Saturday, October 25, 2008

Do The Right Thing

When your woman steps out sir it is very important that she looks like she deserves to be on your arm. If you are wearing Saint Laurent leather boots and she is wearing classic tall sheepskin UGG's there is an obvious problem there. Not that there is anything wrong with UGG, it's just if that if your going to be trotting about the city in luxury designer boots I think that the woman that accompanies you should as well. Having that said I'm sure you'll do the right thing.

Christian Louboutin
Bretelle Strass

"I see those McCartney's/ Stella got her groove back" Kanye West
The best feature about this shoe is the stunning display of affection on the back of the heel that will be seen by every man in the room once you walk to the bar at that cocktail party that you just sent in your RSVP for.

Stella McCartney
Satin Metal Filigree Pumps


Kaws Comfort:

Picture sleeping bags for your feet. For indoor you only of course but seriously, imagine the comfort level. I know that this is a dream to slip your foot into, it would be a crime if I didn't refer these to you.
Well what are you waiting for? Your feet could be camping out as you read this.


Coogi Comeback?

Do you remember 1995 when the Notorious B.I.G was rapping about a plethora of fashionable clothing lines? Lines like Versace, Gucci, Prada, Moschino and Coogi; just to name a few. Much like the popular entertainers today Biggie created a frenzy in the market for the knit sweaters made by the Coogi brand. After the passing of the rapper the buzz for the sweaters lasted about another two years and people finally moved on. People haven't worn Coogi sweaters since the late 90's and by now the idea is far removed from everyones head. Everyone except our friends at the Wagon who as you can see have took it upon themselves to re-ignite the Coogi movement. The sweaters are quality cable-knit sweaters so why not wear them? If worn correctly it can really make an outfit pop. If this movement really takes off it will be the first resurrection of a clothing line not inspired by a change in creative director but something that has happened on a street level. For now all we can do is wait to see how the consumers respond.
You may recognize Tichina (far right) from the Smirnoff Event.
"I stay Coogi down to the sox" Biggie

The Wagon
1214 Union st.
Brooklyn N.Y. 11225


Damn Chi Town

We here at L&F would like to extend our condolences to J. Hud. There isn't much you can say to comfort someone in this kind of situation, it's just a very unfortunate event to occur.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Theophilus London: Higher'

This new Theophilus London video features Jesse Bokins and there is also a cameo appearance by Virginia, a past Myspace iCandy and also the editor and chief of the fa├žade.


Experience Is Everything: The Brooklyn Circus

If you don't already know about the Brooklyn Circus then I suggest you start reading.
What started out as just a hidden store in Brooklyn on Bergen and Nevins has span into a Japanese phenomenon and expanded into two more stores, one in San Francisco and the other on Nevins and Bergen practically across the street from the original store. What was once the hidden gem of Brooklyn has now leaked out and the streets all salute Brooklyn Circus. There is just something different about the way that they present themselves. Its a more sophisticated feel to the clothes and the environment when you walk into the store. Everyone is really cool and sociable but when you buy the clothes it's like you become an active member of the movement, you feel like so much more than just a consumer. They remember names and match names and faces with styles. Their best customers follow their every move on their blog and they appreciate every bit of it. I did an interview earlier in the year with Kohey from the Brooklyn Circus and I'm glad to say that the store has grown tremendously since then.
Become a member of this illustrious movement.


Barneys NY: Chuck Taylor

Barney's New York has put their hands on Converse first child, the original Chuck Taylor and revamped it into a perforated patent leather trainer. End result is a classic design updated for modern consumers (you). This re-worked work of art will be sold at Barney's New York se to be released next month and at $95 why wouldn't you?


Myspace iCandy: Veggie

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Terry Tate Strikes Again:

See he isn't as terrible as you all thought. He does have some good intentions. Terrible Tate saves Sarah from tanking in another interview. Now people can focus on the fact that she got tackled more than the reality that she couldn't even give a straight forward answer for something as simple as naming a newspaper that she has read to receive information.


Previously Unreleased: Fresh Daily Interview

A while back I introduced L&F readers to an artist by the name of Fresh Daily. Now here is some previously unreleased footage from Theophilus London's video shoot. Listen as Fresh Daily covers everything from his injury to fashion.


Mens Vogue Moncler

Mens Vogue and Moncler have turned out a beautiful blue ski jacket for this winter. This is the second Moncler that I have seen this season that is actually appealing to me because it strays away from the previous design of the jacket but it still maintains the warm qualities that this brand is known for. I think that all Moncler coats are a good investment (it's just been over done in New York) especially the one's that are limited edition coats.
Good will hunting.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What I Saw Today

Picture a website that focusses solely on real world style and by that I mean everyday people that wear outfits. Now instead of this blogger taking their picture like SoHo B does he goes one step beyond and he accurately sketches the person and pays extra attention to what they are wearing. His name is Designerman and he has worked with Bill Blass, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and Sean Combs so he knows what he's talking about. It's a good blog and I view it daily. I suggest you do the same, who knows you might see yourself on there one day.
To visit the blog: CLICK HERE
This looks like Coolness P, I think it's the head phones that lead my brain to believe that.

