Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dee & Ricky Finisher Bags

I know that I'm late with this one but to this day I still find the thought process of these two young men astounding. First the lego heart pendants which no one but them could have possibly thought about. The idea was picked up by Marc Jacobs and adored by the likes of Great Scott and Kanye West. Most recently Takashi Murakami was seen wearing the lego bow tie. Personally I was wondering what would be the next step for the twins after the whole lego phase dies down. Here is the answer, they have taken the classic starter jackets and turned them into what they call the Finisher Bags. Honestly I don't know how they thought that one up but it was a brilliant idea and it is now being distributed by No Mas. The sky is the limit for these two, keep an eye out because there is no telling what to expect next from the twins.