Thursday, February 12, 2009

NBA vs WNBA: Viewers Choice

I am a huge NBA fan, there is no hiding it. My favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers but I am a fan of good teams, not just star players. I was thinking to myself about the last time I saw a WNBA game. I would like to say that I watch at least one NBA game a day but I am unable to say the same for the WNBA. As a matter of fact I don't even see commercials for the WNBA. So I was inspired to go out and ask some New Yorkers what they thought about both leagues because I have learned that New Yorkers are some of the proudest fans in the world. The Knicks haven't had a winning season in years but yet their fan base is still as dedicated as it has ever been. My research has revealed to me that two out of three viewers already have opinions about the WNBA, for whatever reason and their opinion on the league will not change until they are influenced otherwise. Two out of three viewers also said that the WNBA league doesn't have players as exciting as the NBA. Personally I disagree with those two viewers, I do believe that the players in the NBA get way more exposure than those of the WNBA. I see this as an injustice to the talented women that play hard and leave it all on the floor for their team. One of the viewers went as far as to ask "when does it come on" in reference to an WNBA game. I see a hole in the marketing of the league as a whole and not just one team. When they start getting more exposure and more positive press, I would expect a distinct increase in the viewers per game. I hope you have enjoyed the video that I comprised for this survey and you can expect many more so stay tuned.