Saturday, July 12, 2008

A.P.C washing: Ellington Hammond

I want to say thank you to my brother L for this demonstration on A.P.C washing.


All Tied Up!

First of all the focal point of this post is the woman with the hippie head tie. Not to take anything away from Ms. Bad Blue Dress and sick dark shades with a frame only a fool wouldn't love but I just need to get this message across so thank you and your welcome.
Now let's get down to business.
First of all I love women in hippie head ties, love em to death, I do.  In the material world that we live in her blue dress counter part (for the purpose of this photo) out dressed her but I made her the focal point of this post because she was the most original and sometimes it takes more than fierce looks and labels to win. Every woman wants to look fierce nowadays and everybody strives to keep up with the labels, but fashion is fleeting and whats in today is out later on today so what will you do when the style that you are rocking now is out? Only the original and creative will survive. 
Stay true to yourself.

-side note-
Ms. Bad Blue Dress did out-dress Ms. Hippie head tie in this flicker; kudo's


sights from SoHo: American Girl

In every movie that involves a foreign character preferably one from Russia or Germany you always hear the phrase "American girl" or more commonly "stupid American girl". I don't think that anyone ever stops to ask themselves what exactly is an "American girl"? Well there is a specific image of what an American girl is supposed to be and that is conservative. However I think that is contradictory to the "American Way" because we aren't a conservative country. We believe that we are the best nation in the world and we won't hesitate to let the whole world know. So I love it when I see American women like this women seen above who aren't afraid to be themselves and just be so nonchalant about it making it appear effortless. Everything in this outfit works and comes together to represent so much more than just clothes, it speaks to me of her. The rips in the stockings, the boots, the super V, the pink phone case and pink Ray Ban's and finally the necklace all tell me a story.

Thank You



iPhonemania has taken a hold of usually sane people and has them doing outlandish things to get their hands on a 3G iPhone. Sources tell me that the iPhones were driven to their destinations in police escorted armored trucks. Is it really that serious? I ask that question sheepishly knowing that there may be some iPhone fanatic lurking on a dim SoHo Block just waiting to pounce and verbally abuse me with excessive information about the new applications.

The above AT&T iPhone line wasn't that bad but then again I seriously doubt that they would get that many iPhone's at one time. On the contrary the iPhone line at the apple store as seen below was massive. What you see below is just a snippet of what the actual monstrous line looked like. It actually wrapped around the corner and down the block. Apple provided the dedicated/ determined people with Apple umbrella's to protect themselves from the unrelenting sun and that ladies and gentlemen is why I choose Apple, because they provided the people with umbrella's. 

It's the small things that count.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Apple 3G iPhone

The new Apple 3G iPhone was released today July 11th. Its slimmer, faster, packed with more features and most importantly its cheaper. If you've never had an iPhone before here is your chance to join the club. If you have had an iPhone before you should at least consider the 3G, I still have mine and I looked twice at the 3G. 
To learn more about the 3G iPhone and other Apple products


Fall 08 Collection: Bathing Ape

Coming Soon


Hello World: Toccara Jones

This is Ms. Toccara Jones in Vogue Italia. Honestly I think it was a good shoot, at first she didn't sell me with the whole car theme because of her facial expression. People don't realize how much a facial expression adds to a shot, in some flickers the face makes the shot. In the case of the first flicker of her "holding" the car I think she looks beautiful but she just didn't sell me in the shot.
However in this shot she definitely made me a believer; why? It was all in the facial expression. Upon a quick review of the shot you'd just dismiss it as her squinting because the light was in her face but if you really get into it, she is actually trying not to squint because the light is in her face while remembering that this is a photo shoot and she has to look sick. All of those factors calculated gives you one convincing shot. I like it a lot and I think this was a good look for her. Showing the world that she can do more than just exhibit her double D chest.

-a look back-

Vogue Italia: Naomi Campbell

Lesson for today children: Don't believe everything that you read in the paper's. It has been screened, altered, some words omitted and spun to fit the purpose of what they(the publication) wants not always what the subject(the person) intended. With that said I present to you Ms. Naomi Campbell:
If you don't just love these shots then its simple; your stupid. This is gold, I'm on my way to the bank right now with these shots. The first one is so old money inspired, with the Victorian era furniture and candle holders in the set. Here you see her sport the nude look but when you look at the picture that isn't the first thing that you say, which is quite amazing. This was a successful photo shoot I must say; simply sick.

