Friday, March 7, 2008

Across The Pond



Remember this?

Best video. So futuristic.


More Nonsense!

I know this is old but I still have to address it because history repeats itself.

What is this that I'm seeing people wearing? Half notebook, half sneaker, do you really believe that this is cool? Nike dunks are cool kid clouds but this is just non sense; seriously. When I think of dunks sneakers like the Mork and Mindy, Undefeated, Olympics,  Dontrell and Pharrell come to mind (follow the Flight Club link). However this doesn't belong on anyones feet and if thats not bad enough it's being paired with this New Era fitted cap.

I think this is a clear display that the design team at Nike is running out of ideas and creativity is just out of the window. It looks like "just release anything they'll wear it anyway." I think its time to show them they we have more sense than that; don't you?


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

As Promised

Well ladies I promised you the more affordable alternative and  here it is; Longchamp. You could be the owner of this Longchamp Le Pliage large handbag for as little as $135. Longchamp bags are simple but yet chic and dear I say cool (for women). They get the job done and are easy to work with. Good quality bags at good prices, however the bigger the bag the more expensive its going to be but just as anything else that runs a little on the expensive side your piece of mind comes in knowing that your purchasing a quality item that is going to last a long time. You don't have to take my word for it go see for yourself the picture above is just the most noticeable bag in the longchamp family you can find plenty more affordable and trendy bags here at Longchamp


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Solid Gold Iphone Like Im Richy Rich???

From Gold Blakberrys To Gold Iphone??
He just likes the "Richy Rich' Aspect of things
I think a gold Macbook is next...

Don’t forget to tune in to BET tonight and catch N*E*R*D perform “Everyone Nose”



Ladies this is the YSL Muse bag. Muse bag say a very friendly good day to the ladies. If you have already met the Muse bag and are well acquainted with it then congrats on your insightfulness. However if you do not already have the bag you must know that this bag is a women's must have; so go get it. The large Muse retails at $1,195. Now I'm not saying kill yourself I'm just saying a little overtime goes a long way. If you can do it by all means go for it but if not don't feel bad tomorrow there will be a more affordable post that is also a must have stay tuned.


Blow it all on the bag!

Spring 08 this is what you have to do; blow it all on the bag! Put every penny into the bag and make sure everyone knows that you spent everything you had on the bag. You might ask yourself how would everyone know that I've spent it all on the bag? The answer is quite simple, when you dress like this woman in the above picture it will soon become evident to the public that you have spent all of your money on the bag. Fendi and sketcher's don't work well together and the two tone jeans suit just isn't working and never was so people please... DONT blow it all on the bag. Work with items that are fashionable and within your range. You can look great in anything as long as you put it together properly.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Goldmine Fashion Show

This event is a must see. The hostess and her team is working round the clock to make sure that everything goes according to plan. I'm looking forward to seeing the Award Tour Line and the Alien line but I'm sure I'll see something else in the other lines that would impress me as well. Hope to see all of the L&F readers there too.


Hit the runway!

Now if I were her runway coach or the designer of the line that she was walking in I'd be infuriated but Im not so I find it funny. This is Paris Fashion Week and I doubt she will be hitting the runway again anytime soon if ever again.


Bape. Fashion or foolishness?

When I was a senior in high school in 2005 a Japanese clothing line by the name of Bape exploded onto the U.S. scene. At first the sneakers were the most coveted thing in every neighborhood. Every pair is exclusive and limited and no two pairs are exactly alike so once it sells out its gone forever. Then the sweaters and jeans became the must have items and before you knew it the line was an instant classic. It became a craze, the people that had fallen in love with the sneakers wanted more so they consumed everything that they could from Bape keychains to Bape slippers. Now two years later I am disappointed to say that the future of Bape looks dim or at least not as bright as it did one year ago. Bape has released a serious of apparel over the last six months that I do not exactly agree with. For example a superman sweater with batman ears on the hood was released along with a slew of other DC comics super hero's. Then recently sponge bob footwear was released by the company and now today I see that hypebeast has released pictures of the newest installment in what "E" (a good brother of mine) and I refer to as the foolishness; Bape panda sweaters. Follow that link and you be the judge. Is this fashion or foolishness?


Sunday, March 2, 2008


When I first heard that Valentino Garavani was retiring I didn't believe it. I intially thought that he would close the doors on the fashion house but then I heard that the company was purchased by Permira (a private equity firm) and the line would continue on without Mr. Garavani. The idea really marinated in my head when I read the style section in this Sunday's Times. Then I saw the runway show that the new creative director Alessandra Facchinetti put on in Paris' Fashion Week and upon viewing that show I have difficulty believing that Garavani himself didn't design those pieces. I knew that Facchinetti was previously the creative director for Gucci after Tom Ford left but little did I know that she would be so precise with following in the Valentino legacy and so fast too; Valentino just retired in September of 07. I was really expected this show to be something distant of what Valentino customers have come to know but that was not the case at all. Was this just a case of luck or is she the perfect fit? For now it appears so but all is revealed in time so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Stay tuned.