Friday, August 7, 2009

Staying Up Late

Was my smile extra wide? Was my walk so much of a glide that the untrained eye might believe I could fly? Who am I? Where is my mind?

I feel as though I've been here for the past two years but yet it is unchartered territory. I frolicked the last go around and played for the span of 365 days in smiles, love and positivity; long time. Since then I can see energy as clear as you can see facial hair. I can read the eyes and understand everything that the mouth won't speak because the mind hides. I have traveled deep into the caverns of my own mind and pulled out the secrets of my current existence then put them back for safe keeping until it is time for me to read them.

It's not how you spend the day and night but what you do in the days to come. If you had $256,354.01 and you blew it all in one night would it make you as happy as if you had doubled that money in the year to come?

I was once a sleep deprived child as well but then I had a dream!

Is life about planning for the days to come or is life about living for the moment and enjoying every second? You decide but in the meantime... LIVE LIFE!


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