Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alysia's Birthday Party: Overdrive

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BBC Weekend Releases

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My Ear to the Ground: Showcase

When you are an artist there are constantly a dozen people trying to influence you because everyone has a different vision for you from the way you should look to the way that you deliver your craft. With that said you can only imagine how difficult it is to find an artist that is actually unique; especially in hip hop. When one formula works for one artist a bakers dozen of other artist try to use that same formula and it becomes redundant and slightly annoying to listen to. The artist seen above goes by the name Showcase, he has a unique sound and a distinct style. One that doesn't seem to me like he is trying to be anyone else. While listening to his music I got the sense that he would be a perfect fit on the Star Trak label. They are always looking for a new sound, something like nothing else on the market. So far they have missed out on opportunities such as: Theophilus London, Mickey Factz, Curt@!n$, Janelle Monae, Santogold, Asher Roth and Charles Hamilton. However they capitalized on signing artist like Teyana Taylor and Chester French. Showcase's music speaks for itself, we'll just have to wait and see how his career progresses.
-side note-
He is also working on a clothing line called Candy Fresh.
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Young Jeezy feat. Nas: My President is Black


Karl Lagerfeld & Sessilee Lopez

A young rose being watered by the steadiest hand in the fashion industry.


Raf Simons Silver Astronaut Boot

This Raf Simons trainer was previously released in the same make and model but this is the first time that it has looked this futuristic. I believe that it's the silver patent leather color scheme that gives it a totally different feel than it's predecessors.
It's shiny, it's cool and you want it.

Raf Simons Eastpack Backpack

It's big. It's cool. You want it.
How much easier can life get?


Lindsay Lohan for Interview (Video)

"I just feel as though it's become a situation where people have manifested this caricature of who I am, and they act as if there's no real person inside of it. I mean, people really have come to believe-directors, producers, agents, whoever it may be-that I started in this because I wanted to be a celebrity. But that was never my intention." Lindsay Lohan
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Lindsay Lohan for Interview

Say what you want about her but Lindsay Lohan went off the wall for her spread in Interview. Between the hair, make up, wardrobe, the poses and the looks this woman left little room for error and an even smaller margin for improvement. How many ways can you say on point?

Vivica Fox at 40

In my personal opinion I would say that Vivica is still look exceptionally well at 40 and I would like one of the calenders that these pictures will be featured in.

US Airways Plane Goes Down

155 Passengers and crew members all survived this dip into the Hudson River. Please remember that everything happens for a reason, there is no such thing as chance or coincidence and understanding why should be the least of your worries. Only realize that there are only the things that happen and those that do not. These people were not meant to leave this REALITY as of yet but this happened to reveal something to someone. This incident may have saved more lives than it put in danger and way more than the news will ever report. Don't disregard your thoughts or strange feelings about anything, become more in tune with your MIND and your SOUL and see how far you get in life. When you are pursuing what you are supposed to be doing in life the UNIVERSE works in your favor.


Durex Commercial

Wow! Wait what? SMH. They slipped that one in their to try to encompass everyone in the promotion of the usage of durex condoms.


Rachel Comey Metallic Romper

This interesting one piece is called a romper and basically when the weather permits and you want something comfortable that you can just throw on to run to the city for a while, this is your go to outfit. With the right accessories and of course the right shoes this "romper" can really be something. This is a very nice concept and just as much as the women are going to love to wear it, the men are going to love to see you wearing it so it's a win/ win for everyone.
It's a lifestyle, either you live it or you don't.


Happy Birthday Alysia

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

CURT@!N$: The Dope Supremacy Video

Seriously I don't talk about a lot of videos and or songs but this has to be my favorite song right now. I put Coolness P onto it and he had it on repeat for the rest of the night. Why wouldn't you like this song? You think you know better than Coolness P?
Its a lifestyle, either you live it or you don't.


Terry Richardson Claims Another Victim

Lil Wayne's GQ interview:
" I had a theory about you. You’ve created a set of conditions that let you operate at your creative height. So that all your creative doors are open. And you need to maintain all of it so you’re in your zone." Devin Friedman

"You’re right. You’re right. I have a term for it. Outwork the bullshit. Outwork the bullshit. That means nothing can rattle you when your conditions are set and the way you set those conditions is by working this damn hard." Lil Wayne




Thom Browne Wingtips

The Thom Browne revision of a classic shoe.
It's a lifestyle, either you live it or you don't.

Karl Lagerfeld on the Economy

"This whole crisis is like a big spring housecleaning — both moral and physical... Bling is over. Red carpetry covered with rhinestones is out. I call it ‘the new modesty."

