Saturday, March 7, 2009

Justin Timberlake covers GQ Magazine

“Nobody dressed like my dad,” Timberlake says. “When he worked at the bank, he looked like Richard Gere in Gigolo. And he would do it all the night before, laying out the suit he’d wear the next day. Even on weekends, if he had to go into the office, he’d wear a trouser pant with a V-neck sweater and tie. And I was like, I want to dress like that! He was just so cool.

Justin Timberlake


Cosmetically Curious

Do you look in the mirror and see something that you just aren't satisfied with? Maybe you'd like your nose to be a bit straighter? Do you desire full lips? Feel like your life would be so much better if you only had 36 C's instead of that pre-pubescent pair that you have been carrying around? Maybe you've thought about plastic surgery but wouldn't know where to start, have you heard those who are against it talk about how it's so bad and you really don't need it? What people don't realize is that the more you tell someone not to do something the more they want to do it so I want to help you find the answer to all of the questions that you have about plastic surgery. What if you know what you need to know and you just want to find a good surgeon to perform the procedure, rather than you end up in your best friends, cousins bathroom under a steak knife, how about I point you in the right direction.
For the answers to all of the questions that you may have about cosmetic surgery follow the link below:


What's in a Blazer?

Do you have a party to attend and you don't want to wear anything that you have already? Here is an idea, you can make a slight alteration to an outfit that you already wear. Change the denim and the tie or you can change the shoes/ trainers. Sometimes the smallest yet noticeable changes makes all the difference in an outfit. The major pieces in an outfit are equally as important as the accessories. A nice blazer is a good idea but what good is that blazer without a good pocket scarf? Sure that jacket fits just the way you want it to and it stops exactly at your waist but what about a quality belt? That oxford is nice and it stops right above your wrist but now you need a good watch, not a flashy watch, I mean a good watch. 
Now that the economy has taken a turn for the worst people are more reluctant to shop but what they don't realize is that this is the best time to shop for anything that you want. Take the J. Lindeberg blazer above, it originally retailed at $720 but now it is on sale for 75% off bringing the price down to $180. Same quality, same name, less money.
Any Questions?


The Oak Warehouse

I know times are hard and you have bills to pay; we all do. Don't look at me like that. I do care. How am I not being considerate? So you think because I'm still posting beautiful articles of clothing I'm not considering your current financial situation?
Shows how much you know me, everything in this post is 75% off and the best part is those exotic zebra print leggings below that you want to wear when I come over...
(whispers in her ear)
They are only $8.

Let's go crazy!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Curtain Call

This July

10 Shows


This is the first time Michael Jackson will be performing in three years and this is the last time that he will be performing in London. This is indeed going to be a good year; music wise.


Public Enemies

This is going to be a seriously good movie.


The Magic of Macys

I like this commercial because I can feel it. 


The Fire Sign Boat Shoe

I wandered into Urban Outfitters the other day and I was drawn to these boat shoes for some reason. I saw them and I couldn't put them down. I felt the need to understand them, I needed to know why I loved them so much. Finally I realized it was the color, I was intrigued by the red color and I wondered how beautiful they would look completely destroyed. This morning I get an email from UO about a page full of shoes including these boat shoes; maybe that is a sign. The most significant thing that the email said was "free shipping on these shoes".
What are you waiting for?


'78s Toughest Skate Shoe

I'm not the biggest fan of Vans since I stopped skating but even I can't deny the fact that Vans are classic and to this day they are still producing quality products that don't sacrifice anything to look good. This particular trainer was designed in 1978 to be the toughest skate shoe out, I think it's safe to say that they definitely achieved that goal in '78 and they are still kicking. They aren't priced super high and they are worth every penny spent.
To view the collection: click here


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Show Me Your Comfort Zone

 After a long and harsh winter men and women are both so eager to shed the layers that we are practically on our toes about it. Women of course get more revealing then men do but in the end we all strip down.
This coming spring women are going to be a little more revealing with their apparel. We are going to see lighter more revealing materials, cuts in places where the were never before, shapes that were unheard of and the absence of zippers, buttons and such.

I think this is going to be a very sexy summer for women especially since the only thing cuffed on the model above is her wrist cuff.


More LV Don's

Wait! Are those the...? I think, yes I believe those are the Louis Vuitton Don's. Just when you thought that the low top ones were cool enough, you get hit with the pictures of the high tops and it's love all over again. I'm a huge fan of the pair below. I have been wearing trainers my whole life and what I have learned is that high end trainers aren't always the most comfortable, which is why right now my trainer of choice is the Air Jordan 3. They are super comfortable and they are all black  so they don't draw too much attention. From looking at the sole of these trainers I'm going to say that they are even really comfortable or extremely uncomfortable, only time will tell.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let The Bidding Begin

Have you ever visited an auction site before? Well if you have then you pretty much have an idea of how it works, right? Good, now forget it, throw that idea right out the window because here is an auction site that is going to blow you away. It's called a penny auction site and what basically happens is you see an item that you like, the bidding starts at a penny. You place your first bid to start the countdown however the bids can only be increased by the maximum of a penny. Crazy right? Not at all, it's done intentionally so that the merchandise will never reach the retail prices and customers get the deal of their lifetime. There is a fee to be paid to purchase the bids but it is only $1 and in comparison to what the retail price is for most of the items it's still in the favor of the consumer. There is a timer on the bids that starts once a bid is placed but it restarts once another bid is placed in order to give a bidder the opportunity to up their bid, so don't wait until the last minute and try to sneak in a bid and win, it will not get you far here. I guess there is only one more thing for you to do:
Follow this link:
Go to the site and register, once you register they will give you some free bids to start off with. Start bidding.

This message has been paid for by the aforementioned company.


