Saturday, October 11, 2008

Diesel Union Sq Store: 30th Anniversary


Karmaloop TV: Chromeo


Friday, October 10, 2008

Smirnoff Event: Behind The Scene's

To get a behind the scenes look at what Coolness P and SoHo B did at the Smirnoff event

Smirnoff Event: The Entertainment

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Naked & Famous

This winter the denim to be desired is Naked and Famous.  It's 100% Japanese denim and honestly there is nothing better than Japanese denim and what makes it better is that Naked and Famous have some styles that are thick and tough. If you have ever worn dry denim then you know the thicker the denim the better it looks when you brake them in. Not all of the cuts are slim I just selected my three favorite looks to display. Check out their website if your not completely convinced that this is for you.

Smirnoff Event: The People

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Uncle Murda feat Jay-Z, Pharrell:

This song is a must hear: CLICK HERE


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bazaar: Victoria Beckham

Mrs. Beckham looking like royalty in the latest installment of Bazaar Indonesia. The cover shot is an elegant look from Bill Blass. I find that surprising because I haven't heard much noise from him in a while, he used to be big in the industry in the 90's but almost non existent as of recent. Despite all of that the blouse is still good. However my favorite look is the one below, everything about it just says royalty. Besides the fact that the clothes are on point her face is beautiful, when I saw her in person she took my breath away.


Beyoncé For Essence:

Beyoncé must mean beautiful in some foreign dialect because this woman is incredible. It almost seems unfair that she is taken but everything happens for a reason and when you are as famous and powerful as she is happiness is hard to come by so I'm glad that she's happy.


The Blackberry Storm:

Don't leave Verizon just yet, a better phone is on the way. 
To learn more about the Blackberry Storm CLICK HERE


Myspace iCandy: SweetFace

Casio G-Shock: Spike Lee

New Spike Lee G-Shock available at DQM (Dave's Quality Meats). So now you can wear your Spike Lee G-Shock while rocking your Spizzike's. The G-Shock in honor of the icon is a classic look and feel with slight moderations.


Words From The Style Guy:

"Is not the very point of skinny jeans package display? This is expected. We are roosters, not capons." "and there’s no shame in that. ’Tis said if you’ve got it, flaunt it—and for those with it, flaunting can be done with some discretion." Glenn O'Brian

Coach Topsider?

Coach leather has these bad boys set to release in March of 09. How do I feel about them personally? I think that they are good because not only are they boat shoes, something that every man should own, but they have a modern twist on them so they are updated boat shoes. Plus its Coach leather, one of the main things that you look for in articles of clothing is quality; what says quality better than Coach leather? Plus there is a suede option that has the affect of a desert boot in the form of a boat shoe so its über cool, it's not suitable for the actual boat or anything having to do with water but it's great for city walking and day to day wear, it's going to look amazing when its completely destroyed.


Words From An Icon: Halle Berry

"I think lingerie is sexy, and I'll wear it, sure. But truth is, I'm good-to-go in a tank top and bare feet -- although every woman should own at least one good pair of pumps. That's really the only wardrobe you need for sex: a tank top and pumps." Halle Berry 

Berry was named: sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine; thats major.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Words From An Icon: Cornel West

"you can't lead the people if you don't love the people, you can't save the people if you don't serve the people." Cornel West


Kanye West: Ellen D'Generous

This is a man that doesn't care about what you think of him or how you feel about him his mind is stronger than that. The best way to describe his disposition is "If I don't believe in me then who will?" I agree with that attitude but just like the media did John Gotti, they want you to be humble. It's like your successful and you can't celebrate your success. You did it my way, the same way that you were told wouldn't work and you should celebrate every chance you get. Narcissism is healthy in moderation.
Enjoy the video:

also enjoy the live performance:


Are You A PC?

This is what you get when intellectuals make music. People always say that there was a time when people didn't understand N.E.R.D and the movement or the sound. I think that people still don't understand them and the people that like them now are just following the hype behind Bathing Ape and BBC. The problem with followers is that they will always follow, they can't even lead themselves. I'd love to sit down and talk with N.E.R.D and really have an intellectual conversation to see how far we can stretch our minds. They weren't the first to understand the theory that no one ever really dies but I think they have introduced a whole lot more people to the idea.


Paper Magazine Party:

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The 2nd Debate: Obama and McCain:

Please vote! It means so much more this year than ever before. We need a new direction in government, just look at where the Republican direction has taken us.


