Saturday, February 21, 2009

Christina Milian - King Magazine Photoshoot

Go behind the scenes with King Magazine on Christina Milian's photoshoot.


REAL Ramble: Melodic Flow

"They are going to try their best to poison my brain again and control me. They want me to believe that life is a system of control that I have to submit to. The worst part is I have to use their system of control to fund their institution of control; money!" Jason Burke


Friday, February 20, 2009

Anna Sui F/W 09 Collection

This season we have seen what is in my opinion the most eclectic collections in a long time. There is an good amount of accessory use this season.  The dresses in Anna Sui F/W 09 collection were straight out of a fairy tale, which brings us to another element that I would like to shed some light on. The ready to wear collections are looking more like couture collections every season. They are getting very imaginative and elaborate, this is a good thing because now you get a sense of something more than couture, you get a feeling of wearable/ functional couture. I say that keeping in mind that the majority of the couture dresses aren't functional pieces and are just designed for the show. However the focus of the show wasn't on the dresses, the head pieces were the stars of this show; sometimes literally. Head pieces included stars, moons, tiara's and hats with bows and long feathers. I feel strongly about these head pieces because I think that they will really be infused into women's everyday wardrobe. Anna Sui said it in this show and most of you might not have gotten the message so let me put it to you in a sense that is impossible to miss;
Hats off to you Ms. Sui.


Kid Cudi: Day and Night

I think that this video is visually beautiful. It's like a graphic artist dreams of something like this and then wake's up and tries to remember the dream. I am a huge fan of the concept and I think after seeing the video the song will make sense to a couple more people.


Nooka: The Clear Choice

Ever since I first laid eyes on the Nooka watch brand I've been a huge fan and supporter. I like G Shock and I think that their watches are cool but right now everyone has one on their wrist and most people aren't really fans of G Shock they are just chasing the cool. Besides you feel way cooler when people don't know how to read your watch. This is the newest installment in the Nooka collection of timepieces; the clear band Zub. The way you read the time on the Zub is the big bars at the top are hours and there are up to 12 of those bars. Then the smaller bars directly under that represent the minutes and the very fine bars at the bottom represent the seconds. There is also indication for AM and PM. I must admit that there is a buzz for these watches going on right now where more people than none own one but for the most part G Shock is still holding the attention of the Mr. Me Too. What you'll learn as you progress is that really cool people don't have to say that they are cool or wear what other "cool" people are wearing, they do what they want and they make it cool.


Raf Simons Baggage

These two bags are the physical extreme's between loud/ eccentric and subtle/ reserved. I think we all know someone who would purchase the silver patent leather bag and blind the passers-by on the opposite side of the street with the suns reflected rays. Then there is the reserved person that just paid close to six hundred dollars for this bag but could care less if you knew it or not. There is nothing wrong with being either person. If that is who you are then be that to the best of your ability and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. A problem may occur when said reserved person tries to step outside of the box for a day and goes for the flash, it doesn't always work out but that shouldn't stand in your way of experimenting either. It's all in the name of fashion.


Welcome Back Chuck

"Charles Barkley is one of the best NBA basketball analyst on syndicated television today. " Jason Burke


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lilly Allen Covers Spin Magazine

click here to see the video that goes behind the scenes of the cover shoot.


Julia Roberts Covers Allure: Still A Pretty Woman

“Just when you think you’re getting your sh-t together, someone says, ‘When is your baby due?’ I had Henry on my hip, and it was like ‘This is my baby,’” Roberts says flatly. “It hurt my feelings so bad! I think the second-meanest thing you can say to somebody is ‘You look tired.’ Why do people say that? Just tell me I look like a mom! Don’t tell me I look tired.” Julia Roberts


Taylor Swift Covers Rolling Stone

Very Nice.
Photographers, psychiatrist what's the difference? It always amazes me how photographers get their subjects to open up for the camera and step outside of their box for a day. These two shots are really cool and it looks like she really had fun on this set.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kanye on the Wake Up

I like when Sway interviews people. I think he keeps them at peace and they get to be themselves and open up during his interviews. He always brings the real out of people.


