Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Look Ahead: Polo

This is the best cardigan that I've seen since Lethal Inspiration's "Tribe Called Fly" cardigan. You can always depend on Ralph Lauren to provide us with a good quality cardigan. I know some of you are looking at this like does he know that in half of the world it's summer? Well I say to you readers the wise consumer shops for winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter. This wonderful cashmere cable knit cardigan is on sale at Polo right now. I'm not to sure about it being available at any of the physical stores but online it's available and on sale. So you can either heed my warning or just wait until it gets cold to start getting your winter gear together.

"If you dont make a plan then you plan to fail"


Eat @ Jane: Personal

Eat at Janes

When your in SoHo you shop, you socialize and you trot the blocks looking as cool as you aimed to look before you left your house. All of these activities can work up quite an appetite, so where do you eat when your in SoHo? McDonalds? Wendy's? Maybe you even go as far as to have an espresso and a coffee cake at Starbucks. I'm not knocking those food establishments all I'm saying is that you have options. 

One of those options is: 

This restaurant really impressed me the first time so I went back a second time just to see if there would be any difference in service and the service was even better. The waiters are extremely knowledgeable about the entire menu (trust me I gave James the questionnaire), the management staff is wonderful and the atmosphere is unparalleled by any other SoHo Restaurant (trust me I've tried them all). Now the food is so well prepared that you just marvel at the craftsmanship for a while before you actually dig in. The prices are reasonable, honestly for everything that you get when you walk through those doors I wouldn't mind paying more which is why I say "Thou Shall Tip!"

This is my physical representation of Jane's overall experience:

That is a distinguished taste, thank you Jane. 
I have now become a regular face at Jane's, hopefully I'll see you and an appropriately dressed counter part seated at a table one night.
Eat at Jane's

For directions: Click Here


Yes Ma'am: Big Hat

-side note-
This picture is an instant classic

I have spent the entire summer looking for this kind of woman and now that I have found her I am overjoyed. She was such a pleasant woman and she actually works in the fashion industry, so if you see her just offer a friendly hello. I caught this lovely tipper trotting through a crowded SoHo Block and when I seen the hat I just had to talk to her. I miss the days when women wore hats like this and shades like that. Does anyone remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?
These big hats are so classic that I think every woman should at least own one. Besides its the summer in New York and the sun is proving to be unrelenting so your going to need something to protect yourself from it; why not look good doing so?
Where are the parasol grippers? Where are the flip fan holders? Where have all the big hat wearers gone? Those are the kind of women that I miss seeing. I'd like to thank this beautiful woman for her cooperation, her conversation and for being such a positive example in fashion.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Must Have: Marc Jacobs Stam Bag

Ladies ever since day one I've been spoon feeding you these must have items and I want to assure you that the meals will keep coming. As long as there are new designs or new twist on old design's I will continue to keep you up to date.

This just in: The Marc Jacobs Stam bag is sick!
This bag is chic and sophisticated, it has such an old feel to it and it works well with dresses that work well with the wearer.
The gold strap adds a certain elegance to it that will eventually make this bag a classic MJ piece. 
There are different variations to the bag get into all of them here: Stam Bag

Get into this particular version of the bag here: Stam Bag


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Must Have: Miu Miu

I have a quick question for the ladies. When was the last time you seen someone with a Chanel purse or a Chanel clutch? Most likely you'll say today. They are everywhere and I know its a classic piece and you have to have some heritage pieces in your collection but I would like to present to you today the alternative; The Miu Miu clutch.
This Italian made calf leather clutch is simply yet chic, it is small but not so small that it cant fulfill its utilitarian purpose so I'm going to let you ladies enjoy this meal that I have prepared for you and you can make your decision's after you have eaten.
Dinner is served:

Chanel is Chanel and nothing can match that but all I'm saying is that life is about options. Isn't that why people immigrate to America?

Get your hands on it here: Miu Miu


Mustang GT

sighting: Ato Matsumoto

Caught these on the F train but you can pre- order yours here: Ato


Like The Number After 10

You have to know that this is my favorite vintage shop, they have bow ties in the window. Honestly besides the vintage bow ties and suit jackets, aside from the vintage wingtip shoes and boots, my favorite vintage items that this shop carries are the vintage hats. They have everything from porkpies to fedora's and the hat that they have that trips me out every time I go in is the hat that Jonathan Hyde wore when he played Van Pelt in Jumanji; thats one serious hat. They also carry some very nice vintage scarves and lets say by chance your not into the whole vintage thing they have something for you. They have one of the largest selections of Comme des  Garçons wallets and coin purses.
15 Prince st. New York NY 10012 

For my out of town readers sorry but they don't have a website. This is just a stop that your going to have to make when you visit NY.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More From Brielle

Theophilus London: Crack Distributors Live

Use your eyes keenly.

Theophilus London: RockSmith


Brielle, New Jersey

Everybody: Bentley ft Kanye West and Andre 3000

"ya granny must be Navajo/ ya momma do Rodeo/ ya poppa do the Savile Row" Andre 3000

If your not fluent in that language just Wikipedia Rodeo Drive, then search Savile Row. Only then will you get that line.


More on "Be Kanye"

Now he's doing vodka ads. Where will the Kanye West deals stop? Nowhere. Give em hell Ye, do everything that you can possibly do and enjoy life.