Dig In:

A Look Ahead: Denim

This is a compilation of all of the new denim's on the market. Now I know your thinking that it's hot outside and you don't really need these right now, which is true. However as a wise consumer that reads L&F you should strive to shop for winter clothes in the summer and shop for summer clothes in the winter.

Out of all the denim's below the pair by Juicy Couture is my favorite. Washed, slim fitting denim is so comfortable especially when your used to wearing dry denim all the time. The Juicy jeans are begging me to get them dirty, they can easily become your favorite jeans.

Get In:

Happy Denim Hunting


Be Kanye!

This just in by way of Marquis. There are really ad's out there about this. LOL.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vogue Italia: More From Chanel Iman

The words depicted above in white that slightly overlap "Vogue" carry a lot more weight than I think they intended it to. As I look through these flicks I see flawlessness, I see refined beauty, I see why I fell in love with high fashion in the first place. These fabulous looks have been inspired by the legendary Grace Jones and I must say that justice has been served with this shoot. From the shape props in the shots to the sick hairdo and the facial expressions that spoon feed me, everything comes together to make this spread complete. I have put together this post for you all to enjoy, maybe you will fall in love with fashion and be inspired to do something in the industry.

Dig In:

The Inspiration: Grace Jones


The Current State of Fashion: Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld has a keen understanding of life and not life in the sense of the whole idea of humanity but life in the sense of his own life. The better you understand your life and the reason that things happen in your life the better life you will have. I wish you 100 years of prosperity Mr. Lagerfeld.


Baby you like (Hov!)

When I say "baby you like" you say "Hov". Okay now lets test it out. Baby you like...HOV! Baby you like...HOV! Baby you like...HOV! Baby you like...HOV! Good good, I love your energy, now lets get into it.
Quite simply put this is a spread of Hov in Vogue. There are a lot of sick looks through out but there is a common feeling to it. A very old money aura is exuded by these looks. Its all about the atmosphere that he is in. In Scar face I always say Montana looked a bit out of place with all of the luxuries that he was afforded after his success but Jay-Z sports these looks well. It almost seems like Mr. Carter was made for this lifestyle.


Seize sur Vingt

SoHo is becoming so bland that I've been looking for a new area to face hunt and shop. While I was wandering off from SoHo yesterday I happen to wander down Elizabeth street and right into this lovely boutique. I believe that it has been 10 years now that they were open, sources tell me that the store will actually be celebrating their 10 year anniversary next week. 
After a brief overview of the store it appeared to be a regular boutique. Nothing out of the norm, you know, ties, shoes, socks and cuff-links. However once I made my way to the back and I really got into the place I was blown away. Blazers, suit jackets, and pants all made of fine silk and or cotton. All ready to be tailor made to your specifications. That's right they do bespoke suits. What more can a man ask for? You can go in and get it all from one place, the oxford, the suit, the tie, the cuff-links and the shoes. Not to mention that the atmosphere is perfect. You can go in, get your suit started on then head down the block and have a pleasant conversation about how nice it is outside, over a cappuccino with a friend, at the coffee shop on the corner.
Located on:
243 Elizabeth Street
New York NY 10012

The clothes are good, the employee's are extremely helpful and friendly, the area is perfect so why haven't you gone yet?

Run there and when you get there and you catch your breath tell them that I sent you.
For those of you who aren't in New York and don't have the luxury of physically visiting the store, you can visit the online store.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Privacy in Public

This look gets me in the mood to hear "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" by the Old Dirty Bastard. It's so grunge and raw, it's like its screaming accept me because I'm me! Its real. It's Privacy in Public and their statement is we are here.
It's hard to find a clothing line that is creative and has good designs but its even harder to find one thats wearable. This line follows the path of the great street wear lines before them in the pursuit of being wearable and appealing to the ever changing market. I've shown you three looks, these looks encompass three different styles and five different types of people. Do I even need to say it? Diversity people; diversity.

For more sick looks dig in: Private

How will you do winter?