New From Urban:

I know the majority of you aren't ready for the colder months yet but the good news is that it's not too late, you still have a chance. Here are some options for staying warm in the months when the sun seams not to provide any heat.
Cheap Monday not only makes great denim but is a good clothing company all around. It would be wise to look into acquiring some cool cardigans by them such as the one above.
Scotch and Soda isn't as well known as it should be, honestly it's just not their time to be on everyones back but this is a perfect opportunity for you to consume it because when the whole world finds out how cool it is (a celebrity flaunts a flashy S&A shirt) at least you'll have bragging rights.
You all know that I'm an advocate of byCorpus denim but they also have some really good sweaters and cardigans this winter. To get your hands on the one above...


Ciara feat T-Pain - Go Girl

A new anthem for the women to get dressed to.


Casio G-Shock: Astro boy

Casio does it again but this time its a Astro boy G-Shock. Who doesn't like Astro boy? I guess they are banking on the idea that a lot of people like him enough to strap him around their wrist. In my opinion I see this as just the beginning to something that they are about to do with a bunch of super hero's.


Common feat: Pharrell - Universal Mind Control

Sources say that Common's label is opposed to this song and they feel that it is career suicide. The song is cool, the video is incredible and if an artist doesn't have the freedom to let their mind roam, stretch and create something that they like then it's going to be bad. You can't make an artist make what you think they should make and expect it to be good. This song is a good song, Common stepped outside of his box and it was a good move; forget about what the label thinks.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hermés Models: Wow!

What a show!
Naomi Campbell
Arlenis Sosa
Jourdan Dunn
Sessilee Lopez
Chanel Iman
Yasmin Warsame

Hermés Spring 09 Show in Paris.


Toy Watch

By now the entire world is wearing Casio G-Shock watches due in large to Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. Now some of you may like the watches but may not want to be part of the hype, for those of you who want a G-Shock but want to avoid looking like everyone else I applaud you. You have options there are many other watches that are just as cool or dare I say cooler that aren't as saturated as a G-Shock. For example Toy Watch, Toy Watch is a plastic watch company that has been around for quite some time now and has been flying under everyone's radar. It is sold in department stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales but hasn't been picked up by the masses as of yet. This is good news for you, the watches are cool, they are affordable and no one is really wearing it yet. 
Dare to be a maverick.


T.I. covers Giant

T.I. is one of the best dressed rappers to date and he doesn't get the credit that he deserves. When you think about well dressed rappers people's minds always wander to Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z. Maybe T.I. isn't recognized for being fashionable because he isn't flashy, maybe it's because people don't know what he's wearing but while the majority of rappers were wearing Gucci with the signature double G print and LV with the signature monogram print T.I. was wearing discrete LV, Gucci and even lines like Dunhill, something most performing artist still aren't aware of. This cover is much deserved and I'm sure much appreciated by T.I.


Alexander McQueen: Man on Mars

These looks from his show are proof that this designer is in a league by himself. It also says something else: Stop over looking London!

These shoes are serious!


This Just In From Paris:

You can look far and wide and you won't see another collection like this. Alexander McQueen always designs outside of the box and sometimes its even further than his peers, maybe it's because he's an English designer. There were a ton of corset's in this collection, there was really a symbol of scale from small to big. In most of the dresses the waist was synched and the rest of the dress was wide and alive. This look above is my favorite.
Hermés goes western with this collection, Jean Paul Gaultier has taken a chance by doing this entire collection with an obvious western persuasion. The whole thing looks like a movie and as the show progressed it seemed more like different scene's in the movie than a runway show. This show was phenomenal for a reason other than the direction that the designer took with this collection. Stay tuned for more on the Hermés show.
Alessandra Facchinetti doesn't disappoint with this collection for Valentino. It was a beautiful collection touched with elegance. One thing that any designer must keep in mind about the heritage of Valentino is that its elegant first then its beautiful; elegance is key. I love what she has done with the collection, she has maintained the heritage feeling of Valentino but has added her own little flair to the collection and the end result is looking good.
Martin Sitbon shows how creative she can get with this collection for Rue du Mail. This collection was all about shapes and forms. The clothes fit the shape of the female body but the form goes much further than dresses usually go almost like a futuristic protective spacesuit. Beauty isn't lost in the process and that is very important, the materials that were used aren't typical and I think thats what made the collection so special. There were a lot of unique jackets as well as skirts and tops. The look above is my favorite look from the show.


Chanel in Paris:

Karl Lagerfeld like to joke a lot and say that he doesn't care about what Gabrielle did with Chanel before him but this collection is proof that he indeed has looked over her work and kept a certain element that she infused into the clothes. Here we see a lot of vintage Chanel revisited. For example we see the tweed pieces again, which is a signature Chanel piece but this time Lagerfeld has added a little edge to every piece either on the piece itself or more so on the accessory worn with the outfit. As edgy and modern as he has made this collection it still has this air about it that just politely says: sophisticated woman.
Enjoy the looks:

What does this look mean to you? To me it means the next time the wife is in Chanel I should stop by the accessories counter.