Saturday, August 8, 2009

La Distinción de Cuello


While in SoHo on Thursday I ran into Ari. Now if you don't know the first thing about Ari don't feel bad because there is a lot that I don't know about Ari, I just understand the preliminaries. The belt he is wearing says Ari. Why does it say Ari? It says Ari because he designed it. Not much of a mystery there but as far as exactly what else he does, that is a shaded area. However every time I see him he is so well dressed and apparently he is a big fan of Polo Ralph Lauren. When you see someone in RL nowadays you can spot them a block away in the huge pony and bright colored polo's. Or you may notice the huge RL going across the back of the polo, they prefer to be branded and fit in than to actually wear quality pieces that will help them to stand out. Both Ari's shirt and tie are by Ralph Lauren but what I wish to really bring your attention to is his use of the collar bar.
A gold collar bar under the knot of the RL silk loosely woven tie does two things. 1) It draws the collar in closer and holds it perfectly in position. 2) It makes the knot of the tie more pronounced so it rises while the body of the tie falls nicely on the shirt. This combo effect makes for a stunning presentation of a tie under a nice vest, tailored blazer or just over a nice oxford as seen on Ari.

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