Saturday, February 13, 2010

Once Upon a Time

I went rummaging through my laptop, came across these pictures during my search. These pictures have to be at the very least two years old. Viewing them today helped me realize two things: 1) My personal style has grown by leaps and bounds from this time and is now light years away from where I was at the time this picture was taken. 2) I look exactly the same today as I did then and that is exactly the same way I looked three years ago. In summation it is reasonable to conclude that I will never look my age, which is a very good thing.

Some people don’t fancy having their picture taken but I don’t mind because pictures show you exactly where you were and what you were doing at that time in your life. If you are observant you might be able to see what your beliefs were at that time.

Photo credit: Bridget Sweeny


Friday, February 12, 2010

La croissance d'une fleur

There once was a girl, there is always a girl. Have you ever noticed that? In every story, every fable, every religion, every ambition and never far behind every ambitious man you will find a girl. Often times you will find a woman but I suppose every woman is still a little girl at heart. HEART! The heart is such an interesting specimen and an even more interesting idea in a conversation with a woman. We all have hearts but there is something very special about the hearts of women, something that will not be found in textbooks or laboratories at medical school. The hearts of women is born light, little girls seems to float as they walk full of joy and blinded by bliss. They carry this jubilee with them for as long as they can and they keep it close to their heart. As they grow older and begin to see the world for what it is they pick up some weight and unlike the male of the species whose weight rest on his shoulders, women place the weight in the strongest part of their body, their heart. By the time women get to college they become experts in gathering, storing and releasing weight from their hearts as they have had much practice doing so in high school. (Those that skipped out on those classes may find life a bit more challenging.) By this point and time in their lives women have come to expect certain things from men, non of which are good things but over time women have become tolerable. More important than their toleration for the ignoramus, indifferent, indecent behavior of the men they encounter is their understanding of such behavior. Not only do women go through situations but they also learn, they adapt and they continue moving. However in all of this learning and adapting to the male species it may seem that the women aren’t learning at all due to their knack for making the same “mistakes” time and time again but what the male species is incapable of comprehending is that what he sees as a mistake, women understand as a necessary proceeding because to women it is better to have loved and lost than to have never known love at all. The ability to undergo a lifetime of heartache, suffering, humiliation, disappointment, detachment and disrespect is what makes the female heart so special.

Je t’aime de belles fleurs!


Last Night

Ideeen Collection Showing from Jason Burke on Vimeo.

The happenings of last night is still a blur to me but one thing I do remember is the reception of the new collection from Ideeen shown at the Ideeen pop up store (32-36 Little West St. NY NY). I was impressed with the presentation of the collection, I believe that clothes are often overlooked or underappreciated due to the way they are presented so what a great idea to have some beautiful women come in and display the clothes in a manner that a patron might want to wear them. This method reveals things that a hanger can’t like how the clothes sit and move on the body. Models, music and open bar, can you think of a better way to spend a Thursday night?


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Best Duo Ever!

Photo credit: Erick Arc Elliot


Broken Bells - The High Road

The High Road

Broken Bells | MySpace Music Videos

A good friend of mine impressed upon me the fact that I should watch this video and I must say in my honest opinion I like it. I see this video as one continuous mental trip with two guys walking down a highway for whatever reason, they might not even know why, it’s not important. What makes it interesting is what they encounter along their highway journey. The more you watch and analyze the video the more you realize that the highway is a metaphor for life.

Enjoy the highway, enjoy life.


Mental Preparation

Snow Day B from Jason Burke on Vimeo.


Mental Over Everything!

Mind, body and soul are connected. To keep your body in shape, you must keep in your mind in shape and vice versa, they are co-dependent for survival. All day yesterday everyone was talking about the snow praying that it never came but I looked to the oncoming snow with anxiousness and anticipation. When I woke up to see that it did snow and it wasn’t stopping I was happy. What most looked at as a day off I saw it as an opportunity to push my body. So on a day when no one wanted to go out, I suited up to run.

-7 blocks to the track

-10 laps around the track

-7 blocks back home

-I made it back in one piece.

Mind over everything!


Style is Forever

Style is Forever from Jason Burke on Vimeo.