Saturday, August 8, 2009

Intro: Self Motivated

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Everyone has so many different aspirations, requirements... dreams. Every single organic organism dreams. What do plants dream of? I wonder what the clouds dream of? How about you, what do you dream of? Do you dream of me? I dream of you. I meditate and clear my mind in hopes of catching you. Men spend their entire life in pursuit of the wrong thing just to realize that it was you that they should have been chasing the whole time; you! What can I offer you? Not much but you have a whole new world to offer me. So why should you slow down for me? If you remain on the course you are on and I catch you then I deserve you. I have proven that against all odds I wanted you more than anyone else around me and I broke out of the pack, excelled and I attained you; ME! I'm working hard for you right now... see you in a year.


La DistinciĆ³n de Cuello


While in SoHo on Thursday I ran into Ari. Now if you don't know the first thing about Ari don't feel bad because there is a lot that I don't know about Ari, I just understand the preliminaries. The belt he is wearing says Ari. Why does it say Ari? It says Ari because he designed it. Not much of a mystery there but as far as exactly what else he does, that is a shaded area. However every time I see him he is so well dressed and apparently he is a big fan of Polo Ralph Lauren. When you see someone in RL nowadays you can spot them a block away in the huge pony and bright colored polo's. Or you may notice the huge RL going across the back of the polo, they prefer to be branded and fit in than to actually wear quality pieces that will help them to stand out. Both Ari's shirt and tie are by Ralph Lauren but what I wish to really bring your attention to is his use of the collar bar.
A gold collar bar under the knot of the RL silk loosely woven tie does two things. 1) It draws the collar in closer and holds it perfectly in position. 2) It makes the knot of the tie more pronounced so it rises while the body of the tie falls nicely on the shirt. This combo effect makes for a stunning presentation of a tie under a nice vest, tailored blazer or just over a nice oxford as seen on Ari.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Staying Up Late

Was my smile extra wide? Was my walk so much of a glide that the untrained eye might believe I could fly? Who am I? Where is my mind?

I feel as though I've been here for the past two years but yet it is unchartered territory. I frolicked the last go around and played for the span of 365 days in smiles, love and positivity; long time. Since then I can see energy as clear as you can see facial hair. I can read the eyes and understand everything that the mouth won't speak because the mind hides. I have traveled deep into the caverns of my own mind and pulled out the secrets of my current existence then put them back for safe keeping until it is time for me to read them.

It's not how you spend the day and night but what you do in the days to come. If you had $256,354.01 and you blew it all in one night would it make you as happy as if you had doubled that money in the year to come?

I was once a sleep deprived child as well but then I had a dream!

Is life about planning for the days to come or is life about living for the moment and enjoying every second? You decide but in the meantime... LIVE LIFE!


Pop Dali

Marcus Pierson

The piece of pop art that you are viewing is a piece from the Marcus Pierson collection at the Pop gallery in SoHo. I took a liking to this piece in particular because it is a play on a famous painting by the legendary Salvador Dali, almost to the point that it is to mock the artist himself. Pierson captures the essence of a Dali painting as if to say "anything you can do..." then he takes it in a totally different direction by adding a distinct pop art touch to it; making it a very nice piece. In this collection Pierson has had his way with Camel's similar to the way that Alexander McQueen openly displays his obsession with skulls. All in all I must say this is a collection to be ingested and appreciated.

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PoP International Galleries, INC

473 West Broadway 
New York, NY 10012 
T. 212.533.4262 


Monday, August 3, 2009


When you live the life that I live you are as likely to end up on the roof of the Chase Manhattan building as you are to sleep in your own bed. The rules get made up as you go along, and soon you'll realize that there really are no rules. The law gets broken every minute and the minutes when the law is not being broken it's because your thinking up new ways to break the law. There is no establishment, event, party or show that you can't get into and getting in is just the beginning. Then you have to get backstage and make friends with the people that everyone looks up to because the crowd is just that a crowd and your an individual. Anything that isn't bolted down is coming with you as a reward for all of your effort to get to where you are standing now. Everyone loves you, even the people that can't stand you love you. The people that can't stand you have never had a conversation with you; never. Oh and the women that you meet along this journey, well... I'll let you tell it.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

L&F: The World of Forms For The $en$ele$$

Plato believed that the Realm of Reality was split into two separate worlds. The world of $en$e$ and the world of forms or ideas. So when I say this is for the $en$ele$$ all I'm trying to say is that this is for the real.

Anything that doesn't appeal to your five $en$e$ is real!