Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fashion Rocks After Party

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WSJ New Magazine Launch Party

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Rag & Bone Zips It Up For Spring 2009

Throughout the entire collection, which was very well executed if I may say so myself, these pieces stood out to me. The one thing that they have in common is the pants. In each of these looks you see these gray pants with zipper pockets that facilitate each look and complete the idea. We have seen the zipper play from D&G on clothes before and also on their sneakers, zippers have also been used on denim before by brands like: Levis, Antik Denim and True Religion. However this is a first and personally I like it. I think that it is an interesting splash of modernity to the regular gray pant. Keep an eye out for them in stores because they are sure to go fast.


Nicole Miller: Spring 2009 Show

I have hand picked four looks from Nicole Miller's show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week that exemplify the collection. The looks below tell a story of an epic battle, a war that has been waged in the fashion industry for quite some time now; the fight between couture and ready to wear. The pieces below show an influence from both sides of the playing field within a close enough proximity to each other to actually work cohesively. The line collection still flows and meshes quite well but there are obvious influences in the pieces from both ready to wear and couture. The ready to wear looks are extremely wearable and cater more to the commercial crowd than a die hard avant gardé connoisseur. While the looks with the avant gardé twist may only tickle the fancy of the extreme fashion critics, they should fit right into the closet of someone who isn't an extremist but also doesn't mind paying a little more for some quality cloth.
Enjoy the looks:


Lagerfeld Confidential

You know how much we here at L&F love KL so you already know that documentary will be added to our dvd collection.


J-Lo in Elle

Jennifer Lopez got the cover of the October edition of Elle magazine and she looks stunning. I have selected the three looks that I think show three different sides to Jennifer. The cover shot is more of the real person; like when she said "I'm just Jenny from the block". Sometimes the world gets so caught up in seeing you as this super being that they forget that your just human. Sometimes you forget that your human, then something happens to bring you back to reality; thats the emotion that the cover shot is giving me.
Then there is this Princess Diaries inspired shot that is really showing me the big kid. No matter who you are and how old or important you are somewhere in your mind is a kid. People get their inner child out in different ways. Some buy fast cars and treat the road like Nascar while others collect figurines. Whatever you do to get your inner child out it is important that you do so regularly but with some restraint because after all you aren't a child anymore. Nevertheless I think this shot is playful, pleasant and really cute.
This is my favorite of all, this is the fierce J-Lo. This is the storm, either you take cover or get left under sheet-rock in the wreckage. The look is sleek and modern, the bag works with the outfit, she could do without the fur but I'm not a PETA member so I'm only making a suggestion. Everything about this shot just jumps out at you, grabs your attention and suspends you in mid air.


Just Stand Up!

This is a big because the last time so many singers and song writers came together for one song was on We Are The World. The vocals from 37 different recording artist was used on that record however there were still some artist that were not selected to be a part of this monumental moment in music; one of which was Patti LaBelle. The We Are The World record was made to raise funds to benefit Ethiopia which was suffering from an unusual drought from 84-85. The proceeds from Just Stand Up! are going to be donated to the Stand Up To Cancer fund. There are 15 artist on this record and it sounds great but once again there were some artist that weren't a part of this; one to note would be Alicia Keys.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Marc Jacobs Ostrich Stam Bag

Karl Lagerfeld would say "Darling this bag is to die for." This is Marc Jacobs' beautiful Stam bag revamped with a little twist. The first thing that you may notice has changed is the handle. I believe that the original gold strap is an important factor that makes the original bag classic but this strap doesn't lose any points in my opinion. The best feature about this new Stam is the ostrich leather addition.
Enjoy the view: 
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Right before my camera malfunctioned

The New Juice!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This Marc by Marc Jacobs zeplin shirt dress was $328 and is now only $246!

This Alexander McQueen angora sweater was $1,190 and is now only $476!

