Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rag & Bone Leather Vest

Self explanatory.


Infusion of Style

This pair of suede boat shoes are very fresh. I am not usually a fan of suede on a boat shoe but when you put these colors together, how can I say no? The red laces are like icing on the cake, the yellow thread is the attribute that brings everything together and the base color couldn't have been a better choice.
Run all the way to the Brooklyn Circus.
It is not a game.

The Brooklyn Circus (NYc)
150 Nevins St
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217
Tel: 718.858.0919
Fax: 718.222.9772
Hours: Daily From 12-7pm


Alife x Dee + Ricky

Congratulations to the twins, Dee and Ricky on this collaboration with Alife. Deal after deal I see these two developing more as a force in the industry. They have built up quite a reputation for themselves and it seems that everything they create is in high demand. The lego hearts were everyone's favorite and now adorn the hats, chest, legs and anywhere else that people choose to put them. The finisher bags haven't quite caught on yet but when they do there will be no stopping them. 
The scariest thing is that the lego hearts were only the beginning, I have seen the other pendants that are set to come out and all that I can say is, it is only a matter of time.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Ato Matsumoto Hiker

Personally I am not as big a fan of these as I was the Cow Hide Boot that Kanye gave America a preview of in 07. I don't think that these trainers look bad, I just think that they were overworked. It's just too much going on here, my brain is trying to figure them out.


Young Money - Every Girl


This Charming Package


Don't Quote me on This: KL

"I only wear the latest thing. It's my job." Karl Lagerfeld


Gilt Groupe x L&F present: Y-3 Sale

What a present surprise this was in my inbox this morning. While browsing through the sale items that haven't already sold out I found this satin hoody that has enough detail and tailoring in it to be considered a waist coat. Excellent craftsmanship went into the creation of this jacket and Gilt has it on sale for only $98. The sale goes on until the 13th so I suggest you take advantage of it now while supplies last because they are going fast.


Air Yeezy's at Flight Club

Price Range: $700 - $825


I Think We Can All Agree

Ralph Lauren has never fallen off. From the wide ties that weren't initially accepted by Bergdoff Goodman to the here and now doing rather smashing runway shows every fashion week. Clothing lines have come and go while Lauren has remained but the real question is why? What is it about RL that people are so attracted to that other lines have been unsuccessful at reproducing? In my opinion it is the prestige that comes with the purchase. The designs are classic american looks, nothing too crazy and nothing too fancy, just clean classic looks. The clothes look good, they fell good and most important of all they make the wearer feel good.


Alexander McQueen x Puma


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jeremy Scott x Schott present: Perfecto Jacket

Jeremy Scott is a gully god. Meaning he is a god in his gully, the best in his lane or the best at what he does.


Kris Van Assche F/W 09 look book

To view the rest of the look book click here


From the Roots

In the words of the great Robert Nester Marley "one good thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel alright." There is a certain mystic vibe that is transfered through melody that touches different people in different ways. Whether you understand this or not, you can clearly see the emotion in his face when he is saying what he is saying and that is the biggest indication that Beenie Man puts his heart into his work. After I watched half of this I was infused with enough energy to get up and do something so now I am going to leave the rest of you to draw whatever you can from this.


60 Minutes: Lebron James

Listening to this documentary on Lebron James is so inspirational. I like my generation and the people that I am surrounded by in New York because for the most part everyone has something going on and everyone is trying to accomplish the same goals; financial stability and success. We are all so driven and innovative with the ways in which we generate income, however sometimes we all need a little push and I see stories like this as nothing more than motivation to accomplish my goals and stay focussed.


Still Dancing with the Stars

Lil Kim is still in the competition and not doing bad at all.


Marketing and Promotion in Grand Central Station

125,000 people use Grand Central Station daily. 

Single Ladies

Marc Jacobs has release an updated version to the bag that was so popular with the ladies for the last two seasons; the Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply Tote. Women like it because it is affordable, simple and it can hold everything that they could imagine to put in there. Now also available in: off white and dirty martini.


Go Fish!

Looks like A.P.C . has thrown their name in the hat for the best summer boat shoe. Just when I thought there was no more to be done to the classic boat shoe, A.P.C. proves me wrong. I think the leather detail on the back of the shoe really pushes the shoe to that platform to be considered one of if not the best boat shoe this summer and the best part is that summer isn't even here yet. This should motivate the competition to push themselves harder to produce something that is going to blow us all away. In short that means a good summer for consumers of quality goods.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Found This Entertaining

"I invented style, Coca Cola, Hermés with the Benneton" Curt@!n$


Planet Kesh

I was a frequent visitor even though I haven't been to that planet in a while. If you have never been then that is one place that you might want to visit before you expire.
Spring Break maybe?


