Saturday, July 5, 2008


Im living and loving every second of it.


New Ice Cream/ BBC

The new look book has been added for about a week now. This is for those of you who haven't seen it yet, you might want to dig into this. LOOK BOOK
Space Beach! This shirt is so cool, this is my favorite shirt from the new collection and it is also available in white.
Remember its not slim fit but "Smart Fit".


Seeing Sounds: The Naming Process



Wagon Women

What you are looking at is the back of a Cheese Wagon polo. The front is plain, the letters CW are stitched onto the left arm and the back is adorned with what you see above. This is the best polo that I've seen all summer. This is seriously sick and what makes it even better is that its for women. Thats right girls head on over to the Wagon in crown heights for this polo while supplies last.

More for the women:
The Wagon is located on 1214 Union street between Rogers and Nostrand Brooklyn, N.Y.


A. McQueen

Mr. McQueen is back with another set of skulls for us. I swear he has a skull fetish, this is like the 4th season in a row that I've seen skulls on a scarf from him. I cant be the only one tired of seeing skulls. Honestly the first time I seen a skull scarf from him I thought it was cool and different but now its just weird.
However if you must have another skull A. McQueen scarf tie it up here:

Friday, July 4, 2008

Built Ford Beautiful?

A sick look from Melyssa Ford that left me speechless then I realized that I wasn't breathing. Honestly if she had on a sweater I would have still been in a daze off of her facial expression alone. Usually I don't pay attention to Ms. Ford but this photo makes it hard for me not to.

-side note-
This shot of her reminded me of this beautiful young lady that I'm not as familiar with as I would like to be but thats life.

Check up on it here: Shay


More Verbal Than Most

Verbal is a Teriyaki Boy which is a Japanese rap group that is signed to Nigo's Bathing Ape label. Here are some sick looks from him. I wont break these looks down, all you need to know is that I like it and I'd fight him for those Star Trek inspired shades.

More Visuals:


Mr. West

It is clear to me now that his spot in the history books is solidified. Kanye West the icon is what the book will say. I can honestly say that he started out as a wild card rapper. Not every body was responsive to him in the beginning and it really is a testament to a quote by Jay-Z.

"when you first come in the game they try to play you/ then you drop a couple of hits look how they wave to you" Jay-Z

People cant get enough of Kanye and for obvious reason's. The children love him because he doesn't follow the norm. Media loves him because the children love him.

"they put me on their cover because I earn for them" Jay-Z
Now the biggest news that I can bring to you about Mr. West is that he will be designing a shoe line for Louis Vuitton!
 Oh and after your resuscitated and you decide to finish reading this entry he's also coming out with a woman's line. 

What other rapper was it that designed a shoe collection for a high end fashion house? I keep forgetting his name; what was his name again? 
No other rapper has accomplished that feat. 

Kanye West will never be forgotten.
Who will remember your name?


A Millie: The Video

P and I could have done this video. Its not wack its just that after you do a video like Lollipop you can't do something like this.


Dior Homme SS 09

This was a very enjoyable show, it had a really playful feeling to it and Im loving every second of it. I live for the look above. I would honestly wear that everyday and even when you get tired of seeing me in it I can still break it down. Thats the beautiful thing about these looks, they are so complete that you can break them down and they are still functional.

Eat until your full:

Straight From My iPhoto

Diddy speaks on Hancock

The only reason that blacks were oppressed was because we were tricked into believing that we were inferior. Everything that you've seen in entertainment from the inception of the motion picture was carefully put in place to serve as support to the idea that we are inferior. Children were raised not wanting to play with black dolls because they thought that the black doll was ugly. What was displayed to them in America as beautiful wasn't black. Then came independent thinkers like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Chanel Iman, and Ajuma Nasanyana. These women knew in their minds that they were beautiful and they can achieve extraordinary things. No matter how many times Ms. Campbell makes the news for her outlandish behavior I still love her. I love all of my people and I believe that we can do anything that we want. You say no we wont but I say that if we get over feuding with each other over foolishness and realize what has been going on in America since our grand parents paid pennies for candy then yes Jay-Z, yes Will Smith, yes Sean Combs, yes Denzel Washington, yes Sidney Poitier, yes Dr. Cornell West, yes SoHo B, yes Coolness P, yes Brooklyn Circus, yes Vinnies Styles, Yes Cheese Wagon, yes Brooklyn, yes Obama. 
Yes we can!

Black is beautiful. I love you all.


Are You a D Boy?

How do you feel about DSquared sneakers? Personally I like them and everytime I go to Saks 5th Ave they are the best sneakers that I find. 
Get into a pair here: DSquared 


Theophilus London: Goes To Jail

Theo always says that he's not about the bright lights and he really shows it here.
A down to earth guy that just happens to be talented making a difference in Guam.