The purpose of a sale is for you (the consumer) to take advantage of it. If you sit back and let the sale pass you by, you will not be playing your part in this market therefor defeating the purpose of the sale so you see you simply must shop.
To shop the entire sale by designer: CLICK HERE


BBC Crew

This just in from BBC: Rockin' Jelly Bean Space Girl Crew Neck. 
Consume before it's gone; trust me they go fast.
Get yours here: BBC


What's New?

Well for starters this beautifully draped silk chiffon dress by Alexander McQueen. Here we see the Grecian draping working well in the materials that he chose. It's loose yet it still has body, it's breathable and it has life. When you walk in this dress the entire world is going to stop and take notice to the way that the fabric accents and compliments your body with every step. Your also going to need a great pair of shoes because when you kick back that dress and reveal the heels the world needs to just die. This dress looks more Rahmi Kashouv than Alexander McQueen, nevertheless the dress is flawless; good job and great buy.
Purchase here: Alexander

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Willow Boot

Australian designer Kit Willow- Podgornick sent these clogs down a runway at the latest fashion show for her line Willow. She hadn't plan on marketing these boots to buyers, she only had 40 pairs made and they were just to be sold in the store. However she underestimated the power of the runway. You see buyers are always looking for something fresh and something that people haven't seen before because consumers are always looking for something that they haven't seen before so when the buyers got a look at these boots that lace up far past the knee, they just had to have them. The 40 pairs that were originally intended to be in store went in a day and since then Kit has been taking orders 5 at a time. She only plans on doing one more set for the Northern hemisphere seeing as we are heading into the colder season's but after she does this batch and ships it; that's it. So keep your eyes peeled because these boots are it.


Chris Benz & Elettra Wiedemann

How long now have I been urging you to experiment with color? Be cautious when experimenting, you do not want to wander aimlessly into looking your a member of the traveling circus.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Last Emperor: Valentino

The documentary about Valentino Garavani entitled The Last Emperor is soon to be released and is one movie that I will be picking up. The premier for the movie was held last month in Venice. The movie wasn't edited by Valentino so it's said to contain footage that shows him in all lights good, bad and ugly however all in all you still love him; sounds like a good movie.
In this documentary he was asked "of all the beautiful women that have worn your creations who is your favorite?" he responded by saying that there are too many actresses for him to try and remember them all but Julia Roberts really made him proud when she wore this dress above to receive the Emmy for Erin Brockovich.
An L&F favorite KL also made an appearance on the documentary. I'm not going to give the whole movie away but I will tell you that KL said: "Compared to you darling, the rest of us are making rags" in reference to Sir Valentino.
So stalk your local Best Buy and get the movie; I know I will.


Rugby Beauty

While walking around with P the other day this beauty stormed past us and had us both walking into objects. I don't run women down for pics, I would look like a weirdo and might scare them off. So we lost her and I just kept thinking "damn; the world needed to see that outfit". Then we ran into her again in the same day not too far from where we lost her. Who says that shooting stars don't cross the sky twice?
Man she could have been in rags, with a face like that I would have still stopped her; she looked great. In addition the clothes were definitely not rags, it was Polo Rugby from head to toe, I'm not sure about the frames but they worked well but the bow tie was the whipped creme for  me. I just think it's great when women can wear bow ties and make them look so sexy. (I guess that's how they feel when I wear bow ties.) Her hair definitely adds an edge to her image, in my opinion if her hair were straight this look wouldn't have worked as well. The texture and coloration of her hair has a natural wild look and overall it makes this look pop.
The pleasure was all mine.


SoHo B does Labor Day 08

Monday, September 1, 2008

Taz Arnold in Roc Star

You are viewing the work of a relatively new Japanese brand; Roc Star. I personally selected these looks to show you out of the many looks from their F/W 2008 collection because these looks show that they have been making leaps and bounds with their evolution as designers. This work is a quantum leap from a biggie tee that they did not just a season ago. This is like design on steroids and it has worked out in their advantage but how long can they keep it up? That is always the question with new designers but only time will tell. For now we are presented with a collection that has made an attempt at keeping everyone smiling, which is really difficult to do while maintain a certain cohesiveness but in this case the creative director has managed to do so. We can all sit and wait patiently for them to fail or we can appreciate the work that has been presented to us and be optimistic about a three peat. I know I am.

