Saturday, June 7, 2008

It Wont Be Before Long

Have you ever heard of Rowdy Superstar? Don't feel left out, before today I haven't either but I guess its like one of his songs says "it wont be before long now when everybody finds out". I think that his music is somewhere between vogue and house music. When I first went to his Myspace page and heard his music my initial response was "WTF!" but then I sat back and dug into his lyrics while looking through his photo album I started to understand him better and I got a feel for what he was trying to express. The way he dresses is distinct and to some maybe obscene but you cant say that he isn't original (with a touch of Rick James). I was at a Theophilus London performance working the room and I met this guy but at the time I didn't know who he was. To me he was just a guy wearing a lot of sequin's, a little too much for my liking but thats what he likes so who am I to knock him. Besides he's an entertainer, he needs to be dramatic to captivate the audience. What's more dramatic than sequin's?

Get deeper into Rowdy Superstar here: Rowdy

Check out the video to Tick Tock:

Friday, June 6, 2008

Coming Attractions

Stay Tuned

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Seeing Sounds

THIS SATURDAY! June, 7 at 11:00 am
N.E.R.D’s New Album "Seeing Sounds" will be available for sale at the flagship store NYC at 11:00am. They will also be releasing a new limited edition N.E.R.D tshirt.
I would suggest you get there early if your interested in purchasing either of these items.

See you there :)


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Get into Ninjasonik. I honestly like this, despite what you or anyone else may think about it.
My reasoning is simple, this is where hip hop started, people rapping about what they experienced in life and what they liked to do so thats what he did, he made a song about what he liked and what he knew. He's a tight pants wearing ass nigga now deal with it.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Adidas x Diesel

During a recent trip to Philly I came across something that really intrigued me. Adidas signed a deal with Diesel to create the Adidas Denim line. I actually like it for everyday wear. It was just released for the Adidas Spring collection so this post may be late in bringing you the information but you'd still be in style if you got them now. Honestly I think that they are cool but I wouldn't run for them; definitely a walk. 
As far as I can see the only way for you to get your hands on a pair is to actually go out to an Adidas store and physically pick up a pair. Sorry but the best I can do for you is get you the store locator.
Store Locator: Adidas


Mickey Factz

If you ever heard Mickey Factz before then you already know where I'm going with this post. If you haven't don't worry, I got you. 

He's a real NY artist and unlike the last one to say that he was bringing NY back, Factz can actually rap.
His bars are sick and he has swagger so he has my vote.
Oh your not convinced? Well just so you know he's lyrical, here's the proof.

"Jay-Z really never retired/ I'm
possessed ha!/ fooled yall cause
u think I left/" Mickey Factz

Theophilus London

Honestly Theo is my favorite new artist. He isn't your typical rapper and I say this because his whole style is unique and if you heard his music you wouldn't think that he's from NY but he actually is. He hails from Brooklyn NY but his mind inhabits another plane of existence and I really got the full experience last night.After that horrible exhibition of talent (Ashanti) Theophilus tore the place down, don't even bother to go looking for the spot because it doesn't exist anymore; Love In This Club  video basically.
 He had his live band set up behind him,
 he had his DJ on the MacBook Pro and he had our full attention.
 From the second he came out until he dropped the mic I was captivated almost too much to take pictures but I thought about the greater good (L&F Readers who weren't there) and I snapped out of my trance to snap some pics. 
As if his performance by itself wasn't enough he then brought Mr. Supra Mickey Facts on stage.
Then he brought up Ninja Sonik and they all rocked out in the building.
Theo is the best performer I have seen in a long time. I hadn't had the pleasure of seeing any of the Glow In The Dark Tour shows (There was a mix up and my tickets got sent to the wrong address) but I'd like to take this chance to thank Mr. London again for inviting me out to be a part of what happened last night.

Picture Kanye, Prince, Michael Jackson and James Brown all on stage at the same time and you get
Get into him here: Theophilus London

-special thanks-
-to Theo for extending that invitation to me
 -to Virginia for introducing me to such good music
-to Sham for accompanying me to this event



So last night Sham and I tipped out to an event in the city to see Theophilus perform.

-side note- 
The Theophilus post coming soon

We get there and there is a mini crowd holding signs outside but we were coming down the block so from far it looks like a protest. It was only when I got closer that I realized that the signs were Ashanti posters. Supposedly she had a "secret" show in this venue and she has an album coming out. Secret? I don't agree with that marketing strategy but whatever, it's your career.
Her energy was cool but her vocal was brutal; seriously. She's beautiful but this whole thing just felt wrong. The crowd looked like they weren't interested and those that were was only like 10 people. There was only about 100 people in attendance if even that many. smh. Her last hit was with Ja Rule and now even Lil Wayne cant save him so what makes her think that her relationship with Nelly is going to help her sell?


Like I said the energy was there and she is beautiful but this whole thing was just a bad idea and it tanked.


Philly Trip

Tune in here: L&F Personal

Sex and The City

I didn't go to see the movie because I've never seen an episode in my life but just like I predicted. In the opening weekend the movie made $27 million and I heard that all of the tickets for the night were sold out at 4PM. 

-side note-

At some locations the movies play until 1AM and those tickets sold out at 4PM.

Congratulations to the participants of this movie on their success. Hello Ms. Jennifer Hudson. Everybody that I spoke to told me that they enjoyed the movie so I'm going to go ahead and say; check it out.


Monday, June 2, 2008

The Passing of a Legend

YSL has been one of the corner stones of french Prêt-à-Porter for as long back as you can remember. It was once said that Chanel liberated women
 but YSL empowered them and I believe that whole-heartedly. He designed pantsuits and strong blazers for women that really just integrate a lot of masculine features in the women's line and it did a lot for women on a whole. He has laid the foundation for a lot of other line's to come out and keep fashion alive, while establishing his own line as a premier fashion house. Today YSL is owned by the Gucci conglomerate as Yves Saint sold YSL (the house) in 2002, retired and lived out the rest of his life
 as a recluse until yesterday. YSL was reported deceased June 1, 2008 at 11:10PM by a close friend. Autopsy reports say that the cause of death was brain cancer. He will surely be missed by fashion designers and fashion lovers world wide. We here at L&F bid farewell to an inspiration.
Yves Saint Laurent
August 1, 1936 - June 1, 2008