Saturday, January 3, 2009

Original Fake Floor Mats

This has to be the coolest floor mats that I have seen since the original fake one dollar remake, which was quite cool if I might add. However these place mats wouldn't fit well in everyone's living room. For example if you are going for a classy reserved look for  your place then this would throw the whole thing off. If you are going for a modern look then you might be able to incorporate these mats especially the black and yellow one. 


Raf Simons 2009 Spring/ Summer Trainers

This looks a lot like the future of trainers. It's a very forward approach to footwear in a time when most lines are trying to go back to the classic looks. I like the idea of replacing laces with straps and I look forward to seeing how other lines interpret the idea and produce their own laceless trainers.  I think that the straps really alter the appearance of the trainers and it also makes them so much more accessible. So overall the velcro straps are a good idea.

Kris Van Assche: Draw String Blazer

This blazer is a perfect example of what fashion is supposed to be. Better yet it is a clear indication of what fashion is: innovative, smart and very necessary. What thought process would you have to going through to develop this blazer. It seems impossible to conceive yet so obvious. I don't have a blazer that I haven't taken to get surgery done on. Either the sleeves are too long or the blazer doesn't fit me the way I would like it to. This draw string eliminates one part of the procedure because now you can draw the string so that the blazer clings to your body as close as you would like. Had you asked me about the idea before seeing this I probably would have thought that it would be unsightly but this is very nice. 


Friday, January 2, 2009

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Ms. Cole: A Different Me

I was never a fan of Keyshia Cole. Not that I didn't like her music because it's cool, just not targeted towards me. What I dislike about Ms. Cole was her image, however I'm stuck after seeing this image on her new album cover A Different Me; you got that right. Oh what a difference it is. This has a sense of class and elegance to it that I find very attractive. Unlike her previous image, this one is a bit more presentable.


CURT@!N$: The Dope Supremacy

Herve Your A Bad Man

You have to have the body for this dress, I'm not just talking about being in a certain weight class, I mean that you have to have BODY to pull this off. Not so much that it looks disgusting and it's poking out in places that it isn't supposed to. (To each his own) I mean the stars have to be aligned, you have to be in the right weight class and then you still need curves in all the right places. If it seems like I'm talking to you and you think that you are capable of looking stunning in this dress then I suggest that you order this as soon as humanly possible. This Herve Leger dress is a beauty to stare at and that is only the beginning, for the bearer of this dress shall be the center of attention all night long.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lil Wayne Interview With RWD Magazine

Lil Wayne answers some of the questions that you all would love to know.


Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dee & Ricky Finisher Bags

I know that I'm late with this one but to this day I still find the thought process of these two young men astounding. First the lego heart pendants which no one but them could have possibly thought about. The idea was picked up by Marc Jacobs and adored by the likes of Great Scott and Kanye West. Most recently Takashi Murakami was seen wearing the lego bow tie. Personally I was wondering what would be the next step for the twins after the whole lego phase dies down. Here is the answer, they have taken the classic starter jackets and turned them into what they call the Finisher Bags. Honestly I don't know how they thought that one up but it was a brilliant idea and it is now being distributed by No Mas. The sky is the limit for these two, keep an eye out because there is no telling what to expect next from the twins.


Uncrate Skate Wallets

Ever seen a skateboard deck that you like so much that you just had to have it in your collection. There are people that don't skate that have skateboard decks just because they like them. Then there are skaters that have decks that they won't skate on just because they like them so much. What if you could take that deck with you everywhere you went, wouldn't that be a middle ground for both kinds of people. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, the middle ground.
Uncrate skate wallets. For only $60 you can turn your favorite deck into a nice wallet that can go with you everywhere.


Foxy Brown ft Movado - So Special Remix

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kid Cudi Interview on Eighty81

Do you know who Kid Cudi is? If not then I really think that you should watch this video because it's very informative.


Jay-Z - Go Hard Remix

Monday, December 29, 2008

Road to the White House


Chanel 2009 Pre-Fall Show

When  the head pieces on the models walking in a runway show for the Chanel PRE- Fall 09 collection all I can say is we are all in for a good year accessories wise. My prediction is that the quality of the clothes will remain the same but more attention to detail will go into the creation of the accessories worn with the pieces to make the outfit look better. Beauty, grace, elegance and royalty all in one runway show; incredible. 


Precursor to the Future: CURT@!N$

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Sunday, December 28, 2008