Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swagger Like US

Oprah & Kanye's reaction

See what Oprah and Kanye had to say about Barack's speech and how being there affected them.


Barack Obama: Full Acceptance Speech


That Is A Responsible CHOice

For years now there has been a struggle between certain fashion designers who choose to continue to use animal fur and those who are opposed to the ill-treatment and  slaughtering of animals. Regardless of all the protest, petitions and actual attacks with paint on those who indulge in this irresponsible act of wearing animal fur, designers continue to create pieces featuring animal fur. Designers reasoning for the continued use of fur is that their isn't any faux fur that is as comfortable and warm as animal fur. However Aimee Cho, a former writer for Vogue, has come up with something called the "responsible fur" initiative in which she recycles and reuses fur that has been hand selected from vintage shops and flea markets. I think that this is a good start and should be adapted by more designers. It will definitely reduce the rate at which animals such as: fox, mink, rabbit, etc.
When you look at it like this fur doesn't seem so bad.


Fashion Week Approaches

Fashion week is creeping up on us and is going to be here before you know it. September 5th marks the start of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week hosted in Bryant Park in New York. If you think that civilians and consumers are the only ones that are caught up in the election frenzy this year then guess again. If you look at the page for fashion week you'll see that its decorated with pins similar to those that are manufactured to promote a candidate for election. Some people attend to see the clothes, while others attend to see who else is there. What is your reason for going? Is it work related or is it personal? Either way I hope you enjoy your time at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, there is nothing like it.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Theophilus London: Ooo's & Aaah's Video Shoot

Brick Wall Beauty

On my way to Seize sur Vingt I ran into this bombshell and what I like most about her appearance is the fact that it looked so effortless and accidental. It literally looks like she was running late and she just grabbed her boyfriends shirt and said "I'm going to make this work". However the real story goes, the end result is good because whatever she was going for she made it work; she looks great. Even when I approached her about this she was so nonchalant about it.  From head to toe I would give this outfit a 8 out of 10. 
However as I was bidding her farewell I noticed the hidden gem in this outfit. I don't think that any of you were paying attention to it either but this is just a reminder that in fashion expect the unexpected and nothing is as it seems. A bag that i took for an ordinary brown leather bag turned out to be...

Marc Jacobs


Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Boots!

Ladies you may or may not know but boots are the it item for F/W 09. If you don't have boots then your dead; seriously. The more elaborate the boot the better. I don't usually advise people to follow trends but this is more of an investment in quality footwear for the colder season. I have held back the post about the boots for a long time because I simply haven't seen a lot of boots that I like. Ralph Lauren did some very nice riding boots for women which I posted a while back but since then I haven't been impressed by a lot of the boots on the market; until recently. I have compiled a set of boots that I would like for you to consider for this coming Fall/ Winter season:


D&G This Winter

This is for those of you who are looking for options this winter, Dolce and Gabbana presents to you the Quilted Spray Jacket. Its exterior is made up of nylon, acetate and wool while the lining is 100% nylon. This jacket is a nice option because it's stuffed but it isn't puffy, it maintains a slim silhouette which is very desirable this season. Everyone wants to stay warm but few are willing to sacrifice the slim appearance for the warmth, some are even willing to take in a little chill before they resort to huge puffy, down coats to stay warm. I am here to show you that you don't have to sacrifice anything to achieve the look that you want. I believe that if there is something that you want out of life, go and get it even if it is something as simple as a winter jacket. Do not settle for anything less than what you desire.

