Friday, October 17, 2008

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Band of Outsiders: Holiday Collection

This Band of Outsiders shoot is unique because the photographer is the subject. That's right photographer Paul Jasmin put himself in the clothes and looked like he actually had fun doing so. I like the looks because every look says party time to me, especially the first one with the Hennessy. Bow tie's and I are good friends, if your good friends with bow tie's then clothes that encourage the bow tie should also be your friend. So allow me to introduce you to Band of Outsider's holiday collection. This could be the start to a beautiful friendship. 

-style note- 
Look at the different material used in the three blazers. It really sets them apart from each other.


Good Girls Finish Last:

Any woman that wears HellzBellz is making a statement. Lets be honest with ourselves 95% of men want edgy women (I'm in that 95%). I'm not saying that they have to be biker girls but just have a little attitude because good girls finish last. Some women might not like HellzBellz because they are heels and make up women but the fact of the matter is that you can wear the Bellz with the heels and the make up. Our society now is all about mixing, you can mix whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable in it and it looks good and I think women look good in HellzBellz; especially the first look.

To rock the bellz:


Cardigan Love:

Two new cardigans have just shown up on radar. The cardigans are apart of the Henrik Vibskov F/W 08 collection which has just been released here:
The first cardigan is sick for two reason's: 1) It has a shawl. 2) The depictions on the cardigan are intriguing; definitely a conversation starter.

The oversized cardigan seen below is a cool because of the pattern on it. If you look at it for too long it will start to play games with your mind, you'll start to think that the lines are moving and I like that. It's always good when the clothes you purchase can do a little more than just look good on you.

Essence Photo shoot: Rihanna


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Urban Cut & Sew: Fink

Clothing company Fink has made a herringbone blazer with a nice, slim cut, nice length lapel and most importantly it's affordable! In these fickle times everyone is looking for a way to save some money. No one wants to stop shopping, we all just want to make better decision's so here you go.
$90 on a blazer! Seriously.
Get yours here: CLICK HERE

Theophilus London: TNT

New music from Theophilus London. If you just take the time out to listen to the music it wouldn't be hard to see why he is one of our favorite artist. His sound is so fresh, original and most importantly he makes good music so tune into the video and stay posted for more from Theophilus.


Moncler x Colette

I'm usually not an advocate for Moncler because everyone has one but I actually like this one. The design is totally different from the mainstream ones and I think that is due in large part to the fact that this is a collaboration between Moncler and Colette. The material is different, the cut of the coat is totally different and you have the option to remove the hood. This is really the coolest Moncler that I have seen in a long time.

-side note-
I used to like Moncler two years ago but last winter it exploded and everyone had one and there is nothing I hate more than looking like everyone else.

In a Simpsonized World:

If you've ever watched the Simpsons then you'd know that Matt Groening did a Simpsonized version to everyone that you could think of and we all enjoyed it; especially the Simpsons Movie that was released this year. What if the characters never ended and we could get a steady stream of Simpsonized characters? Well artist Dean Fraser has been drawing and releasing new Simpsonized characters for the entire month of October. These character's range from comic book characters to real people in entertainment.
Cool Marty McFly. Will we see a Simpsonized SoHo B? Only God knows.
To see the rest of the characters:


Goods' Good's

Clothing company Goods has changed the flannel game and really set the bar somewhere that I'm sure other companies are going to try to reach. They have created a flannel using the traditional pattern but the twist is that the flannel is insulated.
Check the inside:
Sick! As if the flannel wasn't warn already this is bordering on the line of a jacket. This changes everything. For all other companies, good back to the drawing board.
Get your Goods here: CLICK HERE


Kanye West: Heartless

The Debate: Obama and McCain: Finale

I know that every presidential election is huge because it determines who runs the nation and the direction that the nation goes in for the next four years but this election is huge because of the ideas that the candidates represent. The promises aren't new, if anything there is a slight twist on old ideas but nothing really new. Every candidate promises to lower taxes and improve the living standards in the nation. Please just vote because every vote counts. I really don't care who you vote for but if you do vote it means that you were conscious enough to use your voice.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Coat Just In:

Hey you! Yes you! You know the winter is rapidly approaching don't you? Alright then why don't you have your coat selection ready yet? Oh you want that? Everyone has that one though and you don't want to look like everyone do you? Alright then listen up. This jacket just in by way of WeSC. It is called the Eddie Herringbone Duffle Coat and it is nothing like any other coat that I have seen on the market for this winter season. I mean there are other duffle's coming out but not with the herringbone pattern. The elbow pads are a nice touch and no one can look directly at you because the pattern can hurt you eyes. 
Get yours here: WeSC


SoHo B: Men & Women

"The problem arises when a woman have been hurt in the past and can’t imagine that this new guy is actually good and isn’t going to hurt her. So she puts up her guard and shuts him out.
Jason "SoHo" Burke 

To read the rest CLICK HERE

Celebrity Fit Club: Tocarra Jones

Here I was saying that more magazines need to embrace her and encourage her. I was lost as to why she wasn't getting much exposure, well this explains a lot. In her defense you can't push a human being like that without respecting their boiling point. When they pushed her past hers this is what happened.


Charlie Rose: Ralph Lauren

If you sit down and watch this entire video I guarantee you that you will learn something.


Your Serve: Chanel

A comedian by the name of Kat Williams recently said: "We are in a recession so America, go out and buy yourself something nice." Lets say that you wanted to take this advice but had no idea where to start that's where we come in. Chanel has made an initiative to expand the brand power by branding items outside of the fashion world. Most of the items are sporting good items but this one really caught my eye. I know that it would hurt losing to someone that has a rose on their racquet.

Medicom Bearbrick: Daft Punk

I'm not a fanatic but figurines like this make me want to start collecting them. Daft Punk is way cool and aside from that they were the first group that we ever wrote on here at L&F, they are on our very first page. I find their music to be really good and they obviously have some fans that have some influence because their samples have been in songs by Kanye West and Busta Rhymes. The Bearbrick's are a pair though so you can't buy one, you have to get the pack.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Award Tour : Private Rebellion

Private Rebellion Award Tour Fall/Winter Promo from Loch Ness on Vimeo.

Watch and enjoy as some slight madness ensues. Shot as promotion for The Award Tour Fall/Winter 2008 clothing line. Directed by Sean McNally and Written by P. "LochNess" Annand. My favorite aspect of the video is the song "Wet and Rusting" by Menomena. Keep your eyes peeled for The Award Tour Fall/Winter 2008. Im sure it will be crazy!!!!


FYI: Margiela

What does this shimmery sequin polluted look have in common with a jacket that Mr. Williams recently wore to Diesel's 30th anniversary party? They are both made by the same designer, Maison Martin Margiela. Personally I think that it's a cool jacket and looks like an updated more practical version to the Vanson leather jacket line. If you pay attention to the work of Margiela then you will notice the V as a re-occurring theme.
Get your here


Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Just In From BBC:

Blue striped blazer with a space beach patch on the pocket and a pink oxford with a plane embroidery on the chest. I like the blazer for three reason's: 1) its a blazer 2) its striped and 3) it's space beach! How can you not love the space beach collection? It's so imaginative and fun. Break that down and think about it for a second, a beach in space... cool. The pink shirt is cool because it's pink and it has the plane that Pharrell was playing with in the Mr. Me Too video. (I bet you didn't remember that). I may argue with the cut of the blazer because I prefer mine slimmer but it's still cool.
Stalk the site and get yours before it sells out.

Nas and Pharrell: Africa

This is very interesting to hear. L&F trip to Africa coming soon? We'll see.
Stay tuned.