The Easel of Life

When you hear the word art, what other word(s) come to mind? For some people the words: boring, old or dry, may come to mind. While others may conjure up words like: Beautiful, Imaginative or Creative. For me one word comes to mind: life. I feel like art is a beautiful interpretation of life. When I see a blank canvas I think of my morning and when I see a busy piece it draws my mind to mid day when things are really hectic. When I see a painting with a relaxing scenery I think of my evenings. Artwork has the power to influence and affect the thoughts and emotions of the viewer. Thats why I like to look at beautiful peaceful artwork because it brings positive energy into my mind; much like the artwork at Paragon Fine Art Gallery. The piece above is directly from the site and there is a wide variety of artist and artwork to view. I find it a joy to go through and a pleasure to enjoy. As much as I like going out to galleries, sometimes it feels good to stay home and still get to see beautiful pieces.
To enjoy more artwork check the website:

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MEGAhugeUNrealisticunIMaginable Sale!

Items start at $5 and nothing is over $90.
Do I need to say anything else?

To find a store near you: click here


Lil Wayne and Charlie Gibson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Who would have thought that you would see Lil Wayne playing scrabble with Charlie Gibson? Seriously, of all the people that your brain would have placed on a night time comedy with Jimmy Kimmel and Lil Wayne I'm sure no one would have screamed out Charlie Gibson; the man is a legend.


Lil Wayne: Prom Queen

Music has been an incredible ride from it's African origins to it's present electronic funk sound. Every ten years the industry gets a phenomenal artist that comes in and shakes things up, this artist is always accompanied by a slew of other really good artist and some even great, that always spark the heated argument about who is better than who and why. However if music was to stay the same we would get bored with the sound, the artist would get bored of creating if they were confined to a box and told to draw within the lines so from time to time they hit the refresh button and go left field. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, the refresh button; Prom Queen.


Urban For The Dames:

Silence and Noise Fleece Motorcycle Jacket
Cheap Monday Statira Skirt
Colorblock Ruffle Dress
Aztec Legging
Levi 631 Skinny Premium Jean


Fresh From Urban:

Scotch and Soda washed pattern polo
Diesel Someya short sleeve stripe shirt
All-Sons pocket sleeve work shirt

Why rummage through piles of clothes that you don't like just to find the ones that you do like when you can just read L&F?


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nike Air Yeezy

April 2009


Marc Jacobs S/S 09 Collection

With this collection I can honestly say that Marc colored within the lines. Nothing too out there and nothing so far ahead that the rest of us don't get it yet. It's a collection of good design, quality pieces and interesting colors. It's not what you would normally expect from Marc but at the same time it is and somehow we still love it.

Britney Spears: Circus Tour Preview

First they love then they hate her now they love her again; make up your mind! 


Monday, March 2, 2009

Milan: DSquared Fall 09

Hey hun! I'm going out for a while.
Where are you going today?
Just going to grab a cup of coffee and the Times.


Maison Martin Margiela: Short Trench Coat

This jacket features excellent cuts and precision tailoring. Very clean cut design with a very modern twist, the buttons are very prominent and they really bring everything together and take what would be a rather basic piece and turn it into something that is going to stand out in a room full of humdrum designs. The jacket stops a bit before the waist but the belt makes up for the length and is a really cool addition to an already nice jacket.
It's the little things that matter.


I'm UltraViolet!

Theophilus London
This Charming Night
photos by: Ben Rowland

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?

A watch is a mark of distinction amongst men. It is very important when selecting wrist-wear because you are going to want to make it a good watch. There is a difference between a watch and a timepiece. You can stop at any man on the street selling trinkets to pick up a watch if you need to keep track of time but if you wish to make time stand still when you enter a room you are going to need to invest in a timepiece. When you look at a man's counter part you can tell a lot about that man, the same goes for his timepiece so you are going to want to find something that you can really identify with, don't just get one because your peers think it's cool. The watch above is my all time favorite watch; the Breitling Blackbird chronograph. The Breitling watch company is a German swiss watch making company that produces aviation watches. Most of their big face chronograph's feature tools that only an aviator would find much use for. The watches are made in Switzerland and all of the parts that comprise the watch are mechanical moving parts, there are no electrical components in any of the watches. These watches are so well made and valued that they are considered high end luxury watches, for the most part. The watch band is 18k white gold, the face is scratch resistant, the watch itself is water resistant and it is limited edition; only 100 made. If there was ever a fantasy watch this is it. That's just my favorite watch, don't take my word for it. I think that you should go and explore the expansive watch collection: 
If you have any questions about any watch that you can't seem to find the answer to online then you can call this number: 

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YSL Rolling Ten Trainer: Gold

This trainer features a gold tone nylon body and a white rubber sole. It also showcases the YSL emblem on the side and the words Yves Saint Laurent are written in script in gold stitching. This has become a signature of the YSL rolling ten trainers.


The Rhymes & Reasons: Honda Commercial

Congratulations to Mickey Factz on this Honda commercial/ deal. In 2008 I had a behind the scenes look at the hard work, determination and perseverance of artist such as: Theophilus London, Fresh Daily, Charles Hamilton and Mickey Factz. I believe that hard work pays off and 2009 appears to be Factz pay off year so far. I'd just like to tell him and all other artist to keep working hard and stay true to who you really are because it pays off and you will be respected so much more for being real to yourself and with everyone else.


The Return

Say what you want to say about the title and feel however you want to feel; your entitled to it. This is one seriously motivational documentary and I say honestly it's about time that children had something to aspire for. Even the rappers that you try to put down have used that platform to sign major deals and generate more capitol than was originally allowed in their bracket. The sports industry wasn't the only thing that wasn't ready for a superstar like Lebron, the world wasn't ready for him. Who knew that he was such an insightful business man. If you do nothing else today please watch this documentary.