Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Initiating Contact

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This is only a fraction of what is going on. Right now you all have no idea but everything in its time.

"Meetings in wide open space, broad day light. My minds shine is the sun, the rest shine hallway lights. See me through my number, I'll read you my prophecy. Handshakes for all to see, you'll get lost if you follow me. Hidden messages in the lingo, loaded w/ secret codes. They say you'll die if you speak it, but I'm just thinking though..."


Are You Ready?

The Gathering from Jason Burke on Vimeo.

This is far from over.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Odens Beard!

“Have no fear for atomic energy, none of them can stop the time.” Bob Marley

As our hero’s stand prepared to face the next challenge that arises, they spot something on the horizon. Something threatening enough to get the attention of the entire League of Justice; but what?! What is it that our hero’s saw that had them at a stand still and did they ever face it? This and more in the next episode…


Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Look Back

1982 Porsche 928 

V8 engine, rear wheel drive, 5 speed manual transmission, and standard turbo s type braking system. In 1982 this car may have been a force to recon with but only on the open road, good luck trying to beat the Porsche 911. In races people that vote for the underdog are wise. Some feel sorry for the underdog and root for them through their compassion, while others relate to the underdog and understand that we are all underdogs at some point and time in our life and yet we make it through. So in the end it is the will of the driver that determines the outcome of the race, no matter what position he begins in or the circumstances he face along the way. If you remain as focused as you began you will come out on top.


Classics Never Die

1967 Ford Mustang  
In 1967 the curvature of the body and the other minor additions to the design played a major factor in why the consumer responded to the vehicle so well. The Shelby version, released the same year was an even bigger hit. Today the fact this you can still find owners with the vehicle in such good condition is amazing.