Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blow The Whistle

Get Out Of The Game Now!

Dalia is back with some incredible looks and she means business so all this is a notice for all designers who just wanted to try their hand at something new: Stop! She is serious about her craft and she is leaving no room for anyone not on her level so either you step those designs up or you start working on your resume. 

Just in case you thought that I was joking:

slip into a Dalia dress today: Dalia


The Brooklyn Circus: Unveiling

Friday, August 1, 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seize sur Vingt: 10th Year Anniversary

Chanel in Queens

Location: Queensboro Plaza
Situation: I was asleep on this bench waiting for the N train to the city and I felt this woman's presence as she approached and it was so strong that she woke me up out of my sleep. I opened my eyes, glanced at her and caught her entire outfit in one overview. 

I really like her outfit because so many people wouldn't recognize anything that she is wearing. Why? Nothing that she has on is flashy, she definitely is wearing some statement pieces but it seems that she doesn't want to draw attention to herself.
The belt is Gucci and honestly is the flashiest thing that she has on but is one of the more conservative belts that Gucci produces. The bag is still a mystery to me, my best guest is that its a large Marc Jacobs Stam Bag.
The shoe's are supreme. This was my favorite part of her outfit. The all black color way for these Chanel sneakers usually go un-noticed but they caught my attention. Women usually get them in black and white causing them to look like a rendition to 1950 black and white wingtip shoes. 
Look at the pants length, it's like she measured and made the jeans herself. Where they stop is perfect and thats where most women's jeans should stop; especially if they are skinny.


BBC Store: Behind The Scene's

BBC Store: SoHo, The Consumers

This post is all about the consumers. When you think about a clothing line you have to remember that there would be no clothing line without the consumers, they are an important part of the process, that sometimes get excluded from the thank you speeches. I just wanted to recognize a few familiar faces and some new faces that were out there waiting in line.
This is a very familiar face to L&F readers. This is Ellington from the A.P.C movie.
Even though he's a little upset (he showed up late and couldn't get a shirt) that's Arc. You can catch him on BET's spit yo game. The guy next to him that appears to feel his pain too is Claude. If your a L&F Personal reader then you might remember these two from Troy and Pancakes.

This is Michelle, a well known sneaker freaker as seen here in her all grey Jordan 11's and Bathing Ape tee with a key chain full of Ice Cream/ BBC and Bape trinkets. Also seen in Troy and Pancakes
I see Smooth from Society of Wealth in this picture. "Throw on ya Louis V millionaire's to kill the glare". I always run into these two in the LV millionaire's at events like this.

Never seen him before but obviously this isn't his first visit to Ice Cream. He must have really like waffles as a kid. 
I like Sponge Bob thanks to Coolness P so when I seen this guy standing in line I had to take this picture; cool G shock.
Fresh outfit dude. I caught a glimpse of the Sponge Bob tee and I wanted to take the flick but then I seen the LV coin case and the Bathing Ape's. He's a cool dude and he also wanted to give a shout out so here it is:
Shouts out to the Vashtie and the 1992 crew. I heard they throw the best parties. This picture is the prelude to what is to come. 


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BBC Store: SoHo (Continued)

You already know the details about the events of the day so it's un-necessary for me to re-iterate. What you don't know is how the event turned out so without any more delays.
Here it is:
Anytime there is an event at BBC/ Ice Cream there is an extreme line and it gets even worst when there is a chance that N.E.R.D is going to show up. People have been waiting on this line for an extended period of time just to get in and get a promotional tee shirt.
This girl right here in the white BBC tee shirt with the Nudies and sandals told me that she was waiting in line for over an hour and look at her position in line. 

Stay tuned for more coverage from BBC Store: SoHo


BBC Store: SoHo

Dumpe Fresh

This is a public service announcement. If you enjoyed Stussy last summer when they went nuts with the screen printing and actually made shirts that had great designs then this is the line for you. If you enjoyed Kid Robot when it first dropped and actually stood for something that most people weren't ready for (being different) then this is the line for you. If you are a huge fan of pop inspired street wear that is just as well made as classic clothes then this is definitely the line for you. 

I now proudly introduce to you:
Dumpe Fresh. 

Dumpe Fresh is street wear that isn't inspired by what has already been done but by what they think should be done and as an individualist myself I can relate to that and I applaud them for being able to do that as designers. It's so easy to get influenced by the work of others especially those that are getting recognition for their work, so thank you for staying the course and being yourselves.
Don't worry ladies they've got you covered as well. I know that you don't want to dress up everyday and I never said you had to (only in an ABSOLUTE world) so here is one of your options for those days when you don't want to get all dolled up or better yet you can doll these looks up; I dare you.

Would you like some Dumpe Fresh clothes? I knew you would say that. 
Here: Dumpe


Gucci Bags F/W 09

All I can say about this is LV speedy 30 inspired. If you want it then get it. Would I get it for any of my female friends? Nope. Would I get it for my mother? Not a chance. However if you want it, then get it here: Gucci

D&G Zips It Up For F/W 09

D&G continues to play with zippers for the F/W 09 season. Don't get me wrong this isn't a complaint, I like the zippers and as a matter of fact I will be procuring these sneakers for my own collection. These are some wonderful canvas sneakers that feature a super big tongue and an attempt to stay true to the true hip top size.

