Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your So New York

While in a round table on Monday a very interesting idea was brought up. When asked about how Nike feels about the sole collector community and how much they love their trainers, the response was that it all started with the graffiti artist and it was embraced since then by doing collaborations with certain artist. 

Got me thinking and I came to the conclusion that even though graffiti isn't as prominent as it was back in the 80's it is still at the heart and soul of New York. It is everywhere and it is an art. The artist must be half monk and half hit-man so to speak. He has to be aware of whom is watching him and the area that he is in, while also being aware of where the authorities are due to the fact that graffiti is illegal. It is an expression of self and it simultaneously expresses the general esthetic of New York. 

It's raw, it's pure, it's REAL.

So I have taken up the task of photographing and displaying the graffiti work in and around New York. I'm going everywhere from the Bronx back down to Red Hook and photographing every piece of graffiti that I can find.

I'll be releasing a photo a day so stay tuned.