Theophilus London: Hero


Making A Difference

"My reason being of going to Guam was for the hip hop X music awareness loss in small countries or islands alike! These are places where guidance and healing thru music don't exist.
Kids at the age of 10 years old are high on meth, and girls are being raped by their own parents. SMH
For example it was so big I got a legislation note for my excellence written by the Governor
Artist don't usually go to these places
They want the bright lights and the superstar bullshit
But I'm the opposite
They treated me like Michael Jackson out there
Not even major artist go there.
The kids cried every time they seen me, it was like they needed a savior.
I was one with nature and their culture
I performed 6 times a day for 7 days
Whether it was in schools, jails, bad group homes, shelters... Etc.
I got trampled by kids to sign autographs and shirts
I sold over 600 copies of Jam!
And I connected with each and every individual I spoke to.
It was a beautiful experience and I will continue to share my gift that was given to me from the creator.
In December I will be heading to Africa.
Shouts to the Hip-hop project"

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Party in the Wagon!

See you there.


Hoagie Haven!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Simply LV

For the majority of this collection for Louis Vuitton you see alot of simplicity but yet chic looks. Above is a sick all black look with the white over night bag. I really like these looks because sometimes when people think up outfits they try too hard but these fits make it look effortless but just because they are simple tones doesn't take anything away from the quality of the clothes. Dig into these platters especially the last one with the spartan sandals, I'm usually not a fan of men wearing them but oddly enough I actually like it.

Dig In:


Skies of Grey: Kris Van Assche

Straight off the runway and into your homes I present Kris Van Assche SS 09 as shown in Milan. This is like Justin Timberlake's closet seriously. I'm not complaining though I think this is a perfect opportunity for us to explore how we can do grey. Who said grey is gloomy? Above you see a cool grey with a calm green, slim fit pants (no pleats) and a white oxford.
Above you see a metalic grey accented by a crispy white oxford and all white sneakers. I want that jacket!
Here you see the metalic grey again but this time with a vest, the sleeves of the oxford rolled up, cool blue belt poking out, once again all white KVA's and this time the look is completed with a stingy brimmed fedora.
Here you see a breathable grey which is really perfect for the summer. Some people may feel because it is hot that you cant wear a suit but its quite the contrary. You should wear a cotton suit when the temperature rises. You'll be the only one not sweating when it looks like you should be sweating the most. Once again this grey is accented by a blue pocket scarf and a stingy brimmed fedora.

All of these looks are clean, safe looks. Personally I would have taken some risk with the metallic grey but I don't disagree with these looks, just saying that they are safe.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And I Will Smith

Here are some really sick looks from Will and Jada.
Get In:
Jada looks so sick in this pic that I'm catching it. The hair do is a total YES! The shoes are like Family Guy at 11:30 on a weekday night; just what I needed.
Will you got it!
Will Smith you are ill, not sick. I mean your ok but ya shades sick and ya suit sick, those shoes are it.


A Sick Bad Do

This is my new favorite ad, by tomorrow I'll be over it but for now, this is it.


Every Girl Wants To Be a Princess

Show me a woman that didnt want to be a princess when she was younger... I'll wait, you can't can you? Well if you want to be a princess go invest heavily in Betsy Johnson because the "princess" in this line isn't exactly what it sounds like.  The P.O.P woman is extremely fashion forward...she exudes strength, beauty and originality where ever she goes" Princess
To me the strongest direct quote from the P.O.P website is: "The Queen of her clan... second to none... following no one". I really like that because its so empowering and for that kind of a message to be expressed through clothing is a wonderful idea, plus the clothes look great. 

Get In:

More on the site: Princess

Tell em SoHo B sent you.

Award Tour & L&F Do 6 Flags!

Milan Men's Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta SS 09

Bottega Veneta had a theme going here, from what I see the theme was neck wear. Its like the outfits were nice but only truly complete after the neck piece was added. The first three looks have scarves tied around the neck. If your going to tie a scarf around your neck it has to be silk, anything else would be uncivilized. 
I really like this cardigan just for the design and the button work. Its a big V so it works well over an oxford as seen above.
Now for the second part of the theme from this collection; the bow tie. Bow ties are a personal favorite and the two looks here with bow ties are rather smashing. 
Good Show Chap, I say Good Show!

Haute Couture Fall/Winter 09: Armani

Yes! I live for this look. Yes! I would like to dance. May I have this dance?
I love couture! I want a t-shirt that says that. I love this collection so much that I can't even focus. Check the attention to detail in the garment and the black ring and clutch. The do is sick with that flap of hair just perfectly sitting there.
Ok, I'm tired of dancing, now lets just fly through the skies and stare into each others eyes on some clouds. Can we do that? This dress really makes me believe that we can sore through the skies. Peep the pinch by the knee's in the fabric.
Sick Show!


Live at Glastonbury: Lupe Fiasco

I had to post this, because Lupe's energy was through the roof in his performance so here it is.



Words With Glastonbury: Lupe Fiasco


Secretary of Defense: David Banner

Here's a thought and this is strictly a thought but what if he's serious and this is really a campaign ad? 


John Galliano: Dior

This is Dior's Haute Couture for Fall/Winter 09. When people tell you that sometimes you have to challenge yourself to think outside of the box that you usually put yourself in this is what they meant. This collection is the physical representation of thinking outside of the box. The cream dress above with all of the ruffles and frills is my interpretation of the physical form of love. Besides the three pieces that are floating down the runway above the rest of the show was sick! Honestly Mr Galliano (Creative Director of Dior) made sure that every detail was attended to accordingly. While going through the pictures I found these three to support my theory. Check the make-up on the last picture.