Get into this jacket here: D&G

Footprints in the Sand

I just realized that most of the hip hop music that I enjoyed as a child up until now was produced by the Neptunes. They have been doing it proper for a little over a decade and they do it so smooth that if your not paying attention you won't realize.

get into their discography: Neptunes


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NY Fashion's Top 50 Most Powerful

The list is finally out, this just in by way of the Daily News:
Anna Wintour is number one on the list and shouldn't she be? If you don't know she is Mrs. Vogue. I challenge you to show me someone more influential then her, she is the real Miranda Priestly. "Do you know how many girls out there would die for your job?" Nigel (Stanley Tucci)
The name in the number two spot on the list might not be so readily recognizable but trust me his name is up there for a good reason. He is the Marc Jacobs of the Gap, the way he swooped in to shake up the company. Their looks had strayed too far from what they stood for so he was brought in to turn the tide. I would argue that he need's to switch seats with Marc Jacobs but that might just be my bias kicking in.
Mr. Bleecker st. has made it to number three on the list of fifty. Thats a big deal and I think he is very deserving of that spot, he's been doing so much for so long; recognition is overdue.

To see the rest of the list: CLICK HERE


Let Freedom Ring

Oh how do I love thee, let me count the ways. This woman is a free spirited being. She thinks so far outside of the box that she doesn't even remember what the box smells like. This is exactly the attitude that all women should have. I think that the influence of the media and their image of beauty is holding the majority of our American women hostage. Women go to great lengths to try to resemble the people that society has deemed as beautiful and they lose sight of themselves in the midst. I think that women should be more in touch with themselves and more appreciative of their own beauty rather than chase someone else's. Do what you want to do and make it work. I love this woman so much and how could you not? She is wearing a tutu with a white tee shirt, huge frames, a petite scarf, gladiator sandals and reading glasses on a chain around her neck. She is doing what she wants to do and she is so confident about it that your only left with two choices: love it or hate it. The catch is that either way your opinion wont affect her. She could careless what you think, she's doing what she feels good in; she is doing what makes her happy and she looks good doing it.

When did America become so insecure that we are afraid to be ourselves?


Cassie feat: Lil Wayne - Official Girl

I've shown you all about 9 different pieces of iCandy but Cassie is the first Official Girl.

Martin Margiela: Sci- Fi shades

They are called the Sci-Fi glasses and for good reason. If you've ever seen Star Trek as a kid then you may remember something similar to these from a character named: Geordi La Forge. This is definitely a designer drawing inspiration from a source that designers don't usually tap into to create pieces. Wearing a pair of these shades you are sure to draw attention and or start up a conversation or three just by walking down the street.
Be as bold as you want to be here: Sci-Fi

Little Red...OMG!

Who can resist this duffle coat? I sure as hell can't. It's made by a company called Resistance, maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't but either way you will never forget it because of this coat. The rest of the collection for the F/W 09 kind of falls in line behind this duffle and honestly it would be hard to outdo yourself once you create something like this. I predict that this jacket has strong legs, meaning that its going to run right out of stock if you keep putting it off so please don't be left in the cold without it; consume!

Get yours here: Futile


Common feat: Pharrell - Announcement

Now this video is exactly what I have been looking for in a hip hop music video for a long time; creativity. I just haven't been seeing a lot of that lately, it's like artist don't sit down and think about the possibilities of a music video anymore. Somewhere along the line they lost the art. It's just a rented car, high paid stylist to get them in clothes that they don't really own, show and throw fake money in the most ridiculous settings (i.e. walking down the street) and there really is no plot or meaning to most of the music video's; keep in mind that most does not mean all and this isn't a reflection on every artist. 


A Touch of Pink

This is what I love about accessories and this is a perfect example of how a simple addition to an outfit can change the entire outlook on the fit. Now as you can see this woman is in her quiet storm, I say that because I believe that people under-estimate the power of the color black therefor giving it a quiet storm effect. However on top of her quiet storm she has perched some pink spectacles that have a shape that I haven't seen prominent since the twist. Those pink tinted shades made her face pop and without them I probably wouldn't have noticed her. So this is SoHo B reminding you readers not to be afraid of accessories, but to boldly accessorize and take your outfits to levels that the icons haven't even ventured yet. Be cautious of over accessorizing for that can lead to your doom.