He then goes on to say:
"he is not being forced by the private company’s owners to bend or adapt because of financial constraints. “We have no budget, we do what we want and throwing money out the window brings money back in through the front door,” he said. “The bottom line is that I don’t deal with the bottom line. The luxury in my life is I never have to think about it."
Karl Lagerfeld


Lanvin S/S 09 (My Picks)

These boat shoes have to be the best pair that I have seen since the Band of the Outsiders pair that they first did in black and white with Sperry last year. The structure of these shoes are not drastically different from the classic design however the execution has been slightly altered with the introduction of blue suede wrapped around a brown patent leather section, supported by a brown leather body and a thick white rubber sole. Very well done.
These Lanvin trainers haven't abandoned the popular design that has been working for them so there isn't much to say about these two steps however I can say that they took a chance with the color scheme and in my opinion it worked out in their favor. My only concern would be that you keep in mind that when the pink suede on the side gets dingy it is going to look really bad and unless you are extremely cool and self confident you won't be able to wear them and feel comfortable doing so. So before you shell out the coins for these trainers do a self analysis.
It's a lifestyle, either you live it or you don't.


Clare Tough Cardigan

This is a very unique sweater to say the least. First of all it is very hard to distinguish whether this is a v-neck sweater or a crew neck because it has the potential to be both due to the positioning of the zipper.
-side note-
a super v neck cardigan with a zipper; very cool.

Due to the fact that this sweater works heavily with de-construction I don't think it's for everyone. What I believe is that this is the kind of thing that separates the cool people from the people that just chase the cool. It takes a very self confident person to wear something like this, it's very homeless chic and the masses aren't going to understand it but the truly fashionable people are going to appreciate it.
Its a lifestyle, either you live it or you don't.


Aquascutum Suede "Moccasin"

What is very interesting is that these shoes are listed as moccasins but yet they don't quite fit into that category. The body of the shoe has a moccasin look and feel with the entire body being covered in a blue suede however the finish is a hard leather outsole. The outsole of this "moccasin" is what leaves me no choice but to refer to it as a shoe. Whether you refer to this as a moccasin or a shoe is irrelevant what is very important is that you realize that this is a very nice piece of footwear. The presence of the leather tassel on the laces gives it a very classic feel. Owning a pair of these shoes is definitely a mark of distinction and a sign of good taste.
It's a lifestyle, either you live it or you don't.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Victoria Beckham for Armani

In my personal opinion... FLAWLESS EXECUTION.
"I look really awful naked." "There are loads of things I don't like about my body." "I've got so much saggy skin on my stomach" 
Victoria Beckham


We All Need to Learn


The BkC Varsity

What you are viewing is The BkC's newest varsity jacket, that is in my personal opinion their best so far. It is well put together, it uses a subtle yet affective color scheme, the cut is very appealing and the buttons are on point. The patchwork and the BkC emblem are standout additions that draw your attention to this varsity but I believe that it is the gold tone buttons that brings everything together. I must also say that I am very pleased with the attention to detail in this jacket but when one shops Brooklyn Circus one shall expect nothing less.
The Brooklyn Circus (NYc)
150 Nevins St
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217
Tel: 718.858.0919
Fax: 718.222.9772
Hours: Daily From 12-7pm


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Beginning of the End: CURT@!N$

Lanvin: Hard Bottoms & Denims Hybrid

This is for the cocktail party attendee's, Mr. RSVP and my I snuck in. This is for the hors d'oeuvres snatchers and open bar line jumpers. This is for anyone that is a real fan of style, shoes over trainers, laces over straps. Say it with me now: Hard Bottoms!

What you are looking at is a very smooth combination of denim and genuine leather in the form of a Lanvin hard bottom shoe. What more can you ask for? This shoe is well crafted, it's modern and most importantly the quality is guaranteed by the name. In my personal opinion I don't have any complaints about these shoes they are simply great shoes.


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Bossip Presents:

The People's Champion. I vow to not only be the voice of the people, fight for the people, rule the people with a sense of fairness but I will also eat with the people? Yes. President Barack Obama showing that he is still down to earth by requesting a pit stop at Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington DC. Where he not only ate with the people and communicated with the people but get this he ordered his own food; amazing.

He's going to be the president the way that he wants to be the president.

Christina Milian - Us Against the World

Her stylist was hard at work to get the outfits for this video.




Oxygen Presents Top Model Celebration

The red carpet was flooded with Top Model royalty from the reigning queen Tyra Banks to my personal favorite, a lipstick drenched Nigel Barker. Everyone looked good, Tyra looked flawless and Ms. Jay was being Ms. Jay. I do feel like there were some models missing from this event but that's just my personal opinion, cough cough Keenya cough cough Jade! 

Billykirk for Freemans Sporting Club 3/4 Suspenders

If you dress and I mean really dress then you would love these suspenders. The red wine sippers and blue velvet slipper tippers understand that these are quality suspenders. When you have on a nice outfit suspenders are just the icing on the cake but then again who wants cake without icing? Therefor suspenders are a necessity. Don't leave home without em.


A.P.C S/S 09

These are three shots from the A.P.C Spring 09 mens collection. When I look at this collection I don't see themes like deconstruction, metallic colors or any other signs that would indicate that the designers were following a trend. The pieces are actually more on the minimalist side than anything else. This collection isn't for everyone, it was tailor made for a specific market and basically says whether you like it or not we are going to put it out. It suggest a lifestyle either you live it or not.