Saturday, November 22, 2008

Complex: Leaders of The New Cool

I think that you should invest about half an hour to look through the "Leaders of The New Cool" video's on the Complex video website. It is an interested collection of ideas from the new faces on the hip hop scene and it is something that you can definitely take something from.


Complex Magazine: Travis McCoy

Complex magazine gets Travis McCoy to talk style. For the record the 3's are my favorite Michael Jordan signature trainers of all time. Oh and he said that he calls girls cookies rather than the obscenities that society label women, that's cool but the Nation of Cool refers to women as biddies and we have spread that all through NY. 

-side note-
The Nation of Cool is a comprised of the people in my family and the small amount of people that we really associate with, not the people that you see us in Myspace pictures with or the people that you have seen us at parties with, the people that we really associate with. Award Tour Family + The Dynasty = The Nation of Cool.


Happy Birthday: Hugh Hefner

Sin at it's best.


New Swagger Collection

Japanese born clothing line Swagger has recently released their newest collection and here are the looks. For the most part it is a street wear brand but I believe that everything in the world is affected by everything around it so fashion is one universal idea. There shouldn't be a division between high fashion and street wear. I like the creativity that went into the designs for the looks of this collection and I am impressed by a very thought provoking down jacket. It brings to mind thoughts of space and the unknown. The cut of the denim comes across as a surprise to me because Japanese denim is mainly cut wider and tends to be baggy. In a Complex interview 
Lupe Fiasco admitted to being fascinated by Japanese clothing and in one of his songs he commented on Swagger so I think it would be safe to say that he is a fan of their work. To get your hands on some pieces: 

"This is just a little bit of freshness, you know what I mean, a little bit of Swagger" Lupe Fiasco

Friday, November 21, 2008

Keri Hilson feat Lil Wayne - Turnin Me On

Energizer bunny/ the batteries never die/ I never turned her off/ so we have eternal life/ I'm so aggressive but yet and still I'm still polite/ you can't turn her on if you don't do it right/ I don't mean that she's upset/ when I say that she is tight/ we could do this all night/ only thing off is the lights/ only thing on is the socks but thats just for some traction/ enough of Seeing Sounds it is time for some action/ I will always turn her on so how could she turn me down/ freaky deeky off the wall now tell the world who turned you out.

Oh yea and watch the video too. 


Throw On Your Play Clothes: First Collection

I proudly present to you: Play Clothes. This clothing line has been in the works for some years now. The whole world has been patiently waiting and looking attentively ever since rap duo The Clipse first hinted that they might be doing a clothing line. If you pay close attention in some of their music they slip in a shameless plug for the clothing line. Well the line is finally here and we have the first looks from the first collection courtesy of our friends over at Hypebeast. Get your hands on some Play Clothes here: CLICK HERE

"As I'm switching lane to lane/ in my Play Clothes as I'm gripping grain" Pusha T


New Ellie Owens Dresses

While browsing the web today it came to my attention that Ellie Owens, a designer that I featured on L&F a while back, has some very interesting new pieces out. There is definitely an interesting selection of materials going on here and the first dress is a phenomenal piece of work. Every time I even glance at a dress that he has designed I am impressed and these new pieces haven't broken that cycle yet so indulge in the beauty that is Ellie Owens.
To get in contact with him: CLICK HERE

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Foxy Brown - Bust It Anywhere

The above picture was taken at Movado's concert in Queens. I don't do gossip nor do I follow celebrities or talk about them doing normal things like walking their dogs or drinking coffee but Foxy has had so much negative press and people have been making her out to be so bad. This industry is poisonous and if you don't navigate it carefully and keep a strong mind it will break you. I wanted to show the world that despite everything that has been going on in her life and all of the rumors she is still FOXY BROWN!


60 Minutes: The Obama's

The old saying was behind every strong man is a strong woman but I think that it's time men admit that women make them better. A good woman will make a good man a great man therefor the new saying should read: Next to every great man is a great woman. Show me your girlfriend and I'll tell you about yourself.


Should You Really Stop Smoking?

What you thought I didn't care about topics like this? This is a lifestyle site too. Tune in and learn something.