-side note- 
Anything that Taz Arnold supports is good work.


Nardwuar strikes again: Interview with Jay-Z


Phone Tap

byCorpus for U.O.

I don't know if you all realized but I moved into my byCorpus denim's about 7 months ago and I don't plan on moving out anytime soon. I actually plan on purchasing another pair of byCorpus denim's to move into when I feel like this pair that I'm working on is done.
Urban Outfitters sat down to talk with the designers of Corpus and byCorpus.
Tune In:

Get into the collection: Here

For The Individual

This is a Free People Grandpa Jacquard Cardigan and I like it. Not just because I like cardigans but I like this piece because it's so strong that everyone won't be able to pull it off, therefor the cardigan is only for the brave. It is only for the women that isn't afraid to stand alone while everyone else blends into the crowd. You don't have to be tall to be seen in this piece, the world will have a clear view of you and they will all take notice to your cardigan. Now you can really work this cardigan, play with the huge v-neck, use the length of the cardigan to your advantage, utilize the colors wisely; take a chance and dare to be different. Besides who wants to look like everyone else anyway?

Break free from the pack here: Free People


The Detour: Rugby

Okay so you really liked the Dior duffle coat and you are warming up to the idea of a slimmer way to stay warm this winter but then you see the $1,000 price tag and your ready to run back to a parker. I have a better idea for you:
How about one that is affordable? Ralph Lauren the genius has just typed up a new chapter to the Polo online experience; Polo Rugby the individual website (yea the demand is that high now). I think the release of this website is a clear statement that more men are dressing better because Ralph is a business man and he wouldn't have done this unless there was a serious market for it so kudos to those of you whom have created this market. However for those of you who haven't, what are you waiting for? Why let them have all the fun? Dive right in and start with this toggle coat. Well one good reason is that it sports a $395 price tag which is a substantial improvement from the $1,740 price tag worn proudly by the Dior duffle.
Purchase yours here: Rugby


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dior this winter

This is a basic duffle coat, nothing really special about it. There are so many designers that produce duffle coats for the winter, one of which would be Dior Homme. I believe a duffle coat is a must have item. As you start to see society stray away from big bubble coats and bulky outer wear the duffle coat is becoming increasingly popular with it's sleek design. Layered properly a duffle coat can provide the right amount of warmth throughout the winter season.
Get into yours here: Dior

Mickey Factz: The Leak Vol. 2

New Mickey Facts Mixtape.


Come On Now Fox

First of all I think that it's a little wild that I have never done a post on Solange but everything in it's time. Solange is a very talented singer and song writer, she has done songs with a couple of artist that I enjoy listening to including: Lil Wayne and Theophilus London. That is actually how I got introduced to her as an artist, through a song with Theophilus London entitled Sand Castle. Recently Solange was being interviewed on Fox News about her new album Sol- Angel during which (off air) the reporter was told to plug a question about Jay-Z and the situation with the 40/40 club, a question that is totally irrelevant to the album and has nothing to do with Solange. Having over heard the statement she then reacted to it, letting them know that it was unprofessional and she didn't appreciate it. The statement wasn't denied all that was said was "that wasn't on air Solange". Now she is being painted as this rude, spoiled brat by Fox. In  a recent report her name has been purposely mispronounced and they are now down playing her album saying: "she was promoting her new album, whatever it's called, nobody cares". That is totally uncalled for and the Fox News network is just proving themselves to be unprofessional by making such statements. I want to take this time out to say that we here at L&F know the truth and we will not be fooled by Fox News networks attempts to degrade her character. I hope that everyone else can look past this and I wish her nothing but success with her album which is in stores now.