Details Presents: Kanye West


We All Love Her

Rachel Zoe in the Promenade to see Mathew Williamson's collection looking good in guess what... SEQUINS! I thought I just told you only the cool people are wearing sequin right now.


Kris Van Assche Speaks

"My label is really very much focussed on what I really want to wear and what I really want to do so it's kind of a self-focussed; egocentric label. " 

"For me the shoes have always been my favorite accessory 'cause it's the only one that actually makes a man stand straight." Kris Van Assche 


Juice Magazine Germany: Curt@!n$


Rules of Style with Donna Karen: Details Magazine

"Every man should have the seven easy pieces: great pair of black pants, great jacket, white shirt, tie, great cashmere sweater, great pair of jeans, and a piece in leather—things that are amorphous. They can be simple and modern and yet comfortable and elegant." Donna Karen


New Balenciaga Trainers

I see a lot of similarities in these trainers to the designs of the past releases but in light of the new alterations and minor changes made make these trainers look like brand new trainers. I like the flap on the back which is a new addition, the purpose of the flap is to catch the back of your pant so that it doesn't drag. The picture of these trainers is appealing but when you see it up close and in person it really magnifies the feeling that you get from the picture because there is so much detail on the side.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Little is Known...

There are a couple names that I can throw at you and you will instantly get a feeling of inspiration and appreciation, maybe even respect for their journey. However if I said Laura Diaz you probably wouldn't know who that is. The words Laura Diaz, Anchor would never flow together in your mind but she actually is an anchor for CBS. For someone that is one television on a daily basis with a smile on her face, she has a story that wasn't as pleasant as people may assume. She didn't have the strong background and she wasn't bred to be in the media industry, she had to work hard for everything that she has today. Her parents worked hard so that she could have better opportunities than they did. Diaz was not only the first female lead anchor for her television station but she was also the first hispanic to achieve that. Not to add she is an eight time Emmy award winner. CBS anchor Laura Diaz has not had it easy but through it all she has triumphed and she has not forgotten it. She is down to earth and very appreciative of everything that she has accomplished. Her work and her achievements stand as a constant reminder to people of hispanic descent everywhere that if you work hard and pursue the goal that you wish to achieve nothing is possible. If you remember nothing else today remember this, CBS anchor Laura Diaz.


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People ask me a lot about my drive. I think it comes from, like, having a sexual addiction at a really young age. Look at the drive that people have to get sex—to dress like this and get a haircut and be in the club in the freezing cold at 3 A.M., the places they go to pick up a girl. If you can focus the energy into something valuable, put that into work ethic.” Kanye West

What's crazy is this is where I am now; mentally.


Welcome to Heartbreak


Candy on Call

How many of us have a drawer full of snacks in our desk at work and even a pantry at home stocked full of candy bars, jelly beans, gummy bears, popcorn and even cotton candy. We all know that we shouldn't but sometimes you have to indulge because what is life without a little indulgence? Now what happens when you slide open that drawer and reach into that bag only to find that the bag is empty. First reaction is panic! After that has passed you have to come to terms with the fact that you have to wait until the end of the day because you spent the majority of your lunch break trying to decide where you wanted to eat and what you felt like eating. It's such an inconvenience to go all the way to that mega market just to replenish those gummy bears that you just finished. You only go there because of the size of the bag that you get. I wonder how you would feel if I told you that you could order the candy of your choice online and have it delivered to you; no more inconvenience to say the least. That's a crazy idea isn't it? Well guess what? It's a reality.  This has to be the widest selection of treats that I have seen and the fact that Bulk candy order and delivery is an option makes a world of difference. My personal favorite would have to be the concord grape gummy bears, when I taste them it's like everything else doesn't exist. What's your favorite?

