Saturday, March 21, 2009

Words From the Bard: Walt Whitman

"Come to us on equal terms, only then can you understand us. We are no better than you. What you enclose we enclose. What you enjoy we enjoy." Whitman


LV x Mr. West Boat Shoes

The white ones are cool, I'm a huge fan of the design but the suede ones just aren't practical for me. Suede isn't good in water much less on a boat so I'm assuming these are just meant to be worn as walking shoes but that defeats the purpose of them being boat shoes. Conceptually I think these are good shoes but the fact that the grey ones are grey it isn't practical. 


Friday, March 20, 2009

I Solemnly Swear

2007 Lexus SC 430 

Acceleration (0 - 60 mph): 5.8 sec.     Base Number of Cylinders: 8

Horsepower: 288 hp     Max Horsepower: 5600 rpm

Torque: 317 ft-lbs     Max Torque: 3400 rpm

Drive Type: RWD     Turning Circle: 35.4 ft.

Base Engine Size: 4.3 Liters     Base Engine Type: V8

I still remember the first time Tamica came to pick me up from Coolness P's house so that we could go out to lunch. Called me and said that she was outside, so I'm out the window looking for her BMW and I didn't see it. So I go downstairs to further investigate and my eyes lit up when I seen her sitting in this.

There is a special feeling you get when your riding in an "IT" car. All day people were staring, commenting and openly complementing the car. One guy yelled from across the street: "Drop the top!" "That is my favorite part!"

So when you purchase the car are you also purchasing a sense of prestige? Without a doubt, whether you think about it that way or not you are forced to acknowledge it.
It's just the life.


Brooklyn We Go Hard


The Price Release: LV x Mr. West

I find two things interesting here:

1) Two pieces of similar design out of the collection are named "Jasper's", does this mean that Ibn Jasper had a hand in designing them?

2) $840 is the min, $1140 is the max, are you serious?

Who is still shelling out that kind of capital for trainers? Not even to say that they are leather hard bottoms, they are patent leather and suede trainers, are you serious?

Do you think they over shot this one just a bit?


Barack Obama on Jay Leno

Who can think of a cooler American President?


Kim & Reggie GQ Photo Shoot

This photo shoot came out good. I must admit I was a bit surprised when I first heard that GQ was going to do a shoot with them because on the relationship list their relationship is very under-rated. It's to the point where you know about it but you don't always remember and when your an A-Lister that is a good thing.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Divine Bradley Interview

This is my best interview yet, Divine Bradley is involved in too much to take account for. Being aware of everything that he is doing makes me re-think my theory of me being too busy for anything. This is definitely someone to watch in the years to come just to see how far his drive and determination takes him.


Sessilee Lopez Covers Latina Magazine

  What makes Sessilee such a good model?

In my personal opinion one of the attributes that Ms. Lopez possesses that makes her a good model is the fact that she looks great in any haircut. In some shows dating back to 2006 her hair was shorter, in between then and now it grew and she cut it again, for this photo shoot it's short but considering that caesars for women are prominent I can't say that it is really short. Regardless of what length, style or color her hair is she always looks good and that is a desirable trait in a model. 


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wayne's World in 7 Minutes

This is a very nice perspective on Lil Wayne and the progression of his career in 7 Minutes. Our generation has really compressed everything. We want things immediately, that emotion has led to impatience, innovations in technology and 7 Minute documentaries like this one.


The Last Emperor Trailer

How was I? Tell me the truth.
Okay I'll tell you... you look a bit too tan.


TI$A TV Presents: The Mission Statement

It's wild that he brought up the idea of FIRE and recently I've been exploring the FIRE within myself. Leo is a FIRE sign and I used to be extremely rebellious and disagreeable in my younger years (6 months ago). I have definitely calmed and become more composed as a young man and as an intellectual (there is a line between the two). I asked myself if in doing so have I cooled the FIRE within? Survey says? NO! Upon further review it has been concluded that FIRE can be neither controlled or contained for an extended period of time. FIRE can be suffocated because much like human beings FIRE requires oxygen to survive. However when man tries to harness (fancy word for control) the power of FIRE he quickly learns that in the end FIRE is wild and unattainable. So to digress, have I douched my inner FIRE? No because it is not apart of me, it is me and I am it. As the months change and the alignment of the planets alter FIRE acts like the fire on the stove when the knob is adjusted, it fluctuates between a low FIRE and a high FIRE.


