Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Aura

Inventory/ Wool & The Gang Party

I keep smiles on the faces of those around me, even if you’ve only been around me for five minutes.

Je t’aime de belles fleurs!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Agytators!

While meditating the other day these two very special individuals came to mind, Melly Shabazz and Coco Black (seen above from left to right). There once was a time when this combination went by the name “The Agytators” and rightfully so. They didn’t quite fit any mold nor did they sit comfortably in a box created by society but judging from their names you could tell that they never intended to fit in. Regardless of the powerful, semi controversial names and their outspoken appearance, these two produced some of the best work the internet has ever seen forcing those that may have initially questioned them to respect them. As sad as I was to see them go their separate ways, I know that every thing happens for a reason and no matter how the situation may seem at first, always remember: progression requires change. I just wanted them to know that “The Agytators” were apart of what made 2009 such a great year.

Blessings to those beautiful souls.


The Sole of the City

I came across this picture and found it completely appropriate for the energy in the air this month. This is the latest installment from the good brother Bizz, showing his love and appreciation for his gear. When I first saw this picture I laughed but then I looked closer and realized that this was a picture of perfection. Every trainer is parallel it’s pair and every pair is pointed in the same direction. The hats in the center of the heart are also perfectly aligned and at the very core of the heart lay three NY fitted hats symbolizing his love for his hometown.

Well done Bizzle.


Monday, February 15, 2010

A Tread

Watching this video evoked genuine emotion and was the sole cause of the maniacal grin that dragged itself across my face. I love to see people dress well and take pride in the way they dress. In a time when so many others lay down their own personal style for fear of persecution or ridicule, it is refreshing to see some embracing their difference; being thy self. What touches me more than the dress code is the science behind the styles. I personally believe that there is a science behind my style, every look is well thought out even if it was just thrown together. There is always an inspiration, a motivation and an aspiration behind every outfit that I wear and it is always 100% me. It brings me great joy to know that there are those whom share this idea.



The Theophilus Complex

I always enjoy getting the updates on Theophilus London  because it is always something interesting, whether it be a “Hum Drum Town” video or a song with Mark Ronson; a song that I had on repeat for three days straight (literally). Theo has an amazing spirit that he is very in touch with. You get to really see his essence when he performs his songs. When he is on stage staring into space, seeing the visuals that his mind projects and the strings to one of his songs begins he completely drifts to another world, it is definitely something that you would want to experience at least once in your lifetime. What is not a widely known fact is that Theo is just as eccentric offstage as he is onstage, so it’s good to see that eccentricity and mystic energy translate through this photo shoot for  ComplexMagazine.