A Quote From Hov

"Everybody look at you strange and say you changed (ugh)/ like you worked that hard to stay the same/" Jay-Z


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rihanna for Gucci 09


A BBC Winter:

This is über cool (look it up). BBC is working day and night to make me a fan of their work and it is working.  The suggestive lifestyle brand has gotten into the habit of designing these thick knits that remind me a lot of the Coogi sweater that the world of hip hop fell in love with due to the late Biggie Smalls. One sure thing that I can say about this cardigan with a shawl is that it will keep you warm this winter when layered properly. In my opinion it was beautifully crafted and it has the BBC seal on the left arm so you know that your getting a quality product. As far as the second sweater which is simply beautiful, I'm just lost in the way the Astronaut is printed on the front. If I owned it I think I wouldn't make it out of the house being the narcissist that I am I might die in the mirror just looking at it.


New York Magazine: Alex Goldberg

You may have seen the video's on Personal of Alex and I chilling in SoHo scaring the mess out of tourist due in large part to boredom but you don't know Alex unless you read this extensive body of work that our friends at the New York Magazine did on him.


Theophilus London: New Interview

This is the latest installment of Theophilus London interviews. I like to think of these interviews as puzzle pieces and as you know with puzzle pieces the more pieces you connect the clearer the big picture becomes, so watch the video.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

This Victoria's Secret fashion show is nothing short of exactly what you have been waiting for. It's sexy, elegant, beautiful and most importantly of all it's Victoria's Secret. This is where a lot of well known models in the industry today got their shine and they haven't forgotten it (mainly because the media never gave them a chance to). The Victoria Secret runway is the former home of super model turned television personality Tyra Banks, the legendary Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum to name a few. As for what Victoria's Secret is, sometimes your better off not knowing so much.


GQ: Man of the Year

The gentlemen's quarterly has named Barack Obama man of the year. Sources tell me that regardless of the results on election night, November 4th, win or lose he was still going to be man of the year; wow! Never before has a presidential candidate created such a stir in society. Well not in my generation at least, my parents may have experienced this feeling before with a former president by the name of John F. Kennedy but Obama is the closest that the youth of my generation is going to get to that feeling.
Doesn't he just look presidential?


Monday, November 17, 2008

Naomi In Russia

Ahhh le Campbell on the cover of Vogue Russia. Can a photo shoot go any better? This face is one to be remembered and the photographer does a great job of capturing her.

-style note-
I'm a huge advocate of women going natural but when you need it to look your best I'm not against you applying make up.


Beyoncé Covers GQ

It is a well known fact that Beyoncé doesn't have to do much to look good (just apply powder, get eye brows done, nails done and wig in place) so why oh why wouldn't the powers that be at GQ headquarters place Sasha on my GQ cover? This cover is only for GQ Germany, I guess they figured that they need more B in their life.


Surface Magazine Photo Shoot

Sunday, November 16, 2008

If You Don't Know: Terry Richardson

This is Terry Richardson and I think it would be safe to say that he is of iconic stature. His work is noted all over the world and he has shot for everyone from high fashion lines like Miu Miu and Gucci to Barack Obama. He has also done music video's, books and commercials. Some may find his work offensive or just vulgar but I ask you today is it not the people that push and stretch the bounds of societies acceptance that are regarded as mavericks? So many people are afraid to do something because no one else is doing it but here is a thought for those people. If you want to do something and no one else is doing it that means that their is an entire market out there just waiting for you to tap into; go for it.
You figure it out.
Check out the Terry Richardson homepage: 

Neil Barret SS 09

Friday I happened to be going through some 09 collections and I thought that I had covered all of those that you needed to draw your attention to but it appears that I missed a few. One of them would be a line that I have taken a liking to; Neil Barret. The majority of his pieces aren't eye catchers if your looking for flash and pizzas but the construction of the pieces merits a second look. The cut of all the pants are perfect, the fall exactly where they should fall revealing just a bit of ankle. The tailoring in the blazers is noteworthy and if all of that doesn't impress you then maybe your in to the lime green pants.