Saturday, December 6, 2008

SoHo Is Feeling It

Walking around SoHo today I witnessed something that the whole world has been talking about for quite some time now; a recession. You don't even have to be paying attention to hear the loud echo of sale throughout the streets, some as serious as "going out of business". As soon as you get off of the train you are slapped in the face with a huge advertisement for just another store fighting not even to make a profit off of the failing economy but just to break even. The SoHo blocks were more crowded than usual, they were filled with the usual mix of foreign and domestic shoppers trying to take advantage of the unbelievable prices. Hordes of people pile and and filter out of stores having big sales like Uniqlo; a store who's clothes never sported big price tags to begin with. While others seem not to be experiencing the same reaction from the consumers, stores like Lounge, who due to losing their lease is now going out of business and selling everything in the store for 50% off of the ticketed price. The only problem is that Lounge has a habit of marking up the price of their goods so the 50% isn't really doing much to persuade a knowledgeable consumer to purchase the goods from them when they know that they can go elsewhere and get it even cheaper. For those of you who aren't getting beat into a corner by the current market conditions this is an opportune time for you to get busy with the Christmas list, for you this year is historically the easiest year to be generous.

If I were CEO of a clothing company I would send out a memo: Our theme for the holiday is Recession! So our next sales event is going to be appropriately titled "Recessionary Sale".



Maha Gang!

Maharishi has provided us all with one of the coolest trainers all year and the crazy thing is that the model of the trainer is derived from that of the Vans Chukka boot but the difference is the fact that this trainer is a slip on. That's right ladies and gentlemen, no laces but there are two adjustable velcro straps going across the front of the trainer not only providing some kind of resistance so you don't come right out of your shoes but the straps also create a cool effect that gives the base of the trainer new life.
That's a good message, it was also an important message in Godfather 3.
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God"

Alife Denim

 The street-wear/ suggestive lifestyle brand that has made a name for itself by doing collaborations with the best names in the industry is now trying their hands at denim. You are looking at Alife's very first pair of denim and I must say I am impressed. It is a straight leg, selvage pair of denim which is the best way to start. Selvage denim and similar unwashed denim is the way of the now, the only way that I would wear washed denim is if I broke it in when it was dry and then I washed it. Alife is known for making quality goods so when it came to them making denim I expect nothing less than a quality denim and that is exactly what they have provided.

ALifestyle Like No Other.


Temple Spring Fling: Previously Unreleased

We have so much footage in our archives from Temple Spring Fling that we have decided to release it all, one video at a time. So if you are having a tough week and you just need to laugh head on over to L&F Personal and enjoy yourself. There are so many video's on there for you to enjoy plus the daily releases of the Temple Spring Fling footage, there has never been a better time to read L&F.


Barbara Walters: Will Smith

I haven't seen the movie yet I seriously doubt that this is the most unexpected role that Will Smith has ever played before. Have we all forgotten about 7 Degrees of Separation? Who saw that role coming? I seriously want to know the real significance behind Will Smith because it is more than just a movie star, all of the movies that he play in have big ideas behind them and there is always a hint of truth, like a "if you choose to accept" kind of idea. Think back to the concept of Men in Black, then fast forward to iRobot and finally I Am Legend. There is something more to this man and I'm going to figure it out.


The Stiletto Heel: Glamour and Appeal

I enjoyed my time at the exhibit so much so 
that I have decided to release the pictures of 
the best shoes from the exhibit. I will release a shoe a day for the next week starting on 
To see the rest of what you missed: 


Friday, December 5, 2008

Usher at Victoria's Secret Runway Show

Good performance and an even better show.


Dear America:


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Diddy As Bond?

Sean Combs believes that he is most apt to be the next James Bond so it should come as no surprise that his ad for his new fragrance I Am King doubles as his audition tape for the next Bond movie. I actually think that he would make a good Bond, what do you think. 
To respond email us @ and let us know what you think.


LV features Madonna

I present to you the Madonna Louis Vuitton ad campaign. I know that most of you have heard rumors that she was paid $10 million to do these ads but Antoine Arnault, LV communication director has released a statement to NY Magazine saying that was untrue and the real figure was "no where near that number". I think that these shots are amazing, I like the look that they were going for. I think it's good when a team has a vision for the shots and they materialize it so well that the viewers can see the vision that you had in your head. I expect nothing less than remarkable from well renown  photographer Steven Meisel. Madonna might not have gotten $10 mill for doing the shots however word is that she received complementary LV goods along with the amount that she did receive. I wonder if she got those shoes in the deal.

Who Will Dress Michelle?

Ever since the world first got a taste of Michelle Obama, we have been hooked; we can't get enough of the Obama's. Richard Simmons wants to be the ambassador of health and a personal fitness advisor to the Obama's. There are rumors that AndrĂ© Leon Talley is whispering labels in Michelle's ear and now designers are fist fighting to dress them, especially Michelle. The inauguration ball will take place in 2009 in Washington but designers have already sent in their looks for the couture dress that they would design for Michelle and some even include the children. When you really think about it you can't knock the designers, you know that Michelle is going to find a nice dress and when she comes out in it she is going to look good in it so why not your dress. One thing is for sure, designing a dress for Michelle Obama is like winning the lottery in these times of economic uncertainty because sales are going to go through the roof.


