Friday, November 13, 2009

Harsh Reality Inside of Reality

I don't want to go to jail, especially not outside of US borders. This is supposed to be rehabilitation? No wonder why, when prisoners are finally released they can't be "regular" productive citizens. The laws of the outside world don't apply to them anymore. They have no sense of humility because they have come to know fighting & homosexual acts as nothing more than a day to day activity. Being imprisoned is equivalent to being enslaved. You are striped of your rights as a man, you are cut off from the outside world (95% true in the prisoners situation), the rules that you once lived your life by have now gone out of the window & once your mind is exposed to that kind of living there is no turning back. Who wants to take a wild guess at the ethnicity of the majority of the inmates in the US prison system?



The Man in the Mirror


Derived from the name Narcissist which is drawn from a myth that dates back to 36 BC. Narcissus was a man well known for his good looks. He was so absorbed by his own features that he couldn't appreciate anyone/ anything else around him. As a result for his unique situation the gods cursed him. He fell in love with an image that he saw in a pond, what he didn't realize is that the image was a reflection of himself. He was so wrapped up in his image that he couldn't leave the pond. He eventually fell in the pond and drowned. When he died the pond wept, when questioned why, the pond said that he looked deep into my eyes but he never got to appreciate my true beauty.

 Freud believed that narcissism is a necessary aspect of every human beings. It feeds and fuels the ego and provides a source of aspiration to live. Basically you love yourself so you will do any and everything necessary to preserve your life. I say it only becomes dangerous when you are in the extreme's of narcissism and you have lost an appetite for life outside of yourself.


It's a Lifestyle: Denim

I've been living in these denim's for some time now and everyday they get that much better. I'm not careful with anything that I wear because I think when you really live in your clothes you leave your special imprint on them. No one else can put on these jeans and be comfortable in them because they have adjusted to my body. The most recent change is the hole in the back left pocket. It happened because my relatively new wallet has an emblem on it that rubs against the pocket when I sit down; over time the hole was formed.

Make your jeans YOURS.



Peace To A King

Photo's by: Melinda Griffith 

For this part of the shoot I was channeling my favorite member of the Wu Tang Clan. Peace to the King Russell Jones better known as the "Ol' Dirty Bastard". Funny fact about myself is when I first heard "Brooklyn Zoo" as a child I thought it wasn't in English. Now I can't stop playing the song. When he got signed to Roca Fella records under the alias "Dirt McGirt" I was happy because Kanye was doing his beats and he had an all star cast and crew backing him so the album was going to be amazing but unfortunately he died in a manhattan studio from a drug overdose and the album was never completed. I still have the newspaper article written on him that was published the day after his death.



Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Will Not Rhyme On Tracks

"I am not the son of cha clack clack! I am before that, I am before. I am before before, before death is eternity, after death is eternity, there is no death there is only eternity & I'll be riding on the wings of eternity like YAH! YAH! YAH! cha clack clack; GET ME THE FUCK OFF THIS TRACK!" Saul Williams



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Justin Blaze vs The Alchemist

You may be the Alchemist but quite frankly you can't fuck with Justin!



The Gift

(clears throat)


So many words come to mind that group together like constellations of stars that form the signs that we all happen to coincidentally be born under. The same signs that will then determine our demeanor & assist others in identifying our character before we even learn our ABC's.

The same words that are uttered by a man half the stature that his intellect boast but twice the man that his stature presents. Similar words to the words that may have previously fallen on death ears that might have been reborn had he mustered up enough courage to wear a different tie to the party... WORD!

My words slide out of the small part in my lips and float slowly through the air as if they were being usher into your earlobe by the melodic rhythm of life and life itself seems to sway to the notes that I spoke into existence. Those words slip into your ear, are processed by your brain and slip you into a trance that makes want to do nothing less than slip your under garments off. Those same words are the words that get processed by your brain and make you want to slip your hand in your bag and draw your can of mace. Those just so happen to be the words that make you hate me but not so much because you hate me but rather because your words say you hate me but truth be told, words may lie and you just hate to love me. These words grouped together to form a main idea in this thesis of a life that we are active members of determine whether we speak for the next month or not. These words are our navigational system because without these words we would just wander aimlessly. These words are the best damn words you have heard in a long time. These words are our judgement, our jury; with these words I am god.

What is it about the fusion of my eyes with your eyes that allows for the perfect atmosphere for my conscious to generate such words to implant in your brain that in turn cause you to elicit a response that is so monumental in the progression of our existence that it can only be compared to moving mountains with MY OWN BARE HANDS...

Why do my words make you smile?



Where's SoHo

(click to enlarge)

I attended the York University halloween party the day before halloween. I went dressed as this guy, I'm not sure if you are familiar with him, a couple hundred people think he's cool but I don't know; he's usually referred to as SoHo B. Can you find that guy in this picture?



Monday, November 9, 2009


"I aint vote for Obama, I don't mess with politicians.

They crooked as they come, if you only payed attention, you would see the bailout was government spending your hard earned money buying all these corporations, leaving you in debt to be a slave to the nation, but they don't tell you that; they keep it secret like the masons." CURT@!N$



Perception Based Truth

ideas from "The American President"

People want leadership, in the absence of genuine leadership they will listen to anyone with a microphone. They want the truth, they are so thirsty for it that they would crawl on their hands and knee's through the desert and drink a gallon of sand. 

However they won't drink the gallon of sand because they are thirsty but rather because they don't know the difference.



Happy Your Day!

Good Morning

Hey you! Yeah you! Good morning, glad you woke up this morning; aren't you? Today is a special day, haven't you heard? I'm sure you've heard so you must have forgotten but today is your day. No, I'm not making this up and I can prove it. This is how it works, it's rather simple so please try to keep up.

What ever you usually do, do the opposite of that. Where ever you usually go don't go unless you absolutely have to. If your safe, take risk. If you are a risk taker, take more risk; you'll be fine. Whatever thoughts usually cross your mind will still cross your mind but today you will embrace those thoughts. 

Have you gotten the picture yet?

Today you will be you! Well not you but YOU! The YOU that you would be if you weren't inhibited by your morals, standards, ideas, ideals, thoughts, etc. (Wait rewind) That's what you think holds you back: your morals, standards, ideas, blah, blah, blah, blah. What really holds you back is what others think of you. You are completely absorbed with the opinions of others and that is what prevents you from being who you really want to be but not today because today is YOUR DAY.