Friday, June 27, 2008

T.I. "No Matter What"

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Soundcheck: Ne-Yo

Jerry from M80 hit me up about this video and I think it really just supports something I said when I first heard that the album was coming out. We really need to get back to those gentlemen days and women need to start carrying themselves with respect again.
Sound check is a part of Wal-Mart provided by Unilever used to bring you a step closer to your favorite artist through exclusive live performances and behind the scenes looks.
Watch the whole performance here: Ne-Yo
Thanks Jerry


Jay-Z in Norway

I want you to listen to the Hova chants in the end.


Darfur and Beyond

What I find crazy is that there are some people here that are really bad off and there are no commercials for them. All the commercials that urge people to do something to "make a difference" are about foreign places, minus the commercials about Katrina victim's which only come on NBA TV now. What about poverty in the United States? What about the violence in Chicago? What about all of the killings in the Brownsville and Bed Stuy sections of Brooklyn NY that don't make the news? What about the masses of teenagers not finishing high school? What kind of jobs will these men and women of the future generations have when all of the manual labor jobs are gone become all of the manual labor becomes automated? Meaning when the machines that are being made now to do the jobs that un-educated people do for low wages are put into effect where are the un-educated people going to work? Some people think that automation isn't going to happen or it isn't going to affect them, I say to those people, Home Depot has instituted the self check out line in many of their stores since 2003 and the bottom line behind that is less employee's needed, therefor less money spent on labor and essentially more money saved. They say that it just gives them the opportunity to have more staff on the floor, don't let them trick you.

Read More: Home Depot
and if you think that they are the only ones doing it maybe you should check out the Pathmark on Broad street in North Philadelphia or just pay attention to Pathmark's everywhere. The goal is to have the every check out line become a self check out line; scary.


Power of Persuasion

What's funny about this is that India Arie wore a dress similar to this one and when I seen it I wasn't moved to any particular emotion. However Rihanna shows up in this dress and I feel slightly different about it. I like the dress now, the dress displays so much elegance and the frills bounce when she walks so it not only allows for movement but it encourages movement. Plus she is in great shape I mean just look at her mid-section. So many women out there are killing themselves just to get to half her size. Hair, make up, lip stick all in order completing this look.
I asked for more and she delivered but the real dress came out when she performed. When I seen the dress that she performed in I was full. This red carpet dress was just an appetizer.

Full Course Meal:


Do You Know How Long?

In the words of Al Green, Nia your simply beautiful. This woman knows her body and she is comfortable with it. This beautiful purple draped dress accents her body and compliments her with every step. Besides if you had legs like that where would you be going in a gown? To me Grecian drapery is one of the most elegant ways to make a dress which is why Rami Kashou is one of my favorite designers. So beautiful woman, beautifully made dress; Nia Long.


Usher: The Breakdown

Usher was definitely channeling early Michael Jackson with this outfit. This was really a "Bad" outfit. Not in the sense of it being terrible but more so of that era of Jackson. I really like the outfit. I think the jacket was the strongest piece and the stripe down the side of the pants was a nice touch, also a good decision to go with a v-neck black tee. The gloves, the shades, the shiny shoes (Ato Matsumoto) all added to the effect of the outfit and really made it work. 



Soulja Boy

Honestly I don't like to say negative things about people but I make exceptions from time to time. I liked the rubber band rope chain because I thought it was creative and different. I didn't agree with the big face watch but I let it rock that's his preference. However this outfit just will not let me sleep tonight so I have to talk about it. This is a perfect example of what not to do and I know as a teenager your still growing and really finding your style but this shouldn't be anyone's style. All of the Gucci accessories that Soulja Boy has on are very strong, loud pieces that can function on their own but when your wearing so many strong, loud pieces they clash. The bag scarf was a nice look and maybe a more discrete belt but the loud belt, low hanging shorts, high top white uptowns, strong butt bag (which really makes you look like a fashionable tourist) and the knapsack is excess; way too much. This is how the representation of a fashion house goes terribly wrong.
(I offer my services as a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper to Soulja Boy because this isn't going to cut it.)
I've vented on the topic, now I'm over it.
Good Night


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alexander McQueen Resort 09

The first three looks from Mr. McQueen's 09 line are feeling very vintage but at the same time (oddly enough) very futuristic causing them to mesh with the rest of the line instead of looking like patchwork. I must say I do like what McQueen has done with this collection.

These two piece's are whispering futuristic elegance in my right ear and the sound of that is soothing me into a trance. I'm in love with the dress above and I await the woman that turns up in my life with that in her closet. It was well thought out, well designed and the gray scale fade is brilliant.


Black dress, designed to kill and the shoes are the ammunition. 



This is where fashion, beauty and elegance meet and work wonderfully together to leave me speechless.
Dress by Alexander McQueen.


How could I forget about the ladies? A sale for you as well.



50% off Sale

I'm serious it really is a 50% off sale going on.


What Are You Waiting For?

If you haven't gone yet, I advise you to go but if you'd rather commute to the city and un-necessarily spend more money thats your prerogative, I'm just here to help you see that in life there are always options. The options that you choose to exercise depend solely upon you.
The choice is yours.