10 Deep Winter 08 Collection

This has been a phenomenal year, everybody has stepped it up a bit more this year and you should expect nothing less than 10 deep. Enjoy the look book for their 08 winter collection.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pop International Award: Britney Spears

I've never seen this, have you? Apparently KL is a fan of Britney's work, I wonder if the feeling is mutual.


Catch and Dress: Victoria Beckham

This commercial is an ad for Victoria Beckham and her collection. Our friends over at NY Mag said that this commercial didn't make sense but I am going to have to disagree with them on that one. This commercial is so artistic that I think you would have to watch it again and pay less attention to get it. Although the models are running from nothing and hiding from something or someone that never reveals itself that is only a distraction. The point that you miss is that every pose that they get into when they find that hiding spot is artist, like a still life photographers dream.

You be the judge.


Shop For LaROK

Ladies I now present to you the jacket that you should be in by LaROK. I say that this is the jacket that you should be in for three reasons: 1) It's amazing. 2) It's not that expensive 3) Chances are your friends have never heard of it. Now when I say that this jacket is amazing, I don't really mean that it is amazing, I mean that it is incredible. The tailoring on it is remarkable, they didn't go too crazy with the buttons, keeping them big and black adds a good effect to the entire jacket any other color might be too much. The cut of the jacket is one of the most attractive things about it. It's like the design team took ideas from a well tailored mens blazer and altered the cut and fit to complement feminine curves. The jacket is a double breasted double knit which basically means it isn't made for everyone but if works well with your body you should definitely get it.
Oh yea and it is only $200!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Alife x L&F

For those of you who said that L&F isn't slam hype, I say to you watch the video. Are you kidding me? Award Tour is family. L&F is everything, Life and Fashion, that encompasses every form of fashion. 

Living A Lifestyle Like No Other


Karmaloop Presents: Justice

Our friends at Karmaloop bring us... Justice.


Yohji Yamamoto: Coming Soon

What you are looking at is a scarf and gloves combination brought to you by none other than Yohji Yamamoto's new line Coming Soon. I'm not saying that the line is coming soon but the name of the line is Coming Soon. The combination makes good usage of a wool and cotton blend. This is the first piece that has been released from the collection and if this is any inclination as to what the collection is going to look like then I like it. If you wish to purchase it then:


09 LV Collaboration Bags

Please ignore the nude guy holding the LV bag, he's just a genius and one of the best designers of our time, no big deal. All jokes aside the shot of a scantily clad Marc Jacobs is up here for two reasons: 1) He's holding a LV bag. 2) This photo was taken by none other than Terry Richardson. The bags that you see below are apart of a 2009 collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Stephen Sprouse, an artist with a taste for graffiti art. I'm actually a fan of the bag immediately below with the roses on it, I think that is a beautiful revision to an already beautiful bag. I'm not really impressed with the graffiti pieces but some women may like the attention that it draws. I dislike loud articles of clothing but there are people who live for attention and for those flies that circle the lightbulb every summer I say to you; enjoy.
For more work from Terry Richardson: 

Press Conference in New Zealand: Kanye West

When Kanye isn't tired his interviews are comical. If you sit down and watch this press conference you see Kanye West "talking like it's just you and me". I don't know if being this real with everyone is such a good thing when your a public figure like Kanye West. When asked if he would do some sight seeing in New Zealand before he left his response was "I only wish to see the back of my eyelids." You have to appreciate him because he's just being real but at the same time the media is going to take sound bites of this press conference and try to destroy him. In his defense he did say once that he jokes to keep his interviews interesting and when it's quoted it seems cruel but that isn't his intention. 
"You gotta love it though somebody still speak from the soul" Kanye West


Monday, December 1, 2008

Brooklyn Go Hard: Jay-Z

Bape Flannel

If you are looking for a warm flannel, one good option would be the one produced by Bathing Ape. The construction of this flannel is what impresses me the most, it will keep you warm (when layered properly) but is still light enabling it to be layered. The signature ape is displayed at the bottom of the shirt but the most interesting thing about the shirt is the elbow patches that the picture does not reveal, it is of the signature ape, which is a very cool detail.

-style note- 
The BBC flannel features the astronaut as the elbow patches.


Lethal Skate

Every time I look at these guys they are reaching a new level and trying something interesting. One thing I realize about their clothing line is that it seems like they are trying to find their own lane, in an industry where everyone wants to look like what is cool and in they are striving to be individuals. Check out the skate team that they are assembling.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

King Magazine: Centerfold Photo Shoot

Our friends at King magazine set up a photo shoot where in which they got four beautiful women to pose for some sensual pictures in bikini's and heels; why wouldn't you watch the video?


H.E.R: Great Scott Interview

If you don't already know Scott is one of the coolest people that you could ever run into on a SoHo Block. I did a post about him a while back and now he has returned to the pages of L&F with an in depth interview for High End Reality . This is an extremely informative interview if you pay attention, it is like a commercial in a way because the first time you watch it you might miss something due to the length of the video. I'd like to take this time out to thank Scott for sending me this video and if you see him on a SoHo Block shout him a friendly "good day chap."

For more info on Great Scott: 


A Quote by Jay-Z

"Don't believe everything your earlobe captures/ it's mostly backwards unless it happens to be as accurate as me/ and everything said and sung you happen to see/ then actually believe half of what you see/ none of what you hear even if it's spat by me." Jay-Z