Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hush Hush: Nom De Guerre

I'm really a fan of this clothing line not only because they make good clothes, there are plenty of designers that make good clothes but the way that they present themselves is what draws me to their line. They are sending all the right signals you just have to know how to read them. The craftsmanship in the clothes have always been good and this collection is no exception to that. They don't throw tons of money into advertising so you won't see any huge overbearing ads on gigantic billboards, as a matter of fact I hardly see ads for them in magazines. Even their SoHo location is discrete and very low key. So if you know about it you know about it but if you don't then you don't. This collection is actually the first time that I can categorize them as aggressive in any way. I think that the presentation of not only this collection but their company as a whole is noteworthy. Such discretion is a mark of distinguish and is to be appreciated in the line. 

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