Myspace iCandy


"Honey bun Honey bun I think you really want me to up and kidnap you lock you in my closet and force you to be my fashion guru ,my sensei of all that is FABULOUS.I really didnt expect such content, not only content but content worth reading content that inspires and shows that geographical placement, gender or sexual orientation doesnt determine nor should it fog your Ray Bans or your Prada glasses from being able to express your self through fashion.You guys are basically saying that the one law that is required in modern society is that you must be clothed or you gets no service,might as well show you how to not only live by that law but do it with blazing hot textures and fabrics and smoking hot stiletto's. I thought that I would only bow down to Andre Leon Talley, but that era is slowly but surely "dieing out", and its time for a new wave a breath of fresh air to blow through and wipe away the tears of the less fashionable and create a new guideline and standard of what is hip ,cool and in.The concrete pavement clashes so beautifully with the runway. In conclusion I now throw my now less worthy Dolce and Gabbana leather bag to the floor as I stomp on my Dior sunglasses and scream I want more I want L&F. Kudos to you Honey bun." 
-Natasha S Archibald



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nas: Hero

Just in case you didn't know thats a LV scarf around his neck.

Bape Fall 08 Collection

Good looking out Frendy
Coming Soon

I heart Dalia!

I fell out when I seen these dresses and it wasn't because its a scorcher in New York today. I fell out because these dresses are nothing short of Wow! Tim Gunn would say that these design's are wowable and I would nod in agreement. Honestly only a fashion goddess could draw up such designs and use the golden thread to bring these pieces to life and boy do they live.
These wonderful pieces are brought to you by Dalia and the vision is bestowed upon her by God. I mean honestly look at how marvelous they are, who wouldn't want to be wrapped up in one of these dresses?

Dig In:
Samantha Harris in Dalia
Julianne Hough wrapped up in Dalia
oh yea did I forget to mention Hilary Duff?

I hereby declare Dalia one of the sickest dress makers! I can see her showing her line in Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, she is so ready but you can slip into one as soon as possible.

Run, Trip and Crawl here: Dalia


Monday, July 7, 2008

July 7, 2008

As I sit here and bang my head against the screen of my MacBook, Michael Jackson's Heart Break Hotel plays simultaneously through my MacBook and my stereo system. Why? Well today I needed to get some fresh air so I tugged out to SoHo in my Marc Jacobs rain boots looking quite dapper waiting for the rain to wash away my thoughts. Yea I wanted to walk in the rain, honestly its so liberating. Rain never came, so I'm storming through SoHo and who do I run into but... are you ready?
Chanel Iman! 
Yes she is every bit as sick as you think she is. Seen the silhouette from the back and I just knew, besides I have a post about her pending on Personal
So now I'm walking next to her and I look up at her (yea I'm short but I like to climb) and I say "Good Day Luv" and smile. She returns a salutation and her own ray of sunshine, then I break off from her and go my way.

Now I know you all are shaking your heads at me like I'm stupid and honestly I don't blame you. You only feel that way now because you are yet to understand how my life works.

1) I didn't have my camera
2) I was fresh out of cards for the link to L&F
So this is me standing next to Ms. Robinson with nothing but my name and no physical conversational pieces.

However I'm not too worried about it, my life is a revolving door and once people walk into it they don't come out. So until I see you again luv...SoHo

-side note-
I'll never be unprepared again.


LV Monogram Oxford

When I saw this it hurt me; this needs to stop. Did you know that New York is one of the fashion capitals in the world. London, Paris and New York. I'd expect this from some more southern states but come on New York.

Oh and NO! No it isn't real. Why was that even a question?



"I spent time trying to come up with a clever way to express how flattered, excited and how much of a confidence boost you gave me after seeing your blog. Needless to say, I am/ was speechless." Deonna McKinney

When we started L&F we never imagined that we would reach people like this. I just wanted to make a site to allow people a window to the fashion world from my brain. I walk on the ceiling and sleep on a cumulonimbus. Thank you luv for your kind words.
Stay Tuned


Thank You

"If Sex and the City was casted with straight men you would be Carrie, you are a fashionisto way beyond his time."
Natasha S. Archibald

I can't thank you all enough for all of the love but then I realized that I can do this.

Many more to come. I appreciate everything and I'd just like to say that I love you too. Yes you and you and you and you as well. I love you all.
Stay Tuned


This Is How We Chill: SoHo Edition

This Is How We Chill