Get In: D&G

Dig In:

Keep em clean.


YSL 09 Footwear: Continued

I now present to you the newest look from YSL for the F/W 09 footwear collection. These sneakers are so new that it seems like I stole these pictures from Stefano's iPhoto's. However to make good news even better, this work of art is available right now. Right now! You can get into your pair here and be one of the first to storm the Blocks with these.

Slip In: YSL

-side note-
They run slightly bigger so you might want to get a half size below the size that you normally wear.

The design isn't too far off from that of the Rolling 10 sneaker. They share the same rubber sole, the interior is designed the same way, they have the same structure but when it comes to the exterior materials and patterns thats where they differ. For these sneakers the exterior consists of a breathable mesh material coupled with a suede and a slight taste of leather. There was an experimentation with suede with the Rolling 10 but it was limited edition and I have never seen anyone with a pair; they sold out at the store within the first two weeks of the release and since then the only thing that has returned was the patent leather versions. 

Get into the new looks:

I expect this sneaker to move fast and I also expect to see more color ways from this new design.

Stay Posted


BBC: Promotional Tee

New promotional BBC tee shirt available at the New York City, SoHo BBC/ Ice Cream location TODAY (7/30)! Store opens at 11. You might want to get there early. Why? Well simply because there are two lucky shoppers who will have tickets to Kanye West Glow in the Dark concert at Madison Square Garden on either the 5th of August or the 6th of August. Don't you want the chance to be one of those people? Well if your response was yes than I suggest that you camp out outside of the store from at least 8:30AM because for events like this the line gets crazy. If that isn't convincing enough for you then do it because you might get a chance to see Pharrell.

See You There

Nardwar interviews: N.E.R.D

Aside from Nardwar being what most would consider a total weirdo he is actually excellent at research. I have been told from time to time that my researching skills are up there but he is just so on point and his personality is so strong that he controls the interview. As weird as you may think his tactics are; they work. He has obviously studied other N.E.R.D interviews and seen that Pharrell usually dominates the interview so much so that he ends up taking complete control of the interviewer. He ensures that this will not happen to him by properly preparing for his encounter with Mr. Williams. A lesson to bloggers, reports and journalist alike; be prepared.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

YSL 09 Footwear

YSL's rolling 10 patent leather sneaker to be re-released in new color-ways for the F/W 09 footwear collection. Honestly I would have done the same thing, that sneaker is so beautifully crafted that I have only worn my own three times. I admire them so much and think that everyone should own a pair. 
Get into a pair here: YSL 


Sly Fox

For those of you who thought Nas was just pulling a publicity stunt (Jim Jones). He said it on his latest album (which is untitled) on a track entitled "Sly Fox". Nas has been going through an ongoing battle with Fox reporter Bill O' Riley for his racists comments aimed at the Obama's and others. Nas recently held a conference right outside of the Fox corporate office which he stormed into and served them a petition with over 600 thousand signatures asking them to stop the racists attacks on african americans; they of course declined. For the most part other rappers haven't spoken on the issue but one Koch recording artist Jim Jones came out and said in support of Bill O' Riley "he's not relevant in the game" "he went the dweeb way (of trying to sell his album" he then went on to say "nobody don't wanna hear that shit you trying to kick...that propaganda shit; fuck outta here" Jim Jones
There really isn't anything else to talk about, your hearing it straight from the horses mouth. I'm waiting for the downplay of the contents of this video and the attack on Scott McClellan's character.


Viva La Badd

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Wagon: Divine Bradley

What does a performance by Theophilus London and Machine Drum, a promotional display strategically placed by the entrance and a beautiful young actress equal? The release of Divine Bradley's new independent line at the Wagon.
You might not know who Divine Bradley is so before we get into the Wagon post I'm going to explore Divine a bit. 
If there was one word to describe Mr. Bradley it would be generous. He has a passion for giving back and empowering people. He worked with Ralph Lauren on his G.I.V.E (Get Involved. Volunteer. Exceed) campaign. He divulged to me in conversation that he likes giving back so much that when you purchase his goods he gives you (the consumer) something for that purchase. The rewards range from another shirt to a Nintendo Wii.

For more on Divine Bradley check out:
This is a man that is on a mission and it's actually worth supporting him so this is SoHo B saying head on over to the Wagon located on: 
1214 Union st. between Rogers and Nostrand Brooklyn NY

Now back to the proceedings this evening. Theo and Machine Drum tore it up as usual, they had everyone out there bopping to some cuts from Jam!
Then there was the beautiful young actress whom I mentioned earlier. She was perfectly perched in front of the new Divine display in plain view of anyone passing the store. Seeing her sitting there reminded me of the myth of Siren's and how they used to make the sailors crash their ships. Anyway Tashina has a lot going on in life right now and if you haven't seen her yet then get accustom to the face because you will be seeing a lot of her.

Can't Be Serious!