Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Agytators!

While meditating the other day these two very special individuals came to mind, Melly Shabazz and Coco Black (seen above from left to right). There once was a time when this combination went by the name “The Agytators” and rightfully so. They didn’t quite fit any mold nor did they sit comfortably in a box created by society but judging from their names you could tell that they never intended to fit in. Regardless of the powerful, semi controversial names and their outspoken appearance, these two produced some of the best work the internet has ever seen forcing those that may have initially questioned them to respect them. As sad as I was to see them go their separate ways, I know that every thing happens for a reason and no matter how the situation may seem at first, always remember: progression requires change. I just wanted them to know that “The Agytators” were apart of what made 2009 such a great year.

Blessings to those beautiful souls.


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