Go to the website and enjoy the comfort of ordering your sweets in bulk. There is so much to choose from, it might take you sometime to find out what your favorite candy is but that is the best part now isn't it?
Have fun.


Marc Jacobs F/W 09 Collection

This collection definitely displays forward thinking. It was definitely designed at the hands of what any sane person would consider a mad man. The pieces do not come together to work as one cohesive unit, at times they actually seem to clash and contradict each other. This collection has Marc Jacobs name written all over it. He didn't get to being the King of New York by following guidelines set in place by his predecessors. He isn't Marc Jacobs because he does something that you can predict, expect or are even ready for. He didn't get to where he is by playing it safe so for those same reason's I appreciate this collection. Usually when designers get as big as him they get comfortable with their position and abandon what it was that got them into that position in the first place. Here we see a season veteran still playing as hard as he did in his rookie year. Honestly I can't make head or tail of this collection as a whole but the pieces individually are incredible. You don't have to completely understand something to appreciate it besides the best things of the world take a couple years before people actually "get it".

Personal Favorite


Kanye West in MCM Jacket

This is the first time that I have ever seen Mr. West in MCM but I can say that this is definitely a good look for him. It is safe to say that one of the members of his entourage Taz Arnold is responsible for this MCM influence. For those of you who don't know Taz collaborated on a collection with MCM and the majority of his wardrobe is MCM. Mr. West has never been spotted wearing MCM any other time than this time where he threw it on to perform but it is definitely something that I would look forward to seeing more of. Hopefully he can work this piece and more into his regular wardrobe rotation.


Ksubi Sequin Dress

Ksubi is down with the sequin movement. Hurry up and get on board before it gets too commercial. Only the really cool people are wearing sequins right now so why aren't you?


The New York Times Report:

You decided to launch a couture line, Armani PrivĂ©, in 2005, even though that’s generally considered to be a dying art. 
The first collection—just 35 outfits—was mainly evening wear. For some, couture is about costume and theater. But not for me. I am creating this collection in a very thought-out, pragmatic way. This is about offering a very special, personalized service for my best clients.


Black Book Reports:

What are your feelings about the Grammys this year? 
I went in, I had four nominations, I was happy. I kinda lost all of them, but even so, it was good. It was the best Grammys that I’ve been to. The performances were really good.

Who would be your date if you could go back and take any girl to your senior prom? 
I’d take Sandra Bullock.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Keenyah is Back!

After a brief hiatus we finally see Keenyah back in front of the camera; right where she needs to be. It feels like we have all been parched and these pictures are a refreshing glass of ice cold water; drink it all in. It is great to see that after the break she is still in such good shape, thanks in large part to her excellent fitness regiment. Her shots are breath-taking, her stance in each shot is on point and her legs are the stuff that dreams are made of. Her last shot is my personal favorite, I just feel like it is a classic look and a very endearing pose. From the days of ANTM until now I can say that we see a more mature, sophisticated Keenyah. As the time passes the more beautiful she grows and I see no signs of her slowing down so I expect nothing but open doors in her career. Until industry big wig's realize the talent or her agent gets back to work this is all we have but don't worry I have a feeling that this is only the beginning.


Web Hosting is a Breeze

When it comes to starting a website people put a lot of thought into the creative process of it but when it comes to the web hosting segment it's like we all just go with the first name that comes to mind or whoever makes it the simplest for us to do what we want to do. However there really is a whole lot more to consider before you jump into a contract with a web hosting site. For instance what you wish to do with your website has a lot to do with the web hosting site that you should go with. If it's a business site and you know that you are going to have a lot of traffic you have two concerns. Can the server handle the amount of people visiting my site daily and can they assist me with making my site look as professional as I need it to look? So when you want to host a website and you aren't quite sure who to go with what do you do? Where do you turn with all of these questions about web hosting? Simple, you go to a web hosting review site like this one (click here). Think of it like seeking a Guru. This site knows everything about anything that you may have been wondering or unsure of regarding web hosting and what would be best for you. So take all of your questions and follow the link:
If your in dire need of assistance and have no idea what you are doing then,
also take a gander at:


The Underrated Button

In a time when everyone is looking to be more unique and different from the next person it seems to me that we are all looking more alike. When people get dressed in the morning the only accessory they pay attention to if any is their cell phone; clipped to the hip. I see accessories being big this year more than ever before. Times are hard and the economy is on a see-saw so no one is in a rush to spend major money on clothes anymore. What they have to do now is find ways to improve upon the outfits that they already have. There are plenty ways to make that shirt look better but how sure can you be that the next guy isn't thinking about wearing his tie like that, I mean the bow tie is coming back in a major way and everyone is doing it now so what do you do? How about a button? A button is a subtle way to express yourself. Pin it on you jacket, sweater, shirt, denim, pant leg, etc. The best part is that buttons aren't just for election time despite popular belief. Buttons are fun and only the really cool, innovative forward thinkers are wearing them so why aren't you? You can do a lot more with a button than you think. We are all very aware of the lack of jobs and how hard some people are having it but what you don't realize is that there are US companies that do not export the labor so by purchasing a US made button you will be aiding the US economy; win/ win situation. So what are you waiting for? Get your American made button and let everyone know just how cool you are.
follow the link:


Concrete Loop Reports:

A fresh cool young Lu...
The magnificent Zoe Kravitz at Rose Bar.
When you see me in person what does it feel like? I know I know I look better in real life!


Julia Restoin-Roitfeld: Page Six Magazine

Go behind the scenes and see the creative process of this very sexy photo shoot.


Lady GaGa: Love Game

Either you get it or you don't but if you don't get it then you can't judge it.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

He Won My Vote


It's About Style

If you don't get it then your mind isn't open enough but these are some of the most stylish guys that I've come across this week. If you pay attention to the outfits you'd see that they put a lot of work into the creation process. Most people wouldn't understand it but then again the best things in the world weren't understood or accepted upon their first introduction. Even scientific theories that are now accepted were ridiculed and debunked upon their first introduction.

Louis Vuitton: Stephen Sprouse Collection

By now I'm sure everyone knows that Louis Vuitton has remodeled their stores to feature the newest collection which uses the legendary graffiti style artwork of Stephen Sprouse. The new collection provides a refreshing outlook on a classic fashion house that has stayed very close to their roots for years. The line that started with trunks and revolutionized the way that people traveled by introducing the flat, stackable trunk; has reached a new frontier. I feel like this drastic change has modernized the fashion giant. Everyone didn't agree with Marc Jacobs decision to change the monogram, he himself said that when he was hired he was instructed not to change the monogram but if you pay any attention to MJ you would notice that he is loved and respected for thinking outside of the box and shaking things up, so it would be safe to say that he is a fashion rebel. He then took the initiative to shake up LV and now it has been accepted and approved. Personally I wasn't a fan of the collection upon initial release but after further review I like certain pieces from the collection and I think that overall it is for the greater good. Change is inevitable and everyone isn't always going to want to change but without change there can be no progression.

This collection has been Coolness P approved.


Happy Valentine's Day

Despite the fact that Valentine's day is embraced for all the wrong reasons it is still a day that should be spent with the ones that mean the most to you in your life. I am fortunate enough to have a permanent Valentine every year. Valentine's day is also my mother's birthday, so we spent Valentine's day celebrating her birthday with family and friends. I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's day and remember you don't have to be in a relationship to appreciate and enjoy Valentine's day. True happiness comes from within and you have to be happy with yourself before you can expect anyone to come into your life and make you happy. So my advice to you all today is make yourself happy everyday. Smile, laugh, slow down and breathe. You'll be surprised what you actually see as opposed to the things that you used to just take for granted.

"Life is what you make it. If you are just living then you aren't making it and if you're just making it then you aren't living. So get creative and start living the life that you really want to live." Jason Burke