Monday, April 6, 2009

It's a Lifestyle: Air Yeezy Release

The whole nation has been swept by the Air Yeezymania. Every boutique that was set to release the sneakers was turned into a sleepover site for devoted fans and sole collectors alike. People from all over flocked to their favorite store for a chance to own a piece of history. This is the first time that Nike has done a sneaker with a non-athlete and so far it looks profitable for both parties. Mr. West is already being donned "Nike's New Jordan", in my opinion he'd have to have a consistent sneaker following before I would agree that he has earned that title but what I can say is so far so good.
In Philadelphia at a sneaker boutique by the name of Ubiq was the place to be for a chance to get a pair of Air Yeezy sneakers. Demetri Simms, Antonio Lewis and Ellington Hammond waited patiently for their own Air Yeezy sneakers two days prior to the release date. When I first heard that people were sleeping over at the stores I never imagined anything as elaborate as this. These adventurous young men had comfortable fold up chairs, blankets, food, camera's to document everything and laptops to upload the pictures and video's. They practically became derelict's for three days for a pair of sneakers.
Now some of you may be viewing this and thinking to yourself (or out loud) "this is ridiculous, I would never!" However there is a cult following of sneaker feans that twitch at the idea of a Kanye West sneaker. Whether they want it to add to their collection or they want to make a handsome profit off of it, they want it and they will stop at nothing to have them.
The Big Pay Off.
photo's by: Mr. Simms