New Bathing Ape F/W

See anything you like? I personally selected the looks that I liked from the upcoming release of the F/W collection for Bathing Ape. This is for those of you who don't plan on wearing cardigan's and dressy sweaters for the entire winter. Bathing Ape is like king of the street right now. If you want to go to the top of the food chain of street wear then you'd be between Bathing Ape and BBC. Before you see some of these looks on Coolness P or L, I figured that I should at least let you know to be on the lookout for it because its coming any day now. So stay on alert because once its gone, it's gone, there is no coming back. Head on over to a Bathing Ape store near you for you Bape gear. 
For those of you without a Bape store in your area: BAPE


Cardigans by Folk

Cardigan lovers this is for you. If you love cardigans but can't find an affordable quality cardigan then you need to be reading this. Keep running into those cheap, thin, flimsy cardigans? Well fear not, SoHo B to the rescue. I present to you:
These cardigans are the kinds of cardigans that you will need your closet stocked full of for the winter season. They are called Chunky Cardigans and for good reason, they are thick but not bulky. That's a very important factor to keep in mind, this company has achieved a design to a cardigan that is thick and will keep you warm but at the same time it doesn't look bulky. What more could you ask for from a cardigan? I would suggest this to anyone trying to stay warm this coming winter season. My favorite is the last one because it has a set of draw strings to adjust the waist to your liking; how thoughtful. It would be unsightly for you to leave the strings hanging so I suggest you tuck them and mix the cardigan with an oxford from time to time, don't always take the easy way out and wear it with a tee shirt.


Marc and more on SALE!

There is a huge sale going on and I am obligated to inform you about it. All of your favorite designers  are on sale right now and you are running out of time to take advantage of this opportunity. This piece above is just one of many pieces on sale right now.
To get into the piece above click here: Marc Jacobs

To get into the entire sale click here: SALE

I didn't forget about you, there is a section of this sale for you as well and that includes a selection of 7332 different pieces from the likes of Marc Jacobs, YSL and Y-3.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Leak: Pastelle

You know what, I know exactly what you want. I know what the kids are craving now and I think I have some of what you want. So without further delay this is he first previews at Kanye West's clothing line; Pastelle. He did promise that he was going to start the line off with shades and he has done a collaboration with Ksubi that hasn't been released to the general public yet so it is possible that Mr. West can still kick things off with the eyewear. So far these are the only looks at Pastelle that the world has seen and I am impressed with it. I look forward to this line and Andre Benjamin's line Benjamin Bixby which I believe is going to be big. 
For now get into the looks:

Jay-Z on Shade 45

Elliot Wilson from Vibe was a guest host recently on Shade 45 in the morning with Angela Yee. So to spice up that edition of the show he called Jay-Z and they did an over the phone interview live. In that interview Jay-Z said that he liked the cover shots and that overall it was a good issue but he had some differences with Wilson about some material that Mr. Carter felt shouldn't have made the official printed release. Want to know exactly what he's referring to? Simply go out and purchase your copy of the Vibe's 15 anniversary magazine.

Kate Moss in Interview

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Karl Lagerfeld was asked who was the best model in the game right now and without a pause he responded: "Kate Moss". Kate was the face of the YSL ads for the entire summer, her work stems further back than a receding hair line and her roots run deeper than that of a tree in a rain forest. She is a top gun in the industry and she is not to be taken lightly. In Interview (magazine) she tears the shoot apart and just gives us Kate. As I was going through the looks I could just feel the raw emotion that she was leaving on that set, the last time I saw a shoot half this good it was from another industry top gun Naomi Campbell. However Kate's edge is her edge. She has such a beautiful edge to her look that you have no choice but to feel it. Modeling is an art form or a craft and you have to respect that artist and their contribution to the genre. Without models like Kate Moss pushing the game to the limits and holding nothing back we would be deprived of such artwork so thank you.