The Show Must Go On

The creative director for YSL, Stefano Pilati, has decided that instead of a runway show he wanted to create a video to exhibit the YSL 2009 Resort collection and he did exactly that. Style was the only website to have the video until I woke up. This collection evokes a lot of different feelings some soft and some tough but overall I can say that it feels complete. There are some pieces in the line that show some playfulness while others show a more serious business side. Then there are the well designed cocktail dresses but there is a certain elegance that is translated through all the pieces and a certain distinction that just says: This is YSL.

Enjoy The Show


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Buck!

Feel-X tore it down with the live band. This is just a small sign of what's to come at the L&F appreciation party.
Sssshhhhhh! No more info to be disclosed until further notice.
Thank You


Chris Brown

Mr. Brown looked like I styled him, it's good to see men making the right decision's with outfits.
His dance segment with Ciara was serious, an exhibition of two talented individuals.



He's still got it.
I want the jacket that he had on.
Also lately he's been perfoming in the Ato Matsumoto's alot.


Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West

Put on for your city.



He's right this is his circus.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LV x Murakami: iPhone Case

Monogramouflage iPhone case.
To be released.


Lee Mathews 09

Some elegant pieces from Lee Matthews strolling down the runway for the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 09. There is a re-occurring theme with these three pieces and subtly throughout the line and that re-occurring theme just so happens to be my favorite accent on women's clothing; frills. The frills on the first dress are subtle and used as trimmings, as opposed to the trimmings on the other dresses playing a major role in the dress. I think that frills (when properly placed) really accentuate a woman's body and follow her movements.

More Food:


Monday, June 23, 2008


More looks from Mens Fashion Week SS 09, this time from Armani. The first look is a nice one I like the combination of the rain slicker type jacket over the cardigan which once again is worn without a shirt underneath. The big frame shades are killer and the belt is a nice addition.
This look is one of my favorites because I really like the metallic jacket. First of all it's slim so it fit's to the body rather than just hovering over at certain points. Also pay close attention to the button placement and the type of buttons used; thats out there. I think I like this look so much because it was really shocking when I first saw it to know that Armani was producing this. The whole show reminded me of RLX, which is Ralph Lauren's department of high performance golf gear. I would never think to pair a suit jacket with those kind of shorts or any kind of shorts for that matter but strangely enough it didn't look bad.

More Food:
but wait, there's even more,
coming soon.


50 Cent goes wild!

I don't understand why these people just don't apologize to this man and stay out of his way because it's not like he's just under the influence of any drug and he's just lying, he can actually close all outlets for you to make money.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Burberry 09

Sick new look from Burberry. Honestly I 
sensed a desire to refresh themselves from the new Burberry ads, they were all so playful and alive but this is really sick. I have to say that if someone just showed me this picture I wouldn't have guessed Burberry.

More Food:
Originally wasn't going to post this but then I looked it over again and I think the sleeve length on the jacket is perfect and the combination of that with the slightly oversized cardigan is sick.
Impressed I am.
-side note-
Recently I wore a cardigan without a shirt underneath, some people understood the genius while others just weren't ready for it. Now look what walked down the runway for Burberry.

-a week ago-
- two weeks ago-
"First debut classic/ first album four mics/ I should had got a five but niggas lack foresight/ but I don't give a fuck I aint do it for the hype." Jay-Z



Ladies and gentlemen this is Fresh Daily. For those of you who don't know he is a rapper and (in my opinion) he has a very fitting name. His style is fresh and every song has this strange cool feeling to it. I first met him at a Theophilus London show last month and at the time hadn't heard any of his music but thought he looked familiar so while I was working the room we exchanged words but nothing serious. Then I added his Myspace page and heard his music there and honestly I've been rocking to it since then. 
I think that if your tired of listening to the direction that the commercial artist are going in you should turn off the radio and log on to L&F because we're bringing real hip hop to you.
 My favorite song is Gimme my props and this is me doing exactly that. 
Tune in here: Fresh


Ninja Sonik

Karl The Safety Man!

I was saying the other day that icon's have so much power in society that they can do anything and people will follow them. The chiefs of road safety in France have taken that idea and ran with it. They have made Mr. Lagerfeld the new face of their safe driving campaign encouraging people to wear reflective clothing while traveling late at night.


A Look Back

A look back before we look ahead


Dante's Fried Chicken

My man Dante cooked up a storm for this event. Everyone said that the chicken was slamming, the rice and peas was on point and there was this wine concoction that Squeaks seemed to like. The event was held on Carroll st. in Brooklyn Heights, nice neighborhood, nice event, good people; dig in. 
Depicted above: Dante in the apron, Ninja Sonik and SoHo B.
Ninja Sonik working the crowd (aka the women). Their performance was so cool that when they played Tight Pants Theo and I got involved; mosh-pit style.

Dig in: Ninja Sonik

Theo shows a smile of approval.
Then he got to work. Him and Machine drum put on a sick show with a re-appearance of Ninja Sonik and SoHo B. I had such a good time, wish you were there. Honestly every time I see Theo perform its refreshing. Its good to know that there are still entertainers in the game. If you've never seen a show do something about it, soon.

Dig in: Theo

After all of the performances I chopped it up a bit with Kenshin and in case you don't know Kenshin is the founder of Kilo, a parent company that is in control of a lot of street wear brands including RockSmith; which just happens to be the shirt that he's wearing in the picture.
refer back to: Rock, Paper, Smith