Kanye West on SouthPark

So keep your love locked down, your love locked down, just keep your love locked down; you lose!

Divine Bradley: Be It Tour

Divine Bradley in Times Square. No really, Divine Bradley in Times Square.
Watch the video.


The Essence of a First Lady

"It's an honor and a privilege when you walk into the White House-at least I automatically felt a level of obligation. This is a big responsibility, a wonderful platform and I just want to make sure I take every advantage to serve as a role model, to provide good messages, to be a supportive mate to the President and to make sure that my girls are solid." Michelle Obama


Monday, April 6, 2009

Denim Love

Just read a beautiful post about denim love written by none other than Phil from The Award Tour. What I consider denim love is when you wear a pair of denim so long that it has formed to the measurements of your body and shows signs of your daily habits. 
If any of what I just said makes a bit of sense to you then read the post.


You Are Appreciated


I Always Push the Envelope

Catching up on some unopened emails I came across one that brought this collection to my attention and it hasn't left my mind yet. 
There are some very interesting suggestions on the tee's to say the least but when you wear one you will without a doubt be saying the most. The best part about all of this is that the tee's are only $20.


What Am I Longing For?

You are looking at the beautiful offspring of Comme des Garçons and Tricker's. A pair of these wingtips will complete any outfit but proceed with caution when it comes to the red pair because they are so bold that they may overpower your outfit. I find the choice of colors a bit patriotic, not a big surprise since Tricker's manufacturing hub is in Massachusetts.
The white pair would have to be my personal favorite, I find the red pair a bit too much and the blue pair not quite enough for my liking but the white pair is just right; I call it the three bears syndrome. 


It's a Lifestyle: Air Yeezy Release

The whole nation has been swept by the Air Yeezymania. Every boutique that was set to release the sneakers was turned into a sleepover site for devoted fans and sole collectors alike. People from all over flocked to their favorite store for a chance to own a piece of history. This is the first time that Nike has done a sneaker with a non-athlete and so far it looks profitable for both parties. Mr. West is already being donned "Nike's New Jordan", in my opinion he'd have to have a consistent sneaker following before I would agree that he has earned that title but what I can say is so far so good.
In Philadelphia at a sneaker boutique by the name of Ubiq was the place to be for a chance to get a pair of Air Yeezy sneakers. Demetri Simms, Antonio Lewis and Ellington Hammond waited patiently for their own Air Yeezy sneakers two days prior to the release date. When I first heard that people were sleeping over at the stores I never imagined anything as elaborate as this. These adventurous young men had comfortable fold up chairs, blankets, food, camera's to document everything and laptops to upload the pictures and video's. They practically became derelict's for three days for a pair of sneakers.
Now some of you may be viewing this and thinking to yourself (or out loud) "this is ridiculous, I would never!" However there is a cult following of sneaker feans that twitch at the idea of a Kanye West sneaker. Whether they want it to add to their collection or they want to make a handsome profit off of it, they want it and they will stop at nothing to have them.
The Big Pay Off.
photo's by: Mr. Simms


Gucci Viaggio Collection

I'm not a huge fan of Gucci but I respect the line and the designs of the line. I'm just not a fan of it because everyone has gone out and purchased a flashy Gucci product, ever since Def Jam recording artist, Fabolous first wore the hat in one of his video's. 

However this luggage collection might cause me to reconsider; it is very subtle, simple and classy. What more can you ask for from your luggage?


Captain Travis Lock Interview

"Right now everyone is caught up in the recession emotion and they are tapping their own pockets as if to safe guard their own money. I wonder has anyone stopped to consider the effected of the current economic crisis on fundamental institutions?" SoHoB


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Get Your Own!

Guess what! 

You no longer have to play in my closet and steal my oxfords. 

I now present to you Boy by Band of Outsiders, which is ironic because it is a line designed for women but yet it still makes sense because the pieces are very much inspired by mens wear. I think this is a very good idea. Women have been wearing their boyfriends shirt with a belt around the waist and shorts underneath for about a year now, so I expect this collection to be received extremely well.