Paris Haute Couture FW 08/09: Chanel

This is a yes in so many ways. In my opinion this is a Lagerfeld piece that was design for Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly. This is for a powerful woman because when she enters the room she will have everyone's attention and she has to know what to do with that kind of attention. She commands respect with each step and they give it to her with every breath.
How many times have you seen this before? Honestly this is the simplistic view on thinking outside of the box. I really like it, this is what couture is supposed to be. It's a show, it's supposed to be over the top and dramatic. From the dress to the do and the make up this is a complete couture look.

It only gets better from here on in. Scarlett style gloves, picture frames, umbrella arms on Morticia dresses and playful pink Grecian design's.
 Dig In:

Everybody is going to be so mad at me when I start channeling Lagerfeld with my outfits but I don't care. Life is about making yourself happy, if you try to please people you will never be happy and if you wait on other people to make you happy you will never be happy. You have to be happy with yourself first.

Female Inspirational

Good day luv. How are you today? Oh that's good to hear, well I was actually just calling to let you know that you are sick. Yes and it is highly contagious so I'm going to have to quarantine you for a Nudie. Oh I'm sorry that means at least 6 months.
Her name is Courtney and young ladies this is for you so pay attention now. If you want to step your game up you need to do 3 easy things.

1) Open your mind

2) Read L&F daily

3) Make a list of females to channel when you put outfits together
(her shoe collection)
When you make that list Courtney just has to be on it. Why? She is one of the sickest young ladies that I have ever seen. I've been watching her from a distance for a while now and I've just been waiting on her to fall off or slip up just so I could say to myself that she isn't really that sick but that day has never come; it's like watching paint dry. She recently sold some of her designer bags simply because she had too many. At that point I said to myself this post is overdue. 
Get into her here: Courtney


A.P.C washing: Ellington Hammond

Thanks for the follow up video. This might as well become a possible method for dry denim washing, I'm sure that the readers of not only L&F but also The Award Tour appreciate this.
I'm proud of you bro.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

N.E.R.D Spazz


Chester French

I've been so busy this month that I haven't gotten around to reading July's GQ but yesterday I devoured some pages and look who I came across; Chester French. Now if you don't know, Chester French is a band comprised of two young men that attended Harvard. Sounds crazy right, however it is the truth. What makes their situation even weirder is the fact that Jermaine Dupri, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West were fighting over who would get to sign them. In every competition there has to be a winner and a loser, in this situation the winner was Pharrell and I believe that he won because he was the only one that wanted the boys to continue producing themselves. He feels that they are self sufficient and that they are doing a great job so they signed a deal with him, took the advance money and in their own words "gave the album a boob job". 
Chester French ladies and gentlemen; Chester French.
source: The Gentlemen's Quarterly


Brielle, New Jersey

Monday, July 14, 2008

BkC's Bevin: Sick Daily

If you want someone to inspire you to step your gear up this man might be one of the people on your list. When Bevin wake's up in the morning he gets dressed, thats very important because most of you get up and put together those articles of clothing that you consider worth being seen in and you might not realize it but that's where your mistake starts. The way you dress really determines how your day turns out. When you dress well, you look good and when you look good you feel good and people feel good about you. If your thinking in that light I guess that would make Bevin and people like him good karma power houses. 

Allow me to assist you with the interpretation process. Slim cut pants which he chose to cuff due to the fact that he's wearing loafer's instead of shoes (didn't want the end's to drag). His shirt is a Brooklyn Circus white polo which is actually his size. Many of you buy polo shirts too big, if the shoulder piece is past your shoulder then its too big.
He accented the outfit with a vintage scarf which for his privacy reason's I will not disclose the name of the line. All you need to know is that it's sick and he has a lot more.
Oh and the loafers were LV leather loafers. Ladies and gentlemen this is on a regular day when he's going to work. 
I mean if you don't like the life that you are living then go right ahead but I don't think that it would be wise for you to challenge him.



I've seen a lot of beautiful dresses some of which have earned the title of being "wowable". The term was first coined by Tim Gunn on Project Runway. However it has been too many moons since I've said that a woman's face was wowable; I mean talk about face value. She was probably on her way to chase with that face. If your looking at her and saying "I know that girl" then your probably a viewer of ANTM. As the story goes I was walking up a crowded SoHo Block and as soon as the crowd broke I seen this vision walking towards me and for a second it felt as though her and I were the only two people moving, I'm not saying that the other people in the street weren't there, I'm saying that they went grey and she was the only person still in living color. I approached her, introduced myself and next thing you knew she was giving me a plate of food. 

Eat up:

Come one, come all...

Come one, come all, Comme des Garçons! I caught this fashionable woman in SoHo on Saturday and I was sure glad I was paying attention while I was walking otherwise I would have walked past this fabulous opportunity and you (the reader) would have essentially suffered so I would like to start off by thanking this lovely woman for being so cooperative. I'd also like to thank her for showing us her laid back approach. This look is so natural and so relaxed that she could wear this around the house; seriously. What makes it a good outfit is the fact that it works well inside or outside. Her super low gladiators are hip, her aviators really suite her face and her Garçons shirt is as refreshing as her lemonade.
Nice Job


Even More Fun

New space beach tee's at BBC! I loved the black and white one but now its new and improved. Why? It's teal thats why. lol. Really cool.

Dig In: BBC