Will we see a sketch of SoHo B?
Only God knows


Harpers Bazaar: The Williams Sisters

Fashion and elegance meets tennis in a recent Williams sisters photo shoot for Harpers Bazaar. Imagine if women played tennis in heels...(imagining)
I think this is one idea that should remain in our imaginations for safety reasons. The dresses selected for them to wear were good choices, they really compliment their athletic bodies and the heels seal the deal.


Put Your Hands Up: Chanel

Lagerfeld is armed and dangerous. Well not really this is just the new Chanel gun heel shoe. I'm not opposed to it, especially the all black version. Would I advise the wife to wear it? Maybe not but if she liked it I don't think I would be opposed to her wearing it. It's all about what you like and what you feel comfortable wearing so don't let anyone discourage you from wearing something.


Nylon Magazine: Paris Hilton

Have we all forgotten about Paris Hilton? I think not! Is she as talked about today as she was yesterday? No but honestly I don't think thats a bad thing, if you only heard some of the things that they were talking about you'd understand. Here we see her on the cover of the recent Nylon magazine with a very playful patriotic look. However she gets down to business in the other looks for the shoot; spandex and blazers kind of business.

Get your fill here: Nylonmag


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Guess Alternative:

I know you all see everybody running around with their big bold double G print Gucci shoes, bags and scarves but thats a lot of money to spend on clothing so for those of you not willing to shell out $400 for footwear I present to you the Guess option. Guess has recreated the Gucci signature shoes but branded it with the Guess insignia and instead of double G's it's a GU and the price has been slashed in half only $150 before tax for these shoes.
Lets all say it together: Recessionary Spending!

Don't try it New York! I'm warning you now.
These shoes are not endorsed by L&F or any one representing L&F.


Brooklyn Industries: Pop Up Shop Support

Judging from the title you would think that this post was going to be about the clothes but on the contrary it's actually about the display window. Brooklyn Industries recently opened this pop up shop located on 801 Broadway between 10th street and 11th street. Yesterday I came across the store and noticed that they are showing their support for Senator Obama for all to see. Who remembers the last presumptive democratic nominee that was as marketable as Obama? This is a powerful statement and I commend then for making it. Do I think other stores will show their support? Maybe but I think for the most part people want to stay in their lane. What they are failing to realize is that fashion is influenced by worldly events so this time there aren't any lanes.

Outfitter(s) On Point:

What's not to love about this woman? From head to toe she presented herself as herself. When I say that I mean that so many people try to emulate someone else when they dress but this woman's outfit is such an expression of self; incredible. The Dress appeared to have been cut judging from the lack of a hem to conceal the loose ends but what some may consider poor taste actually added to the look, sometimes it's the little things that make the difference. The belt helped to bring shape and some kind of order to the dress and just when you were thinking that this outfit couldn't get any better...
She's ill.


Kiroic 08

Kiroic has stepped outside the box for this footwear collection. This is nothing like anything that I have ever seen before. Every piece is out of this world as far as footwear design goes. What process of thinking would you have to go through to create something like this and then recreate it for a complete collection. Half sandal, half sneaker and plenty of padding. The inspiration looks like our interpretation of the sandals worn during Biblical times. I predict a good response to these trainers because no one has ever gone this far before. 


Monday, October 20, 2008

Dior Homme: Metallic High Tops

New color way has been released by Dior Homme. This is a fresh design from Dior for this season with a combination of shinny silver and an undertone of red and white. They look really comfortable but I'm only assuming that because of the elastic at the ankle of each shoe.
To get your hands on a pair

New Bathing Ape: 88's

A new set of Bathing Ape 88 trainers have just been released. Bathing Ape isn't new to the gold and silver color scheme but this is the first time that the 88's will be released in these colors not only in low top but also available in high top. They were originally scheduled to be released in November but due to some last minute changes that date got pushed up to this month so go out and fight for your pair.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kanye West: 808s and Heartbreak

808's and Heartbreak is on the way sooner than earlier predicted as the release date has been pushed up to November. In the mean time there have been two releases: Love Lockdown, Heartless. Now these pictures have surfaced as the promo pictures to the album.
Enjoy the wait:

Naomi forever:

It may appear that Naomi Campbell will never lose her beauty. These are a pair of shots from a recent photo shoot in which you see an edgier side of Ms. Campbell. She is an icon in her field but that doesn't mean that she can produce garbage and everyone will love it. I say that so you all can know that I'm not being bias because of who she is and how much she has done as a model in her career. I love the first look and it just goes to show how hard it is for someone to stop doing something that they love. So now I think it's fair to say that Naomi isn't retired but more so that she is working at her own pace.
This is a classic Naomi look.


These Boots Were Made For Walking!

I used to think that I would love no other boots but mine own (UGG Men's Butte) however this combination brought to existence by Sperry and Band of Outsider is something to me desired. If you look at the base of the boot you'll see the Sperry inspiration and the color scheme of the boot and the stitching shows that the Outsiders had a hand in it. As far as them being cool, they pass that test but for someone like me who has grown accustom to UGG boots are they warm enough? I doubt it but it's still good to have some options.