The Clash of the Giants

The dramatization was enough for me but if you wish to get the full details then you can read the story over from our friends over at The Cut.


Your So New York

While in a round table on Monday a very interesting idea was brought up. When asked about how Nike feels about the sole collector community and how much they love their trainers, the response was that it all started with the graffiti artist and it was embraced since then by doing collaborations with certain artist. 

Got me thinking and I came to the conclusion that even though graffiti isn't as prominent as it was back in the 80's it is still at the heart and soul of New York. It is everywhere and it is an art. The artist must be half monk and half hit-man so to speak. He has to be aware of whom is watching him and the area that he is in, while also being aware of where the authorities are due to the fact that graffiti is illegal. It is an expression of self and it simultaneously expresses the general esthetic of New York. 

It's raw, it's pure, it's REAL.

So I have taken up the task of photographing and displaying the graffiti work in and around New York. I'm going everywhere from the Bronx back down to Red Hook and photographing every piece of graffiti that I can find.

I'll be releasing a photo a day so stay tuned.


Dancing With The Stars: Lil Kim Round 2


CURT@!N$: Interview Continued

One of the best interviews that I have seen in a while. 


Married to the M.O.B Spring 09 Look Book

The M.O.B is jumping out of the window with this collection. I don't think the feel or the look of the clothes are new I just think that they looked at it from a different perspective.
To see the rest of the look book follow the link below:


Play Ball

Band of Outsiders Baseball Jacket


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who is Daryl Jones?

If you don't know who Daryl Jones is then you need to follow the link below and familiarize yourself with him.


You King!

Sitting in my Biology class thinking about my own molecular structure while the professor preps us for his quiz next week. I was so deep into my day dream that when I saw the shoes on this young lady sitting in front of me I thought that I was still day dreaming. However class was dismissed and the shoes were still there.
Are you kidding me? How dare her wear brown wingtip shoes with a perfect cuff to display the argyle socks! I was so taken back by her outfit that I had to take her picture. Women don't usually have this much style (although there was that one woman from NC). It was really refreshing to see this, especially since I haven't worn my wingtip shoes to school yet. 
She brought everything together with a canvas bag and a smile.
The best part for me was her name: Yueqing Li.
When spoken it sounds like: You King Li.
Very Nice.


Supreme x Vans

Somethings were just meant to go together.


Theophilus London: Interview with JoyEngine

Headlining the Rolling Stones party huh? Thats a very good opportunity for Theophilus London, I want to be the first to say; it's not over. I would say congratulations but you have so much more to do and so much further to come. Enjoy the journey, it's a beautiful struggle and when you get there I'll be the first to say congratulations. Artist used to work so hard to get a record deal, they get it and their album comes out, does terrible and then they disappear. Where did they go wrong? They stopped working when they got the recording deal with the label because they thought to themselves: I made it!
Keep up the good work.


Esquire 09 Best Dressed "REAL" Man

Go check out my profile on the Esquire website, be sure to register and if you think you are a well dressed man you should enter the contest. Esquire magazine is looking for the best dressed "REAL" man, which basically means an everyday guy that just dresses exceptionally well. The response to this contest has been big and I'm sure that it is only going to get bigger so follow the link below and check out the site.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beyonce Covers Vogue?!?!?

I shouldn't be surprised by this move but for some reason I am. I can't really wrap my brain around why this hasn't registered in my brain yet. From the early days of Destiny's Child up until this point and time Beyonce has really transformed her career, her image and has really grown into a beautiful woman. I see this Vogue cover as so much more than just a magazine cover. I see this as solidification to the fact that she is here, the same message that she was trying to convey through her last album I Am. Bravo to the Vogue staff on hand for this photo shoot, they did a great job with capturing B.
Photo courtesy of: source


Hush Hush: Nom De Guerre

I'm really a fan of this clothing line not only because they make good clothes, there are plenty of designers that make good clothes but the way that they present themselves is what draws me to their line. They are sending all the right signals you just have to know how to read them. The craftsmanship in the clothes have always been good and this collection is no exception to that. They don't throw tons of money into advertising so you won't see any huge overbearing ads on gigantic billboards, as a matter of fact I hardly see ads for them in magazines. Even their SoHo location is discrete and very low key. So if you know about it you know about it but if you don't then you don't. This collection is actually the first time that I can categorize them as aggressive in any way. I think that the presentation of not only this collection but their company as a whole is noteworthy. Such discretion is a mark of distinguish and is to be appreciated in the line. 

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