheets on my bed to a romantic red and set wrappers (of what I will not disclose) on my bed in the shape of a heart with chocolate in the middle and a Prince cd in the stereo in my room. I left school early with my special someone and we took a little trip to my house. After a lunch (which I prepared) and a movie we made our way up to my bedroom and when she opened the door she was just blown away. Now that was when I was 15, I seriously doubt that's going to cut it this time but there are many options to do something romantic and memorable you just have to know where to look. I found this very informative site that offers some good choices and if money is an option they have an idea or two for you as well. So this Valentines day keep your options open and let that special person in your life know that you love them.
click here:


Ironic Extinction is Back!

For your consumption: click here

Journey Lite for Life

The nation statistic of people over the age of 20 that are overweight is 66 percent. Some people are overweight because they don't eat the right foods, while others lack the discipline to exercise enough, some don't get adequate rest but for others their weight problem is uncontrollable, inescapable and simply unmanageable. Their weight problem is more hereditary than something that they have brought on themselves. Obesity is a condition that affects not only the physical but also the mental state of a person, one may feel unattractive, unwanted and lonely. This leads to other problems like depression and you may feel like there is no way out for you. You have tried rigorous regiments of workout plans and extreme dieting that have all ended in failure and may have even been harmful to your body but here is a solution that you might want to take a look at JourneyLite for Life. It is proven to be the safest weight loss surgery known to man so far and much more than that it is completely adjustable and reversible. You have tried everything else, now give this a try.


The Artistic Review

click here for the rest of the exhibit.


i-D Magazine's Top 12

i-D magazine does an ode to the twelve best female models from across the pond.


Jerry Hall for Chanel

It may seem as though super model's don't die.


Camo S/S 09 Collection

I'm a fan of the concept. To see more of the collection click here.


Mackdaddy S/S 09 Collection

Am I the Mack Daddy?
Or am I the daddy mack?
I like this collection because it is very youthful and playful but yet it isn't sloppy or too playful. I would say it's playful but serious. This collection has the capacity to be formal and yet at the same time it can be casual. I feel like this quality in the clothes will play an important part in how consumers respond to the line. I must also give credit to the photographer and the stylist because this presentation of the collection is remarkable.


Michelle Obama for Vogue Magazine

The caption says it all "The first lady the world's been waiting for." This is too good to be true, a smart, motivated, beautiful woman that is so supportive of her husband and his career that she pulled back from her own and offered support to him in any way possible. Every where he went to speak she was there, I could imagine that she helped him prepare for every speech especially the major ones; like debates. Ever since Michelle first showed up on the national scale with husband and now President of the United States Barack Obama, the fashion world has been clamoring about how much they love her. While the nation was thrown into Obama mania, designers were swept by another Obama. What ever dress she wore instantly became a must have item, even the yellow J. Crew dress that she wore once sold out in a day. This is the family that the world needs to see and one that I think most people didn't know exists; such a positive example. 


NBA vs WNBA: Viewers Choice

I am a huge NBA fan, there is no hiding it. My favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers but I am a fan of good teams, not just star players. I was thinking to myself about the last time I saw a WNBA game. I would like to say that I watch at least one NBA game a day but I am unable to say the same for the WNBA. As a matter of fact I don't even see commercials for the WNBA. So I was inspired to go out and ask some New Yorkers what they thought about both leagues because I have learned that New Yorkers are some of the proudest fans in the world. The Knicks haven't had a winning season in years but yet their fan base is still as dedicated as it has ever been. My research has revealed to me that two out of three viewers already have opinions about the WNBA, for whatever reason and their opinion on the league will not change until they are influenced otherwise. Two out of three viewers also said that the WNBA league doesn't have players as exciting as the NBA. Personally I disagree with those two viewers, I do believe that the players in the NBA get way more exposure than those of the WNBA. I see this as an injustice to the talented women that play hard and leave it all on the floor for their team. One of the viewers went as far as to ask "when does it come on" in reference to an WNBA game. I see a hole in the marketing of the league as a whole and not just one team. When they start getting more exposure and more positive press, I would expect a distinct increase in the viewers per game. I hope you have enjoyed the video that I comprised for this survey and you can expect many more so stay tuned.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Ellington: Early Party Pictures

Follow the link for more pictures and video


Valentine Jam in Brooklyn

How is your Valentine's day looking? I know where I'm going to be, maybe I'll see you there.


88 Keys on Being a Lo-Head

Maybe I'll get Coolness P to do a piece on being a Bape head. I think that would be interesting to see because that is a whole culture that people don't know about or really understand.


Diddy on Late Night with Craig Ferguson

This was the weirdest interview that I've seen this year. At first I found it hilarious but then it just got weird.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beyonce as Angela Davis



Asher Roth - I Love College

I like this video and I know all of you whom went away to college agree with him.


Madonna for W Magazine

Your face shall live forever in our minds. It's remarkable that this woman still looks this good at her age, even more than remarkable, it's phenomenal. Society by nature will strongly advise you to stop due to your age and the fact that you have children, they will advise that you become a recluse and focus on your personal life, they might even bring up known problems in your personal life as evidence but we here at L&F say keep up the good work.

It's a lifestyle, either you live it or you don't.


Phenomenon S/S 09 Collection

Phenomenon: a: a rare or significant fact or event bplural phenomenons : an exceptional, unusual, or abnormal person, thing, or occurrence


New York Fashion Week: McDonalds Sponsorship

Inside of the tents of New York Fashion Week there are a million things to do besides see the shows. Said things range from hand out of what ever snack of which ever company that has thrown their money into market, to the most attractive of last season the Blackberry phone lottery. Well this season you can add a new attraction and sponsor to the list; McDonalds. The fast food retailer will be handing out free McCafe in the tents in an effort to push their new coffee. This is a very strategically smart move, they saw an opportunity and they took it. This move has just moved then out of the class of fast food joint and now put them one notch up Food and Beverage Restaurant, putting them above competition in the eyes of the public.


Yves Valentine's Day

I like to call this Pilati's Plan. The heart seen above is an actual USB key that contains the YSL 09 Manifesto collection as well as a whole bunch of extra's. The plan is to hand out 2,000 of these on February 14th in the following cities: Paris, New York, Milan, Hong Kong, Tokyo and London but wait; there is more!
You also get this cool YSL tote. 
February 13th L&F sleepover outside of YSL 5th Ave.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Ellington: Intro

This is only where everything started, stay tuned to see where it all ends.
Next step: L&F Personal


CBS Covers Kaws


Who Got Dressed?

When you think about the Grammy Awards or any award ceremony for entertainers and celebrities a few words may come to mind. If one of those words isn't fashion then your blind, so I present to you my top four best dressed at the Grammy's. At the top of my list is Kanye West borrowing a style tip from classic Michael Jackson, his pixie dust blazer was the stand out piece of the night.
Mr. West is followed closely by Janelle Monae who refuses to disappoint. She is always on point with her outfits and her look at the Grammy's was no exception to that rule.
Coldplay infused style into the Grammy's with their very distinct blazers that show serious signs of deconstruction and precision calculated wear and tear. Sir Paul McCartney took a more classical approach to the event.
Kanye and Jay-Z play it safe with the classic tux. Very appropriate for the event and honestly you just can't go wrong with a tux.


Swagger Like Us: Grammy Performance

Killer performance.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nylon Magazine: Yoko Ono Interview

"I try to make people wake up to the idea that they are actually very incredible people. Each person should know how incredible she or he is. And that’s very important, because each person is like an oasis; you can either irrigate the oasis or get very bad water, it’s just up to you." Yoko Ono