Jason "SoHo" Burke

Kanye West: Good Morning

I posted the Good Morning video a long time ago but here is a clearer version of it that just surfaced. The video is completely animated and features a whole lot of style, I mean it is a Kanye West video so you should expect nothing less. In the video he is wearing the Marty McFly's. A  Nike sneaker that was featured in the Back 2 The Future series, Nike has the rights to the sneaker but haven't released it as of yet, there is a lot of controversy over the sneaker and a petition has even been started in an attempt to persuade Nike to release the sneaker. In addition to wearing the McFly's he also attempts to drive the Delorean, a car that was made famous by the series Back 2 The Future. Starting to see where he was trying to go with the video? He is also sporting a varsity jacket that hasn't officially been declared as pastelle but there is speculation that it is from his new clothing line; pastelle. He has actually had the jacket created and performed in it:



I told a certain young lady last night that I could wear a potato sack and a thick rope and still be me; now I see that I'm not alone. Our favorite Karl Lagerfeld stepping leap years outside of his box here, seen in a BBC jacket, a pair of well relaxed dry denim and sneakers. Even though he is outside of his comfort zone he is still in his essence which is really important. Know yourself and be yourself despite popular belief the clothes do not make the man. I don't know if you can read the quote but it says: "believe it or not I love rap" Karl Lagerfeld
This is straight out of the pages of Harper's Bazaar.


Daver Overwhelmed.

Ladies and gentlemen located in the New York/ New Jersey area, this is tailor made for you. This is a door opening opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime. Daver Campbell is in the process of opening his first clothing establishment by the name of Jack N Jill and he is also planning a party to kick off the store opening right. However as he has learned he cannot do everything himself and he is beginning to get overwhelmed. Now he could easily have an assistant assigned to him for the task that he needs the assistance with. However he preferred to give a young hard working, energetic, inspired individual a chance at the position. So here it is, the chance to intern with Daver Campbell, that includes contacting magazines, sponsors and pr agents. It also entails being present at exclusive invite only events on his behalf. Ladies and gentlemen of NY/ NJ you do not want to pass this opportunity up, I know that there are many of you out there who want to get into the industry but just don't know how, well here is your chance. The door is unlocked and all you will need to fully enter this room that we call the industry is:

- an operational email address

- a blackberry, pda or iPhone

- direct access to a computer and the internet

- a desire to learn the ins and outs of the industry

- a good personality

- a sense of professionalism

- the ability to multi task

- a proactive attitude

If you are still interested in this opportunity then email Daver Campbell at:

enclosed in the email should be:

- your complete name

- age

- recent picture

- reason for interest

Thank You and Good Luck to you all.


New Interview: Theophilus London

I don't even eat pizza but I wanted some after this video


Like A Boy: Current/ Elliot

There is a trend that is slowly seeping into a social network near you and that trend is the boyfriend jean. A company by the name of Current/ Elliot are designing the jeans that will sweep the streets of SoHo before you know it. Emily Current and Meritt Elliott are the two celebrity stylist who popularized the look, they would always wear these kinds of destroyed mens jeans to shoots and over time people got into them and they created this market for these jeans. So they in turn started designing them and as soon as they were released on intermix they sold out. They have rereleased the denim's due to the high demand but you can only pre-order your pair right now which I suggest you do because it guarantees that you get a pair.
I like the idea behind these jeans. They are made to fit like you are wearing your boyfriends favorite jeans that he lives in. The jeans are washed and destroyed and fit loose. Now the loose part is what worries me the most because it's risky business, if you get it too small and it isn't loose it's not going to look right and if you get it too big and it is too loose your going to look foolish so it has to be just right which is why I advise you to go into an intermix near you and try on a pair yourself before you purchase a pair. I can tell you to get a size smaller than what you usually wear and that might work for half of the women reading this due to their body type but I love you all so do yourself a favor and use the store locator: Intermix
What I like most about these jeans is that its a modern twist on the women in the early 1940's. During World War Two when the men went to war the women adopted a "we can do it" policy and they went to work in the factories and the fields; jobs that were usually only for men. I must say that this is a very fashionable twist on it and in a way an avant garde approach.

For those of you who are willing to take the chance with the online purchase I cannot deny you the opportunity so here you are: Intermix
Enjoy Responsibly